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Sunday, May 26, 2013

30 Years

Sorry I have no photos to share. We did celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, we went out for a meal. Hopefully we will get chance to do something nice later in the year when Derek (and our bank balance) are healthier.
Derek is still recovering from surgery on his leg -he is getting better and going for a walk everyday. He is going to attempt to drive tomorrow ( i will be glad when he is driving again) so, fingers crossed.
Things are a bit tight as he only gets a very small amount of his wages while off sick for the first three weeks :( - 
Anyway, its half term this week and thats brilliant. I have been so tired recently -its lovely to relax a little and sit at my craft table.

I have been reading , I didn't realize how much as I use my kindle app on the iPad and I seem to be reading lots.
 This was so quick to read  - about a boy in care.

 Just "found" this writer - compelling and I have just found that there is a second book to go with this one.
 Not what I expected at all !!  Loved it.
Book two - I have just started this one.

I have been watching a little TV too ..

 Both Derek and I are hooked on Revolution - just hope it doesn't disappear  like some series do !

Watched the series final this week of Grey's - they can NEVER stop making this program. I have been a fan from the very beginning. Yes I sobbed - always makes me cry.

I have also been baking today - sausage rolls with shortcrust pastry and sage and also raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

They are nice when they are warm.

Now I am tired again and its time to cook tea.!

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, May 19, 2013

opps- where has the time gone?!

I have been meaning to update for AGES!!
Poor Dex had his leg operated on a couple of weeks ago - this photo was taken 4 days after the op -we went for a tiny walk at Thornham walks
Hew has his varicose veins done on one leg and is healing nicely now.

Look what we saw! Cowslips -rare now but they used to be EVERYWHERE in Spring.

Madam -as always on the phone- boy are those things a problem.

I went on a school trip ( just for the day) to Wroxham broards .
I Loved that we got to ride on the the Broads.It was a gorgeous day too.

These Swans were bullies and tried to intimidate me into giving them my chips - they picked the wrong person!!

The oldest dwelling on the broads - built in the 1920's.

pretty view.

 Last week , our year 11's started study leave and had a "dress up" day. They were as always really funny .

 My Nephew and one of his friends - with rare smiles on their faces.

 One of our year 11's - i hate it when they leave!

Today we went for another trip out - only 4 miles away - Thornham Coach house, for morning coffee and cake .

I promise not to be so long next time.

love Soojay  xxx