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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Lazy!!

Have I been! Getting up late, doing nothing much and its wearing me out LOL!!
New Cooker coming on 12th ..ahh well..It gives me plenty of time to sort the kitchen out ..Not that i have started yet! Our Kitchen is REALLY small and the walls are awful, due to bad paintwork etc. It desperately needs doing and there's not that much wall to do ..Not sure how to decorate it as i want it to be sunny..probably a yellow colour..I can't afford to get it re plastered , so will probably either use lining paper or add something to the paint to add more texture..Any ideas?????
Am about to reclaim my scrapping space back as i haven't done anything over the holiday and i have a few Birthdays coming up, plus the 25th of Nov and Dec pages to do. Hopefully the Feb scrapaGoGo's kit will be arriving soon :D
Not been that impressed with the sales so far ( scrapbook) but i love the stuff at ATDML and they started their sale today :D ..Go Look
Just wanted to wish anyone reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope its a good one for you

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A belated Happy Christmas!!

Time just flew! Hope everyone had a wonderful time:)
Anyone who knows my family well, will KNOW that our Christmas will not have gone without the odd glitch LOL and of course that is true. SO RIP my cooker ..who died while cooking Christmas dinner!! ...You would think that sort of thing would only happen once in a lifetime wouldn't you ? ...No the exact same thing happened about 15 yrs ago and my darling mum cooked our dinner that time. This time I would like to thank my little sis ( with the BIG oven) xxxx.
New cooker ordered and hopefully arriving soon.
I am recovering from flu and am now starting to want to eat again..unfortunately wasn't off my food long enough to loose much weight though ;)
We had a wonderful evening yesterday playing games with little sis and family. I was both surprised at how good ( and competitive ) Meg was :).
No scrapping done at all i had to tidy it all away ..i shall start to mess up the dinning room again soon though :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

December designs

For scrapaGoGo. I have also made loads of cards from this fab kit too.
Have just finished school for the holidays and am SO tired. It has been a week and a half ( thats an understatement) but I am looking forward to a bit of rest before I have to tidy away my craft room ( dining room) for Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few more from the weekend

The first two I have used some hugware
The last one has vintage clipart on it. I still need to make another 20 (ish!!)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some more

The last two are my favs. The labels are from here
They were printed out and embossed a few times, bunged in the freezer and then crackled. I also used my slice to make the flowers.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I made a few cards

The bejeweled Christmas trees are inspired by Marlene's Stunning tree card. I have a few more to show you tomorrow.

Friday, December 05, 2008

New Winter header

That's also a sneaky peek at ScrapaGoGo's Dec kit :)
I knew that this would happen, that thing would start to get manic. Too much to do and not enough time to do it! This is probably one of the last weekends before Christmas that i can scrap. You see i am using the dinning room table and will have to clear everything away ( and try to FIND the dinning room ) soon. I still have only made three Christmas cards, so need to get my act together!
Dan is playing football for his school tomorrow , but its in Lowestoft ( 30 + miles away!) So no lie in and an hour + trip :( ..Am i bad to hope its rained off? Yes!
Really sad to find that the pier is closing ..i LOVE that shop.
I am off to the clothes show with the school on Wednesday which will be nice in a mad, manic sort of way!
Right back to card making!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Well .....

Even after the weekend , i still feel shattered! Mind you, it was a really busy weekend. I spent a wonderful day at the Wyverstone Christmas Crop...I think it is the first time i have managed a Christmas one. We played games, had secret Santa and went out for a meal at a local pub. Brill..I am ashamed to say that i made ONE card!! And a bad one at that! LOL
Sunday i took the girls to the local garden center to get some Christmas cards and bits. we had lunch there too. Then we popped into Diss to get some food shopping ( although i slipped a couple of presents in my basket when they weren't looking) Because of my gadding about, i got very behind in the housework etc and the place STILL looks like a bomb has hit it.
Doesn't look like things will let up much this weekend as Dan has a football match on Sat and needs to be there by 10.30 LOWESTOFT!! ( 35 miles away).
I have made a total of two Christmas cards so far, so need to get a move on.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday and counting

The days to the weekend. I can not remember feeling so tired before!..I Really need an early night! School has been very busy even during break and lunchtimes. We have been doing the yr 11 mock exams all this week so that hasn't helped. I really ought to do my Materials GCSE LOL, I found all the questions ( i was a reader) really easy.
I have been using my Dec ScrapaGoGo kit this week and still have mountains left. Need to make some Christmas cards at the weekend though.
Sorry its boring .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So two in one day!

My November ScrapaGoGo Layouts


I am ALWAYS nagging other people to keep up their blogs ..then go and abandon mine!!
Partly because its so busy at the moment ( home and work) and partly as face book takes up so much time..feeding animals, sewing crops and going to work LOL Too many applications!
I have been doing stuff ion the "Real" world too. Spend a WONDERFUL weekend last week weekend at Stoke by Nayland leisure club/Hotel at the ATDML retreat. Met up with lots of Friends and made lots more..It all went far too quickly. Two of the Lo's i did are above. One from the FAB Tracie Hudson's class...I love painting and will do this again. Then one from the kit I found on my table when i arrived. I still have loads of tweaking to do and finishing off some of my other classes and will photograph them when done.
It was Nets Birthday on 19Th...So Happy Birthday from my blog :)
We have had loads of snow this weekend and the children actually went out in it...wonders never cease! Photos are of Meg and Nats having a snowball fight outside the house..Meg won of course!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


The weekend went too fast!! Car alarm kindly went off at 4am . Dex and I flew down the stairs to stop it! It is back at the garage tomorrow.
Managed to finish my Advent calender..inspired by the fab Gail ..(Efemera). I used all hugwear images and LOADS of glitter LOL. Not Great photos as the light has gone now .
Still waiting for my SLICE to arrive ..should be sometime this week :)
REALLY looking forward to the retreat on Friday...........sigh. I have to take loads of photos for Dex as he wants to spend his 50th Birthday there :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Yayyyyyy Friday

Its been a stressful week :) I am trying hard to curb Dan's dreadful swearing ( He is 15 and has ADHD, ASD, OCD, Tourettes and Learning difficulties and i know all that doesn't help) We are starting with two words I'd like him NOT to use and if he can managed four clear days out of the week, he can go to youth club ( where they probably swear like troopers!) on Tuesday. He hasn't managed one day so far :( ( we are on track for today though so it COULD be possible)
Hardly ANY scrapping this week but i have started to make an Advent baking tray :) pics yet. I am also blatantly copying Marlene's STUNNINGLY beautiful Christmas card is my fav one so far :)
The year 10 and 11's are starting to stress about end of term tests and mock exams in a few weeks. Also loads of coursework to get in on time. I had to calm one poor yr 10 boy down today
:( Yesterday we the first lot of the injections for the yr8 girls ( for cervical cancer) ..loads of panic, tears and stress. They all seem fine today though thank goodness.
My car is playing up again LOL ..Its a joke!! The central locking alarm keeps going off as my car ( a Ford) does NOT like the cold and damp! ( neither do i!!). Its been to the garage last week and the guy thought he'd fixed it...guess what ..he hasn't. It does SEEM to be behaving ATM ( must be coz i said I'd get its wires cut! ;))

Sunday, November 02, 2008

ohhhhh No!

I am at the end of my half term Hol :( I don't want to go to work tomorrow..usually I do am I am ready..Must be the cold, dark days. Had a busy day tidying and washing ( all boring stuff).
I have decided to make a journal for December similar to the one I made for July. Its such a busy month that it would be a shame not to keep a journal ..I can't commit to a big Christmas book but this should be okay. So far, i have covered the front of the journal ( in tomatoe red velvet :))
I also quite like the idea of the baking tray avent calenders Andrea, Yizz and Karen have made some fab ones. Dex picked me up a couple of trays from Asda for 89p ( he was a bit upset when he found out that I wouldn't be making biscuits on them ! LOL

Friday, October 31, 2008

I thought that I had been lazy today

I feel like I have been lazy..But, I was up by 8am ( i AM on hol!!) bathed etc and had a meeting with Nats Mencap worker by 10. Finished a couple of cards ( peeks above), Did some washing. Took my car to the garage ..the central locking is playing up and the alarm keeps going off. Then did a bit of shopping and took some flowers up to the cemetery..Dads birthday today.

Popped to see Rebecca ( my niece ). Then made witches fingers ( little sausages wrapped in puff pastry) and some yummy cheese and garlic cookies ( recipe here ) and muffins with spider webs on them. So maybe NOT as lazy as i first thought!

Am now waiting for Dan to come home..I HATE him being out in the dark. He has gone trick/treating with some friends..I don't approve and have given very strict instructions..Just hope he gets too cold and comes home soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Look!!

Dex just ordered me one AND a Noteworthy card :) :) ... Early Christmas prezzie.

Its going TOO quick!!

Half term that is and while I could gladly strangle the children at times....I am enjoying the lay ins and being able to scrap and do things at a slower pace......sigh.

We have a police woman popping round later as our house has been "egged " a couple of times this week. Also lots of knocking on the windows and running :( That's what comes of having no front garden. When we moved here 10 years ago, it was one of the things i hated about the house..It has its good points, as its a newer house its very warm ( when we have the heating on) and its not on a council estate ( even though it is a council house).

Anyway....we have a very good idea who is being a pest, so hopefully the police will have a word and frighten him off. He has to walk past our house to go home and as he is 22yrs old , is more likely to be banging on the window at 10.30pm than younger kids.

I have still be creating with the Nov ScrapaGoGo kit and here's some peeks above of the LO I finished this morning :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Cold!

Thankfully no snow yet though. I would love to hibernate and sleep all winter. I am not a big fan of winter and wouldn't even mind missing Christmas ( shock!)
Half term is going too fast! It has its good points like, sleeping in till 8 or 8.30 am and the children Sleeping in till after 10 :). As long as we dont go out as a group, they are ok (ish) during the day but in the evening...Dan's OCD with the football scores is annoying ( he has to keep checking, online or on the TV), Meg is not quiet and has a screachy voice and fights with Dan, Nats , who ever she can. I have a bad headache ATM :(
Everyone is grumpy and I am just waiting for them all to go to bed so i can relax...sigh.
I have a fab weekend away to look forward too next month . The ATDML retreat near Colcherster. I like this bit it gets closer..the looking forward to it :)

A couple more peeks

At the Nov kit :)