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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Today's catch up in Pictures

 I am on half term and as its been too cold to do anything in the garden ( as i had planned) - I have slowly been tidying and organizing my craft supplies.
Later in the year i have to completely redecorate and re think the room - i need top downsize and I'd like more space.
Here are the cards I have made over the past year.

 My p paper is a little better but i want to be able to separate the papers and find them more easily so - i do need a different way to store them .

 my desk at the moment- the totes are onlt £1.99 to store the copics - can't think of a cheaper way.

 projects i am working on at the moment .

 Loooooooooook what is on my big shot cutting mat. The lovely postman brought this die yesterday .

 And best of all today - SUNSHINE!! ( my feet are still a bit cold though) .
Doesn't it make everything feel so much better -almost want to go out in the garden- i did say ALMOST ;)

Have a Great Weekend!

Love soojay xxx

Thursday, April 04, 2013

18 years old!

My little girl, Megan, is 18 today...I have no idea how that happened!

This pic was taken on her first day at high school - 7 yrs ago!

Love soojay xx