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Monday, July 31, 2006

Great weekend

At Thornham woods. Boy was it hot though! Spent the whole weekend away ( not far though ) arrived about 4.30 on Friday and left 5.30 Sunday. Practically no sleep what so ever..well if can call going to bed at 4.15 on sat morning till 8 am LOL
Lorraine from Scrapagogo had her shop there the whole weekend too..great didn't have to pack many papers. Even though i talked for England( sorry Pat!) i still managed to get 5 Lo's and a mini book done. Janice organised a brilliant weekend and i can't wait till next time. Wonderful company and a great laugh, i was even out snored, so i didn't feel so bad LOL
Started playscheme today. Wasn't as bad as i thought it would be as are down on numbers. They all had a great day making Santa cards, wall climbing, badge making, playing football etc etc.
Have to take Dan to hospital tomorrow as he had a fit at 3am Fri morning. He has had one about 18 months ago and was checked out ( again this was in his sleep) Doc thinks he might be having them more often and we don't know about it as we are all asleep :( I just hope he doesn't have to have more medication.
Anyway on a brighter note , here are a couple of my weekend Lo's :

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My first cut

With the new craft robo ( or robocop as Dex calls it!). I am VERY happy as it arrived yesterday from the lovely Scrapbook lady online store ( sorry i am rubbish at links). I had ordered from premier presentations but they didn't have any in stock and couldn't say when i would get it.
I am really happy and this card is one of the first things i did..sorry about the choice of papers ..didn't really think LOL.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Blahh Humbug !! It is the theme for this years playscheme and i have to design five cards , for the children to make next week..JOY! Just hope it has cooled down a little by then. I only left school on Fri for my hols and am back again next week with 200 children between 5 and 11 yrs..........i must be MAD!

Took Nats to look around Thornham fordge workshops yesterday. I have never been before and its only a few miles away. They mostly do woodwork and turning but also do IT, crafts, independent living skills and horticulture. No sure how easy it will be to get Nats in , you have to be referred by social services ( but that shouldn't be a problem). She is only at collage for two days at week from Sept and would just lay in bed if left to herself. She seemed to like the place anyway ( especially the crafts, no scrapbooking though)

My SENCO at school is very keen to get some of the children to scrapbook ( i took an album in to show her) She thinks it would be really good for their self esteem, also for some who have problems at home to get some really nice happy photos done.
Was given a really nice compliment before end of term and told i must never leave. Awww felt nice.

We went out again yesterday LOL ALL of us. Just to Mcdonalds ( not been for AGES..revolting!!) and then onto Felixstowe for a walk along the beach and play in the arcades. By the time we popped into Asda on the way home it was 11pm! Tried to watch a video but fell asleep LOL

Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Photos

Camera is playing up! Really need to get both my caremas checked out as i am having problems with both of them :(
On holiday now :) YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
Went to get my eyes tested ( with Meg ) yesterday. We both need new lenses..Meg needs completely new specs as she broke hers. At least hers are free. Mine were £200 just for new lenses !!. Daniel and Dex go on Thursday and Nats on Friday...keep your fingers crossed coz i think we'll be broke by Saturday.
I am off the Thornham woods on Friday night for a weekend of scrapping ( and buying ..scrapagogo's shop will be there) Had a really FAB time last year and expect the samr this year.
Definately going to do the Speshal dare this week. I am VERY poud of my sis Annette who has done this :

I will probably choose the same subject as our mum was my Hero too.
Hope you are nice and cool..I keep having cool baths's lovely for 10 mins!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

!!Congratulations Darren!!

Most of you must know i LOVE this man :) His lyrics, his veiws on life almopst everything about him.
On June 19th 2006 Darren married his boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a
Civil Partnership ceremony in London. Big Congratulations to them both. Dex is also happy that there is absolutly no chance of me running off with him now either.
I wish them all the happiness in the world. Darren is also about to start work on his next album :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No scrapping

But i have been busy :)
We now have new windows, i spent ages clearing all the bedrooms. Ours was awful and so was the utility room. Dex took lots of bags of rubbish and clothes to the dump. The house looks so much better. Looks like we are going to have some work done on the kitchen too as it is so small and not user friendly at the mo.
I lied as i have been doing a little bit of scrapping with the year 9's at school. They are doing a scrapbook of photos for our retiring head. We were working in a very small room though and it was hot...gosh don't 14 year old girls moan!! LOL
My poor old car has been though it recently ( as well as my bank account!) after taxing and MOTing it this month i also had to have the catalytic converter replaced ( it sounded like they had left a bag of spanners in it after the MOT!) Not forgetting the brakes from Dex's breakdown last month !!! ( i must have been rich before i had a car and scrap booked)
Meg brought home her very last primary school photo today, Bless her.

I am trying hard to fit everything in over the next couple of weeks and have to keep looking at my diary to see what i am supposed to be doing LOL. School plays, sports days, training days ,leavers Bar B Que etc ...roll on holidays!!
Can i just say a VERY big thank you to Anam for pointing out the spell check thingy ( yes that is not a word ;)) on my Google tool bar..not noticed it before and boy do i need it !! LOL ( that was NOT a question Steph!!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Been Lazy

Most of the day. Really needed to do loads of tidying but just didn't feel like didn't LOL
Had a Lovely visit from The Taylors yesterday :) Don't see them as often as i'd like as we are all so busy now. Rose was a delight as usual and very funny. I can see Nets and Raymond are going to have their hands full when she is older. My children were fighting to get her attention but there was plenty to go round, though i think already she has a soft stop for Daniel ..he gets the biggest smiles :)
Managed to do a double LO this weekend...haven't done one of those for AGES! It was a UKs challenge to use up some stash ( i thought it was just for collecting!) and to do an altered title. I chose Trebah Garden in Cornwall as they are so Lovely. We went in 2004 and still can't afford to go back till next year.
Heres the LHS:

and the right:

the really wierd thing is , i couldn't remember how many acres of hydrangers there were . I tried looking on the Trebah website but it didn't have the infomation , so , i searched google using the phrase: Trebah gardens hydrangers ( and i spelt it suprise there!) Anyway one link come up with the exact infomation i need..Wait for it..By a thread on Uks by soojay (ME!!) So i answed my own question how creepy is that!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Get well soon Eva

My poor niece broke her wrist today at school. She slipped in the rain playing rounders on the field. Broke her Ulna and fractured her radius.She has to go back to hospital on Monday to see if it has to be pinned. Its times like that , i am glad i work at the high school as i was able to sit with her till my sister arrived to take her to hospital.
What a day!! When i arrived at work this morn, i found out that the SEN dep. had been broken into. Although they made a mess ( we were not allowed to clean up our lockers till the police had finger printed them), not a lot was stolen, two laptops and MY scrapbook bag ( i have been working on the heads leaving gift with some year 9's)

Its quite a distinctive bag so it will stand out a mile around here. I know of very few scrappers who would have a bag like this who live locally!
Poor Dex had all the children home with him today (techically yesterday now) and was really tired when i got home from work although he said they had behaved very well.
Our School got the sport/sience status that we applied for which is great. We are going to have loads more buildings and we have finally got the field next to us. There are going to be at least two large sports buildings and finally foodlit tennis courts. Boy am i glad i am not the evening caretaker anymore!! I was finding it very hard last year to get everything done without all the new buildings to look after.
Got to spend the weekend cleaning as we are having new windows put in next week and the workmen have to actually get to the bloody things!!!...Need a skip!

A bit late

But this weeks "speshal"
Will try to up date tomorrow been a busy week.

Quick word about special schools

Got Daniels school report yesterday ( well actually found it on the floor in the living room!!) Dan is n year 7 at Ashley special schhool and this was his very first report.
He had a VERY hard time at primary school and in the end hated going and often came home wishing he as dead!
His reoprt was Brill ..i am so proud of what he has achived since he has been there and it has all been worth while. I felt bad about sending to a school where he has to be picked up at 7.30 each morning and dropped off at 4.45 each day, where he didn't know anyone etc.
Here is the bit HE wrote in his report:

I am much happier at this school, and i get more help. I still need to improve some of my behaviour but i have tried really hard. I really like activities like, signing,waterpolo and football.

He has also ( finally) learned to swim..hence the waterpolo) and represented his school in cross country.....last year i took him out of the primary sports day as it did NOTHING to encourage him or promote his very low self esteem.
Just thought i'd share something wonderful for a change, and say that i am so glad we were able to get him into one of the ever decreasing supply of special needs schools.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Well my arms and neck are. It was sports day at our high school today. I spent the morning walking around the field nagging everyone to drink and cover up. It did turn into a water fight at one point ( just a few year 9's messing about! ). I think a total of three school records were broken today not a bad day :)
We are supposed to get rain storms tomorrow, no sign yet.
Must make a start on my "speshal" dare this week..have thew photo printed out ready.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


But not going to complain about the weather. We don't get enough sunshine in my opinion.
Nothing exciting to report this weekend. Dex took Dan and Meg out to the cinema, of all places to day..he said it was quiet cool inside. They all had fun anyway, though they came home with out doing lunch ( megs fault!) They saw "over the hedge" which they all said was great. Apparently there is a squirrel in it that Dex is sure has ADHD as it reminded him of Dan.
I went Tesco with Natalie but she had a funny turn and was sick in the loo's.....I think it was the heat. The ladies in Tesco were lovely ..i personally think i should just send all the stores i shop in a bunch of flowers each month !! They are SO used to us now!
Was looking though some old photos last night and found the first one i remember taking..its of London bridge ( i was on a school trip in 1974 )..I was really proud of it and have scanned it..Also found photos of me young and slim ..none of my family recognised me !!!
This is a Lo i started last week at the Wyverstone Crop. Getting excited about my weekend away at the end of the month.

and my first photo