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Monday, January 05, 2015

Trying to be more organised

 I do have a mobile phone and iPad with all sorts of things to help me be more organiseed but sometimes you just need to write it down- I remember things easier if I write them. Whenever I go shopping , I write a list and that is all I need to do - I don't even need to take the list with me.
So santa bought me a new filofax this Christmas - I will let you know if I am any better organised with it- It isnt so big that I cant take it to work with me like my last one.

 I used to print a weekly list outr for us all to fill in but this was so cheap in The works , so no more printing :)

I have put a weekly menu up on the fridge for the past few years- it really does help with reducing the amount of waste as you only buyt what you need (mostly ;)) I found this on amazon for £4 -so I don't need to print a menu out now - there are 52 sheets and a shopping list too . I can see mr buying less ink for my printer at least.

BTW - Meg is so much better - just a head cold now ( like half of England!)

Love Soojay xx