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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dex won theses tickets yesterday :) To see Boyzone a week on Friday yayyyyyyyyyyy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning!

This being on Holiday is quite good..I have scrapped my July pages for the "Save the day" already :)

Dex phoned from work this morning to say that he has won tickets for Boyzone at Newmarket..I was really keen to go the concert at Thetford a few weeks ago . Its going to take some major "baby sitting " organising though but we have two weeks to sort it out :)

Another glorious sunny day here and the children are all still asleep and its 10.35!! Lazy lot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Annette

Done at the Thornham retreat at the weekend.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Retreat Layouts

The first was the only one I did at Debden (I WAS ill though). The other two were from this weekend. I have another to upload when it is dry.
Poor Rose! I have another LO with that title have to admit ..she does pull some funny faces LOL

Great weekend

If a tiny bit hot!!

I went to the Wyverstone scrappers retreat at Thornham Woods. I only live 3 1/2 miles away so didn't have to go too far. Had a great time..lots of GoGo girls there :) and Janice and Lorraine took the shop. I managed to almost finish three LO's ( just need a little tweaking) and do the Mini Book class by Karen ..which i LOVED doing. Will upload later.

I forgot to take photos until it was time to go , so, these are of the cabins we stayed in and the scrapping room half cleared away.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now I am ready

To Take photos for tomorrow. Have just finished my 25Th June pages for my "Save the day" book. Can't believe that we are on month 4 already!
Have had a really lazy day just pottering about. Dex decided at the last min to do a BBQ for tea..i have a feeling that the new BBQ will get used lots this summer :)
I shall be off to another retreat on Sat when Dex gets back from work. This time at Thornham Walks, just 4 miles down the road. As usual , i have nothing prepared!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July's ScrapaGoGo Lo's

Sorry ...........not really!

Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Yesterday was the last day at school. It was really busy even though the pupils were only in for the morning. We had 10 ..yes 10 teachers leave..quite a few retiring ( a few coming back to work part time or in a different position)

We had a special buffet and loads of speeches. I was really surprised and touched to receive an enormous bouquet of flowers from the PE teacher ( we worked together for 10 years running the outside sports bookings in the evenings while I was the evening school caretaker). The Ta's also got a mention by one of the other teachers who left which was really nice.

Being a TA is a strange sort of job as ( in our school) your not quite sure where you fit in..we are classed as non teaching staff ..yet we all teach ( often small classes on our own..occasionally doing cover as well..although no one would say we do). We are responsible for making sure the pupils access the curriculum to the best of their ability and some of us help with personal care, act as a councilor, help with homework, listen and watch all the time, not to mention all the extra stuff that supports the teacher and then paperwork and observations etc. Some teachers love having us in the class, some are friends, some feel we are judging, some give us loads of info and ask for help or advise, some ignore us . I have to say that its the best job in the world and going into so many different lessons across the curriculum, I get to learn as well. :)

This week has been busy and stressful but i am now enjoying my hol and looking forward to a whole load more new challenges in September.

Photos are of my flowers and some of the pages for my MONTH in MY LIFE book :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Sunday

Got up early coz i knew the children would lay in and managed two loads of washing :) Put new BBQ together ready for tea time. ( should have weeded the patio again!) Did two LO for scrapaGoGo's August gallery.

Nats and I went in search of a new BBQ yesterday, we had to look around as some places either had the real basic one or ones that were a bit too flash for our small garden. We were going to get a gas one but it worked out too expensive by the time you had to pay an agreement for getting the gas and then the gas and an adaptor too. We settled for a cheapy charcoal one.

We had a small BBQ today to try it out ..LOL i think preparing the food made us half full before we started and there's still a few sausages and a burger left. Don't look at the scruffy garden too closely ...or next doors wobbly fence!

The LO is from the school trip to Duxford last month and the memorial to the American airmen.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yayyyyyyy Friday!!!

What a looong week!

Dan has now completed his D of E bronze award...I hope he will do silver next year. He camped out on Monday and Tuesday night ( it was quiet here!) We took Meg out for a meal on Monday and i know she loved all the attention.

Work hasn't been so good but only two more days. We are out for an end of term "do" tonight.

Went to Megs school this morning as she got an award for managing so well in school with her diabetes. The best bit was that she didn't know Dex and I were attending as i told her i couldn't get the time off work :D Wasn't allowed to take photographs at school but tool one when she got home.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last full week

at work and then,. next wednesady Summer Hols!!!
I am tired and so are the pupils.

Some photos from weekend retreat ...I want to go back. I finally met some brill friends for the first time and loved meeting all the friends I met last year. I did practically NOTHING LOL half a LO and a few ATC's.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another week gone!

Just like that! Haven't done much scrapping , except for the month in my life book. Will upload a few pages when i get chance.
Was sent home from school on Fri afternoon as i have a stupid head cold and cough. Didn't stop me going on a fab retreat this weekend though! I sniffed and coughed my way through it all and apologise to anyone who has caught my rotten cold! Even though i was "retreating" for two days i only managed one LO ( thats still not finished) . Spent most of the time gassing and having fun :D I managed to take about 150 photos and may well put some on here tomorrow.
Forgot that Dan finished his D of E this week and is camping out Mon and Tues nights!! Have been frantically packing his stuff for tomorrow.
Meg decided to throw away her school bag , as its falling to bits, i was very intrigued to see "I love Dale" Dale is kute" (KUTE??) and "Dale 4 me" all over it ......apparently its Dale from BB..Well i don't watch it had to have a quick look and have to say that you may well see "Dale is Kute" on MY school bag tomorrow! He does seem rather attractive ( didn't watch long enough to see if he had a personality though)
Looks like a busy week, and I need to roll my sleeves up and get on with some DT stuff. See ya later xx

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Today was a wash out!

Not meaning that it rained all day..It only chucked it down this morning.
No Meg was supposed to go shopping with her best friend today and was really looking forward to it ,but the mum got her days muddled and rang to ask if she could go tomorrow instead. She can't , we are busy.
Dex got up early to take Dan to the cinema but when they got there, Dan hated the crowds queuing up and the y had to come home.
So not the peaceful day I was hoping for!!
Have been doing pages for "A month in my life" July hasn't been great so far LOL but it should get much better. Lots of things planned.
Spent most of the day doing not much really.

June's Lo's

For ScrapaGoGo.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Raymond!

Sorry its an old photo. Have fun tonight and hope it stays sunny for you today ((hugs))

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dad xx

This photo was taken over 14 yrs ago but is one of my favs. Dan and Dan.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A poignant week

18 yrs ago today I said goodbye to Cavell My beautiful Angel