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Monday, May 28, 2007

What a wet day!!

Been washing and cooking most of the day. The children made cupcakes so i photographed them and did this LO of Dan. I used this weeks pencil lines sketch. Also did four of the eight cards i need to do to catch up on Emily's challenge.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Half Term Yayyyyyyyyy

And i don't care that it is raining :) I am going to get all my paperwork done ( lots!) and then scrap the rest of the week.
Had a BRILL day yeserday at Wyverstone with Nets ( thanks for putting up with me Nets) and loads of friends, met some new friend too Some of the ScrapaGoGo DT that i hadn't met before too. Watch out for a photo later.
Best of all was a wonderful class with the one and only Shimelle . A book all about the reasons why we scrap..just got a little bit of journalling to do and i will show you.
Shimelle is lovely and it was great to be your doctor ( if you ever read this LOL)
Ness bought her shop and I couldn't resist some stamps ( and a few other bits ;))
I also got my hands on the ScrapaGoGo charity kit (image above)Great Value and a Brill cause too!
I have been playing with stamps and inks all day as i had forgotten that i was taking part in a 3 inch ,inchie swop due last week ....opps !! I HATE letting people down , so got them all done today. Then realised that i have a 4 inch friendship swop too ( not due till next month) so i got them done as well. Now i need a bath as i am covered in ink, glue and glitter.
Next is to catch up with the Emily Challenges , so watch this space :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Rosie

This little sweetie is two today.

At last glorious sunshine !! Of course it means watering the plants, ahh well.
Meg is off school with a sore throat and cough , its not so bad but messes up her blood sugars. Poor Dex won't get much sleep.
Really looking forward to Wyverstone on Saturday and i have a late pass :) :) mind you i am ( as usual) no where near ready. Need to print out my photos for the class but am at work and then out tonight ( boring meeting) and tomorrow.Need more time.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Twenty four years

Today is our anniversary. Unbelivable how much has happened in all those years. Lots of dreams shattered, lots of new ones. We were so young and optermistic ( maybe a little too nieave LOL). WE are still optermistic, still unrealistic dreams but still together and in Love and in these days , something to be treasured.
Doubt he will read but..Happy anniversary Hun, Love you :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm cold.

Rained all day but i will not put the heating on. LOl
We have had a few more calls from Dan. He is doing fine and is at the beach at this very moment (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). He has been rock climbing, Canooning,archery and also had to build a shelter. I can't get over how deep his voice is on the phone.He is not my baby any more!!
Have ordered a new camera as my lovely Nikon has a fault and isn't working :( Not sure if it can be fixed so i may have to send it back. So hopefully you should see some better quality photos on here soon.I need to take lots for the class t Wyverstone in a few weeks, run by the FAB Shimmelle Can't wait!!
Off to have a hot bath ( to try to warm up) and then work on another LO for ScrapaGoGo

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Phone Call

From Dan tonight made Dex really happy. he has been worrying..i think he is a bit lost with out him and being surrounded by girls LOL. Dan and his roomies are already in trouble as they didn't go to sleep till 4am !! They were building a raft and then testing it out this afternoon..sounds like he is enjoying himself and will come home shattered.

Been putting pans etc back into the kitchen this morning and trying to get the dining room back. Managed to do this months scrap a gogo's kit yayyyyyyyy.

These are two layouts i did last week. One started at the Wyverstone crop with the gorg Rusty Pickle papers and transparency. It features my stunning Niece Rebecca. The other is of Dan a few years ago in Cornwall....unfortunately my scanner has cut off the bottom. I LOVE those stamps..saw them on a LO that my friend Janice had done and then went straight to ATDML to buy them :)

ohh and i got two of these yummy hydranger beads today as well :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Think it is a better day.

Well i don't feel like crying so that must be good LOL. Still waiting for some tilling ( is that how you spell it) to be done and some cupboards to be put up tomorrow..I could certainly designed the top cupboards better than they have. We have managed to find ONE cupboard that our plates will fit in, the others are all too small! Have no idea when the floor will be done..i suppose we shall have to drag the cooker and washing machine out again. Ohh the joys of living in a council house!
Dan is all packed now and all his "kit" at school. He goes in the morning...seems ok and not over excited which is good.
We are in the middle of yr 9 SATS at school at the mo and mock exams and then GCSE's. So work is manic as we are needed to read or scribe in some of them. So far i have only been a reader but need to brush up on my spelling in case i have to scribe ( i am allowed to ask the student how to spell words though)
We are making paper bag books ( thanks to a very dear friend donating the paper bags) at the school craft club on Fridays. Tomorrow is the first session :)
Enough drivel.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One of those days

The house is in such a mess ( a real mess) i don't know where anything is. Kitchen stuff everywhere. I was expecting this and know it will be over soon, but i HATE it!! I have a battle about the number of cupboards they are putting in too ( bit difficult to battle while i am at work too!) Ours is a council house with a very small kitchen. We have been waiting for two years for work to be done to try to rearrange things so we have more space. We have lots of lovely work benches now ..just no cupboards. We took five from the walls and they are putting TWO stupid. There is space for at the very least two double cupboards...We have so many meds to store for the children , Megs diabetic stuff ( needles etc) could take up a cupboard on it's say i am fed up is mild.
Funny how one word ( in science today) can send you back years......17 years and the word ? platelets. I was just overwhelmed with sadness, wasn't expecting that and was glad when the lesson on the blood ended. 11am every Thursday, Cavell used to be taken to Ipswich hospital to have his platelet count taken while we would wait with our hearts in our mouths for the results.
Can't get to my stash for therapy, just as well i suppose as i have to pack for Dan's trip to Wales.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Will some one please kick me

I have to completely empty our kitchen by tomorrow night ( god know where to as we live in such a tiny house) and that includes the cooker and washing machine......................I haven't even started and i have to work tomorrow. I have too much to do , which makes me not want to do anything!!
Dex was away at the army navy game this weekend..had a great time and is on hol next week too . He will have to do some moving tomorrow.
Dan is off to Wales with the school on Friday but is unwell with a sore chest ATM :(
I am not going to be able to get anywhere near my scrapping stuff next week ( as this room will be full of kitchen stuff ..........hopefully it will all be done by the weekend.......fingers crossed.
We shall live on chips and pop ...not the best in this house!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Is that a word?? Anyway that how i feel now.
Amazing how you can go though different moods in the day isn't it. I WAS happy and feeling pleased with myself as i have sorted out all the meds for my lot and dad till next month, taken apart dads divan bed and moved it ( as he is getting a hospital bed tomorrow) and generally everything is ok. I get home and have Dan's DSLA forms to renew :( ..I HATE doing those and its only Christmas since i did Megs. Dex says, lets go to the beach for tea ( so i cancel a meeting i am supposed to attend tonight) and think yes great. He and Dan have an argument and Dan has stormed off to his room ( can't break the door coz we now have new heavy ones!!) and thats that!!
Think of me tomorrow, i am being observed by my NVQ3 assessor in the afternoon. He has to write a report.

I really ought to add an 8. fact to yesterdays post ...especially after reading it back just now...just in case you hadn't noticed ( even with spell check) ..I can't spell..SHOCK LOL

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Was Ericka' birthday . Happy Birthday Darling. My sis Steph's partner. Not fair , looks more stunning every year and i am younger ( not that you'd know!)

Not fair, children growing up too fast! Dan has gone off to youth club, thankfully , i know the person who runs it very well, so he should be ok.

He had another fit on Saturday morning but seems fine now. I have to document them in Case they become regular and he may have to have meds for them. The last one was in Nov so thats ok for now.

We are having our kitchen gutted next week . Will be really glads when it is done as it is so tiny! Trying to reorganise it so there is more space and work surfaces..The great news is that we should be able to even get a dish washer in there YAYYYYY!!

From Beth:

I am tagging you!The rules:Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself. People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog. Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blog.

I am flattered that you think i know 7 people to tag LOL!!


1. I have three fab sisters , who are my best friends ( two read this so i am now in thier good books!)

2. I have a butterfly tatooed on my shoulder (done in 1978), it cost £1 and was done by a biker called "fat Bob" !!

3. I tried to learn to speak Arabic in the early 80's due to having an Irainnian boyfriend who i met at collage. He went home for the summer and the war broke out and i never saw him again, although we kept in touch for a year or so.

4. One of my fav jobs was as a civilian steward in the Officers Mess at RAF Coltishall.

5. I really DO belive in Karma

6. I LOVE Darren Hayes ( incase you didn't know!)

7. I started to snore after having Megan ......Its really loud apparently ( i am asleep so i don't know!LOL)

I now have to tag 7 people ahhhh, ummmm,

Nicki, jakey, Lorraine, Jennie, Anna, Lemon and Deb...............Sorry ladies butr i am sure your readers want to know more about you ..i do coz i am nosey :)