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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Day In London

On Monday to see the Gorgeous Darren Hayes with my sisters.

Started off not so good as it was raining hard all the way down and Annette was waiting for a call to see if she still had a job!! Thankfully she does.
This is the very wet empty car park at the O2.

We got the tube into the city and headed straight for China Town for lunch.
It had stopped raining.

Lunch was lovely.

Covent Garden - I had never been before - very pretty stalls.
Very pretty sisters too! 

Although they don't believe me!

 The sun came out
A walk in the park..

To see the Queen - she was home .
I also stupidly raced my sisters up 5 flights of stairs in Waterstones while they took the lift- I couldnt talk for 20 mins!!
We wandered around the city shops for a while and then headed back to the O2.

In all its glory

pretty architecture - the water is running down those grassy walls .
Calls home to check everyone is okay.
Tea in the "slug and lettuce" 

The show - in the Indigo room - Brilliant seat as we could see everything ( not always possible as we are such shorties!!) We were close to the stage . The support act "The Candle Thieves" were good. 
I got told off for taking this photo and was not allowed to take any more .

Brilliant day - ended too soon.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Visitor

 Natural Photo

Tweaked a little

Poor thing - probably dead by now- I wondered why Megan was screaming! She Screams at everything that moves- and yet she will happily watch a scarey film that I wouldn't!

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Happier House ..............

................For a little while. The wires came of megs teeth on Friday and the Palatal Stretcher came out  ( that was what was causing all the pain) . Four teeth have to come out ASAP and then just the wires go back on the braces. Hopefully it wont be too bad then.
The stretcher wasn't working - just making life very uncomfortable. While all this was happening and I am guessing her immune system low, she has managed to get a sore throat and head cold. She has had her flu injection so should be okay.
 We are enjoying a little peace today while the boys are at Football.
Next week is a very busy one but starts off quite nicely with a visit to the smoke to see this young man perform.

Nope ..not excited at all!!!

(Just in case you don't know me or haven't been here before, its Darren Hayes

Love Soojay xxx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Days!

.....................are just so stressful. No matter what you do, no matter how calm you try to keep, how hard you work ............Some days you just have to say "Sod it!" Just to keep sane. Today may well be one of those :)
I AM fine but i shall be doing the minimum that i need to do tonight and will keep some quiet time for ME!

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poor Meg

New braces put in yesterday. We have to tighten them every night :( she also has to have a check up every week :(
My fault, we have awful teeth in our family - lots of us had an extra "eye" tooth- Megs was removed a few years ago but her jaw is too small for all those teeth and we have a hospital appoint next month for her to go in and have two wisdom teeth ( growing sideways!!) to be removed.
Being diabetic is hard enough food wise without having to make sure that it is soft or liqiud.
at the moment she is in pain  and very tired ( hence her colour) but we have given her ibuprofen, soft tooth brush, salt mouth wash - the dentis forgot to give us the gel and wax so we will have to pick it up in the week.
Anyone have any good tips for pain relief or recipes for college packed lunches, i will be very grateful.
So far we have :

Need something savory ( apart from soup - she cant/wont heat it up at college)


Love Soojay xxx 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Two weeks!!!

So Excited :)
Spending the day in London with my sisters ( yes we all love him !)..I will TRY to remember to take a few Photos .

Love soojay xxx

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Birthday

Cavell would have been 25 today 

Love Soojay xxx