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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Had my final observation for my NVQ 3 today , thankfully it went really well, even though i was working with a yr seven pupil who was like quick silver LOL I had my work cut out keeping him "on task" but at least my tutor was able to tick all the boxes. All downhill now just a couple more units to do before Feb and i am Done.
Finished another social skills course at school this week too and we are planning the next set of sessions. They are going really well and some of the teachers are noticing better behaviour in some of the pupils which is great.
I also got an invite to the language departments Christmas meal next week ( highly honoured :)) probably in recognition that i have actually taught some of the lessons recently due to no cover !
Sorry to bore you but I am just so pleased this week is almost over. Its so nice to get "stuff" done!
We had a new carer start last night, She seems really nice and very sensible. She has a brother with autism so already has a clue to what life is like here. Dex and I really had missed our wed nights out.
Am going to be doing a Christmas journal from Sat ( a scrapbook one) Just hope i can keep up with it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Already?

Where DOES the weekend go to!

I wish i could afford to work part time, but as my wages are so crap away, there's not much chance! Would just like to spend a day on my own LOL. Dex has taken Meg out to pizza hut and to Asda to get the shopping but Nats and Dan are in and out all the time. I tried to listen to some music nut Nats wanted a chat (bless) and while i was doing my homework, Dan wanted football on TV ..Joy.

Meg is being treated because we are SO pleased with her. She had her school report on Friday. All the children have learning problems and are just happy if they try at school and can't ask for more really. Megs effort grades are ALL A's with A* for English..bless her. what a star! The nice bit was at the front of the report was a note from the head saying that all the students at school have different learning abilities and are all working are different levels but the most important thing was the effort they put in :) :)

The LO is of Dan at Nets in the late Summer. Deb set me a challenge to use 12 items including 2 pp's, brads, chipboard and rubber stamps. Not my fav LO but there you go.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I ought to go to bed as i am really tired! I just don't DO winter..would gladly curl up and hibernate till spring.
I intend to not do too much over the weekend. Washing/scrapping and a small amount of tidying that's it.
Got my Christmas scrapaGoGo kit this week and it is so lovely, so easy to use :).
Next week is really busy, we have mock exams to Read and scribe for most of the week, after school courses. i have my NVQ tutor coming in to observe me on Thurs and a governor meeting after school one night ( wouldn't mind but its 30 + miles away :( ).
Off to a friends birthday party tomorrow, leaving Dex with the children (again!) LOL
We have a new carer coming on Weds, so Dex and I can resume our Wed nights out for a pub tea and then hit Tesco's ( quite handy this time of the year) The children get too hyper in the shops around Christmas. I really have missed our nights out.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not sure if this is in time

Since my scanner will not comunicate with the PC at the mo . I have had to photograph with a flash ( at night) . Love this stamp painted with H2O's. This is for Nets challeng BTW

Happy Birthday Hun!

Hope you have a great day . My Sis "Muckyfingers" and scrapping partner

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have been putting the finishing touches to the LO's i did at the retreat the other week scanner is not being recognised by my PC at the mo...Its bad enough the kids falling out LOL
Busy day today. Dan went shopping to Ipswich with his friend (and friends mum). He had a great day considering he usually hates shopping and crowds LOL
I took Meg to Diss after dropping Nats and her friend off at a Mencap Christmas party. I bought Meg some new clothes and bits ( like false nails!??!). She was also squirted in the chemist with Britney's perfume ( i use the word loosely!) and now wants some for Christmas.
I am 3/4 of the way though my NVQ course and am looking for something else to do. Going on one of the weirdest courses ever after school on Monday laughing...speed stacking. I was put forward by the other TA who does the social skills groups with me, she thought it would be fun to do in the group. Its all about co ordination and perception. Hey at least if the head makes more cut backs , we could get a good job at Tesco's...I 'm SPEED stacker , me! LOL
Enjoy whats left of the weekend :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Nearly a week since i have been here!
Nothing exciting to show ..been finishing off LO's but they need to be scanned.
Meg went to diabetic clinic last week and her over all blood sugars were too high , felt like we were "naughty " parents :( Have increased her insulin and it seems to be doing the trick.
No other news just busy, busy and I hate this time of year as it so dark.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ATDML photos

From the retreat. The Very Beautiful Clare, Stacey and Pepper. Then a piccy of my bedroom.
Thanks so much Kirsty for showing us how to take better photos :) I am quite proud of the top three :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bit late for today

But just wanted to wish Nets and Raymond a HAPPY 3rd Wedding Anniversary!! Here's to many , many more :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Whooo Hooo

Brill weekend!! Went to ADML retreat the other side of Ipswich. ACTUALLY scrapped too! Six brill classes. I am a slightly better photographer (thanks to Kirsty's class), Scrapped MORE than one photo on a layout (thanks to Debbie and Becks) , had GREAT fun with paints ( Clare and Mel) and stitched some felt flowers (Hanna). Some of the Lo's are done and some need finishing off but not by much. Will upload them at the weekend.

The hotel was GORG! (and my room wonderful), looooovely food and best of all i got to meet so many friends ( old and new ) :)

Mel and Jill did a wonderful job of sorting everything out and bringing their fab shop. I will be begging to go again if there is one next year.
The photo above is of the grounds..there were people playing golf who were bemused by all of us taking hundreds of photos.
more to follow