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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fab day

Yesterday at Anet and Raymond's. We all went to a BBQ. The only people from my side missing were Steph and Ericka. Anyway i took 352 photos!! Unfortunately i ought to have had the flash on as many are too dark. I think i annoyed most of my family at some point so that wouldn't have been a good idea. There were lots more people there but i didn't feel comfortable photographing everyone , so i just stuck to a few who i knew would forgive me LOL.

This is one of my first attempts at a collage..hope it works!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two More

Still using the butterflies..I think they are going to be on all my projects for the next few weeks LOL!
Meg is so bored that she has been asking how many more days till i go back to school . She misses her friend who has been away for a month in France.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two More cards

From last night. I love the new Martha Stewart butterfly punch - can you tell?? LOL It IS smaller than I thought it would be but great for cards :D

A busy day of cooking planned ahead ( if I ever get myself started!!) I have also just found out that the Key lime pies i have been making are , in fact, NOT key lime pies in the traditional sense. Because I haven't used egg yolks, so no cooking needed and have been using Persian limes NOT key limes which are a lot smaller. Also instead of putting cream on the top, i have mixed it in with the filling. Anyway, my way is quicker and most people seem to like them :)

Well I had better get moving ..hope to make a few more cards later though ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A couple of cards

I have been making some cards as I need some soon. I do seem to make LOADS more mess making cards than layouts and, i have to say its not much quicker either. I have used some sketches from the Friday sketchers Blog HERE .
I Would like to say a VERY Happy Birthday to my niece Becca who is 17 today and probably ready to party about now :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

Miss you so much!

Scrapping with friends :)

On Saturday , I spent the day in North Norfolk scrapping with a group of close friends was brill!! As usual, even though i was there for over 10 hours, I spent more time chatting and looking than scrapping. It was just what i needed though :) The layout above was started there and I finished it off this morning. Yes its me when i was 14yrs old (the same age as Meg now).
The sketch is from Twisted Sketches HERE and is No 8.
I really don't know who that shy, naive, SLIM young woman is anymore LOL I have changed in a million everyway :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nearly forgot

Did this LO today from a sketch from here I love all her sketches :)

Been watching 17 again with Meg and we are going to pop outside in a little while to gaze at the sky.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful Prima

I LOVE the prima paint able papers. This has been painted using watercolour pencils and acrylics, has a tea stained varnish on it and has been "stickled" I also copied another of the roses for the corner of the photo.
No exciting plans this week. Kids are happy to just hang about outside with Friends. We have some trips organised for the next few weeks though.
I am getting excited as i am off to a crop in Norfolk on Sat and will see some "other" grown ups LOL. Sometimes i feel like i am grounded in the holidays. Dex is at work ( and sleeping during the day) and the children don't get up till after lunch sometimes! I am NOT complaining though. I like the peace and being about to potter, scrap or read. Now reading "The time travellers wife" :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another Sketch

That I cant remember where i saw it..ooops. Will see if i can find the site and leave a link HERE.

Meg a couple of months ago, on a school trip to London. I am VERY grateful to her teaching assistant as she wouldn't have been able to go without her as she needed help with insulin injections.

Had quiet a lazy day, finished my second book of the hol and can highly recommend both:

First is the "Dear Fatty" Dawn French book and the second was The "Sugar Queen" by Sarah Addison Allen.

Suppose i had better start to prepare tea, Pasta tonight.

Monday, August 03, 2009

A layout!

This is one of the photos from Dan's school trip to Wales earlier this year. Its based on a sketch but i can't remember where i got it from. The sketch is included and if i can find the site i got it from, i will link HERE.
I have worked out why i can't scrap much at the moment. Its because my PC is right next to the scrap ( dinning ) table and EVERYONE wants to use my PC.
Dex is CONSTANTLY on it :( Ever since i bought that flipping iPhone and he discovered FB he is addicted to all the apps and the chatting on my pc. I bought the lead for Dans laptop so he could use that but now of course Meg has pinched the lead for hers and i had to order a new one. Dan came in tonight asking me to sort out a FB account on his laptop when the other lead arrives. Dan hasn't used his laptop for ages!! Grrr That means Dex will still be on mine. I have to save up and get him his own. I don't mind them occasionally using mine but i don't get to use when i want. Anyway its MINE LOL!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

That'll teach me!!

To assume that Dan would find his power cable after i bought a new one!!!! No.......Megan broke hers!! Would you have believed it, grr Have had to order one for her as well now. BTW the one from Amazon came the next day and works really well :).........................sigh

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Busy Day

Dex is taking Dan and a couple of friends to see Norwich play today ( Dan is really an Ipswich fan, but football is football). Nats has gone to Pleasure wood Hills with Mencap for the day so I thought i would take Meg to see Harry Potter as she is so keen to go. Best of all it is showing in Stowmarket, so I don't have to go to the City :) :)
Meanwhile, I have had to order a power cable for Dan's laptop, he has somehow "lost" his, i have looked everywhere in his room and never seen such an array of cables and leads for various appliances. I expect i shall find it now the new one has arrived. Am trying to sort out problems on it now so Dex can use it for a while( Dan is not into computers and hardly uses it). It keeps going blank after a while.....sigh. So far have managed to get it on line and update antivirus, am now running a virus check and then will delete unwanted programmes before running defrag.
Hopefully might get chance to scrap over the weekend!!