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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day...... almost finish half term on. Wyverstone crop with lovely people and one of my fav shops ATDML AND a sunny day :) As usual, i spent most of the time talking but did manage a class LO (above)designed and taught by Laura one of the scrapaGoGo girls.
I managed to buy lots of papers too and a couple of stamps to keep me busy for a while.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Half term is almost over!! And the sun is out too!
I SHOULD have gone out and done some weeding...there's a small patch of garden that the nettles are almost as tall as me! Instead I finished the Lo above. Was supposed to bake with Nats today but as she didn't get up till 1pm , it will have to wait till after tea. I have no idea what to do for tea and it is fast approaching. I have just sent the children up to their rooms to clam down ( that's me who needs to calm LOL) as they were constantly bickering...i don't think they even know they are doing it. Its just habit, but it drives me potty!

I am off to a crop tomorrow :) AND next Sat, not that i expect to DO much apart from Shop and chat!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy day!!

Really lazy.....I have done nothing except waste time on here!! Listening to music and pottering about. The card was finished last night , so i can't even have claimed to have made it today. I am halfway though a layout but the light is fading and i need to watch ( and cry to ) Greys soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The baking

The top is Megan's Oat and walnut cookies ( there are a few left but i doubt there will be any in the morning)
I couldn't resist the pic of the limes before I juiced them..they look so pretty :). Then the pie, not as sickly as it looks but enough to feed a small army!
The sausage plait is no more LOL it was our tea and every crumb is gone ( i made one for the freezer too).
There you go. I am impressed myself but i HAVE been supporting quite a bit in food tech at school and keep thinking "i could do that" i have.

Another one

If you look closely, you will see absolutely NO glitter!! Dunno how that happened, must be feeling ill, but i think it works ! LOL
Hopefully I will get chance top play a bit more today. Have managed to talk myself into making key lime pie today via FB last night! Dex didn't know what it was. I have never made it before so IF it turns out well, there MAY be photos later.
Hate this bit of the week as half term is now half way though and the next few weeks at work will be awful with Exams everyday and during lunch and possibly after school :( .best not to think about it.
Where IS that sun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing with stamps and ink.

Last night and today.......lovely :) The sun is now out but it did pour all night and this morning, so I made a couple of cards. The beautiful stamps are from I first saw them at Ally pally a few weeks ago and bought a couple but theres LOADS more i want from the website! LOL

Monday, May 25, 2009


Another week has gone! Another busy one so , hopefully I am excused? Last week was mine and Dex's 26th Wedding anniversary, we celebrated with fish n' chips LOL ( times are hard!). On Sat, we went to Annette and Raymond's to help celebrate Rosies 4th Birthday. It was great fun and i am afraid a few of us had too much to drink..opps!
Yesterday we popped to the garden center to get a few plants for the pots in the garden and some herbs. I then spent the rest of the day potting and clearing the patio of weeds ( i am a fair weather gardener..........meaning brilliant warm sun before i go out :)) It is starting to look better but i still have quite a bit to do and there's not much sun today.

The 3D cupcakes are made with a template and can be left so that you can open them to put a small gift inside. I think they are so cute!!
Right, I have not scrapped all week and need to replenish my cards so off to get out the rubber stamps and paper.

Monday, May 18, 2009

And its Monday again!

Already! At least the sun is shining.
The card is one I made last weekend and the LO this weekend. Love the photos of Dex , To be fair, he had been working all night.
Well its almost time to go to work, I am trying to keep out of Megan's way as she is EVIL in the mornings and drives me insane. I get 99% of her stuff ready for her and she fails every time to do the rest. She is upstairs screeching about not being able to find a bra! Her will be here in just over 10 Min's and i am NOT going to help grrrrrrrrrr.
I think i may have may wrong choice for clothes to today- sandals and a summery skirt. School is not the warmest of places if the sun doesn't shine. Cross everything! LOL

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weird ol' week!

Dan was away for most of it, he came back on Friday just after Nats left for the weekend. Nats arrived home 10 mins ago ( from a girly weekend at centre parcs).
I seem to have spent most of the week packing or washing! Dan brought quite a bit of the beach back with him.
The weather has been awful and i have been back in Autumnal clothes again :(
My timetable at school is out the window as its exam season and we support in all of them. I would rather sit the exams!
I did start a LO today and was hoping to share it but while i was waiting for my glossy accents glaze on the letters to dry, Dan threw a piece of paper on them and it stuck to them. I am now waiting for second set to dry!
My car has two oil leaks fixed and I am broke again :( :( .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scrap Your Man

Well sometimes i do feel like it LOL ! Wouldn't swap him for the world really .............or would i??
Anyway this was done for the creative World Challenge to highlight the Orchid cancer Appeal, fighting men's cancer.
I Love Taylor Swift's " Love Story" and pinched the title for my LO. This month we will have been married for 26 yrs. We have managed to get though some really hard times incl Losing Cav to leukemia, Working all sorts of weird hours to make ends meet and bringing up our unruly bunch. I am sure theres much more to come. We fight daily but never go to sleep not talking and laugh much more than we fight. He is my Bestest friend! Love you Dex.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

As promised

But no scrapping or craft photos. I DID tidy up and that makes me want to scrap now LOL In the middle of a "Scrap your man" Layout and will hopefully get to finish it tomorrow. Nearly time for Sat night Chinese and telly.
Dan has gone off to Wales with the school for a week. I am not worried about him as this will be his Fourth time there. Its a GREAT place that caters for children with all kinds of abilities and they know him well. Just hope he behaves himself. I have to say that it is very quiet here and Dex is really missing him.
Mad week at work due to yr 10 exams and lots of the dept off for one reason or another. It ill only get worse as we also have the yr 11 Exams starting next week and then the A levels.
Had visit from two nutters (above!) LOL

Promise to blog

Later today from pc might even include some photos

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Beautiful Sunshine

Makes you feel great :D. I have had a busy day so far, got the washing all out on the line AND dry! Made LOADS of sausage rolls and wholemeal bread rolls..the children ate them for lunch ..they usually only like white bread too.
Dex is at Twickenham for the weekend watching the army/navy rugby. Of course i have spoken to him loads of times already today LOL but i have a little peace now as he is actually at the game now..Listen.........................................................................................................................................
No fact ..................nothing! The children are all busy about the house somewhere.
Those Fabby shoes arrived earlier this week, need to buy a skirt or two to go with them now ;)
Got my car back ..GREAT! but it now has an oil leak and has to go back :(
Going to attempt a little scrapping this afternoon. Have a wonderful long weekend :D