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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Smiles

The Sunflowers :)

Wow all I can say is Thank heavens for Friday!! Its been a loooong week. Daughters support still not sorted and the SW is on holiday now grrr.
 Last weekend I was busy , went out for a meal and then to see "The curious incident of the dog in the night" (very good!). Took daughter to get some new glasses (vision express - not VERY express as they will take three weeks!) .
I plan on doing the minimum this weekend - that means a bit of tidying, cleaning , laundry and lots of crafting!!
Sooooo I was wondering....

Have a great week and if you would like to join in with the smiles.. Pop over to Annie's blog for all the details.

Love Soojay xx

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday smiles

Not the best week really - trying to get back in the swing of things- you know being a house wife, mother, carer and working full time after 6 weeks off. One of my daughters is now without a support worker so can not go to her voluntary work placement - long letter to social worker ...grrr.
Anyway this is a SMILEY post ... IT's FRIDAY !!! one week down :)
Off to see the curious incident of the dog in the night tomorrow. 
I shall open a bottle of wine to have with my chips tonight.

A joke ( another bad one)

A man visited the doctor.
" Doctor, I have terrible flatulence, I have it all the time.
"Please undress so I can examine you, " said the doctor picking up a long pole with a brass hook on the end.
"My goodness doctor what are you going to do with that!" yelled the man.
The doctor smiled and said: I’m just going to open the window up there.
To join in the smiles (not the moany bits) , pop over to Annies blog for the details  

Love Soojay xx

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ohh no

Someone seems to have taken over my craft room!!
Megan trying out my gelliarts printing mat. hummmmmm.

Love soojay xx

Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday Smiles

 Two sunflowers - well over 10 feet tall :)

Cherry tomatoes - getting there- just need some sun.

I survived my first three days back at school - admittedly no naughties in yet so not much work to do.
I could get used to a three day week ;)

A cringe worthy joke:

  police officer on traffic duty flags down a car.
“Sir, you appear to have 12 penguins in the back of your car.”
“That’s right, officer, I do.”
“Well that’s ridiculous – take them to the zoo straight away.”
“OK officer.”
And the car drives off.
Next day, the same policeman in the same spot sees the same car drive past – with the penguins in the back. He flags him down again.
“I thought I told you to take them to the zoo…”
“Yes, officer, and it was great – today I’m taking them to the cinema.”

Do Pop over to see Annie and join in with our hop.
Have a great weekend!

Love soojay xx