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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

How is it 30 years!!

Since I had to say goodbye to you my darling boy .


Friday, May 22, 2020

37 Years

 The back of the Anniversary card that Meg had made up for us.

 My beautiful flowers

Dex not only bought me a Dremel , but also all the "bits" i need for jewellery making and stands too.


Back soon
Soojay xxx

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Keep Calm and Carry on

 I have lost count of the weeks in lock down - think this is week 7 but might be 8.
This week people were encourage to go back to work if they cannot work from home unless they are shielding. The weather has got warmer over the last couple of days , so i have resumed my walks with Dex. Green is my fav colour.

 We usually walk along Brome avenue and go around the fields using the footpath.

 Two of the four "whirly gigs " in Eye.

 We rarely see anyone else.

 My hair has got long and straggly and the pink is almost gone.

 Phill , dads support worker , brought him some plants to re pot. He left them on the door step.

 A rare pic of Dan in daylight - just to prove he is in fact NOT a vampire!!

I made him re pot them himself and tidy up afterwards. To be fair , he then hoovered Dex's car and washed it .

In other news, Poor Meg has had problems with her tooth, she has a wisdom tooth that is growing the wrong way , pressing on a nerve and has been infected twice.  She was due to have it removed under a general anesthetic at hospital but that got put on hold for now. Being type one diabetic - hospital is nit the best place for her right now. We had to call 111 two weeks ago as she was in pain and refusing to eat, eventually we were able to give her some cocodamol and ibuprofen, this helped. Of course it was the weekend! We called her dentist on the Monday , he said if it was still bad on Weds, to call back and he was prescribe antibiotic. In the mean time she broke up with her 3 month internet BF and was inconsolable. We got the antibiotic and started them last weds. 
Yesterday she said she felt really dizzy and ill and her blood sugars were high - she tested high for key tones so i called the diabetic clinic.   The nurse said to test for key tones and blood every too hours though the night time too. We discussed insulin injections and when to increase. We did that - She was not happy about it and I had to be firm - have you tried to get someone up for a urine test at 3 am ??! Today we are still testing but blood sugars and Key tones are much better , also the BF is back on the scene , so she is much happier - we will see when it gets to 3 or 4 am!! 
thats enough for now - back soon - maybe
Soojay xx 

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Today's walk and lock down baking

 It's such a lovely sunny day today - I have three loads of washing on the line .

 Dex and I walk along Brome Avenue most days - He still goes if I am busy or my knee is playing up.

 Today we also walked along one of the footpaths leading off and around a couple of fields.

 We only met a tractor or two - there were loads on the fields today.

 It was quiet and pretty 

 Its amazing that these walks are so close to home.

 Pretty blossom.

In the distance we could see 6 tractors . We walked around 3 miles in about 45 mins - which was good going with my knee.

 Lots of Baking during the 7 weeks (so far) of lock down. Raspberry and white chocolate muffins - an old fav.

 pancakes- Dex cooked some bacon to go with these for our brekki .

 CoConut cake - also made a chocolate cake with Nats and a fruits crumble.

 I made loads of Bread , including a plait and a loaf.
Lemon drizzle cake - already cut so they don't go too mad.
This week ( not photographed ) I made a Strawberry cheesecake and the second batch of Rocy road tray bake .

Back Soon
Soojay xx

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Strange Times

I thought I would pop back here - I know its been a while and no one will read this, but hey.
We are a week into self isolation - that means no one has been further than the back garden except me and couple of times. I went to pick up medication from the local chemist ( no insulin yet though ) and to collect a food parcel about a mile away. 
Dex has a poor immune system due to the injections he has to take and Meg has type 1 diabetes. Dan and Natalie ( as well as Meg) have learning difficulties , so while they are healthy, it makes them vulnerable.
I printed out a timetable for each of my children on Sunday , with activities scheduled daily  for them, They are doing one or two things but I am not pressing them - life is too short for battles.
We have done crafts and cooking and I am planning on sewing some seeds later next week. Dan cut the grass for me yesterday.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

End of the Summer and Back to school.

 We spent a few days at Hopton in a caravan.

 Not quiet the same as Cornwall but Dex and I still went for our pre breakfast walk along the beach.

 While there ( the weather was mostly great) as well as a trip on the rainy day to the cinema, we went to Pleasurewood hills for the day.

 Dan was the only one brave enough to go on this ride ( along with one of Derek's friends)
 It was quite hot so we sat under some trees to rest for a bit.

 Derek and I finally got to Duxford after years of saying we would. 

 inside concord.

 The obligatory ice-cream.

 One of our ex supply teachers volunteers here and they both spent Ages talking about the planes. Derek really loved it - i knew he would.

 We went to Warwick castle ( i went with the school) We took Dan and met up with the family that Dex and Dan go to rugby with . It was a surprise for Dan that they were there and he was over the Moon!

 Dan and Tony

It was quite hot again.

I said goodbye to my Citron this Summer and got a newer car .
Already back at work.

Back soon
Soojay x

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Growing things

 I turned our old coal bunker into a rockery - looks much prettier.

Second year at growing tomatoes and this year has been much better - these are a very tiny amount from the four plants in the garden- we still have loads on the turn- need to make something with them now.

back soon 
Soojay xx