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Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Wet Bank Holiday Monday!

Wish I was where he is...Australia :) I Love Bill Granger and have two of his cookery books- planning on getting them all eventually. I use his recipes the most. We had raspberry and peach cobbler for desert last night. See Below!!

Its not THAT attractive to look at but boy it tastes like heaven! Best served warm with custard or ice cream. Yummmmm

Well today looks like a wash out. Derek was working anyway and is about to go to bed..the kids ( god knows what time they went to sleep last night!) are all now into holiday mode , where they don't surface till lunchtime are still asleep!!
Its too rainy to do anymore laundry . Looks like I might be making some cards ready for the next lot of Birthdays coming up. Mind you its so dark here :(
I feel like I just want to curl up with a book and wait for the sun to eventually get here.
Missing Nets, who is on holiday up North..hopefully they have SOME sun.
Back later xx

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Very Excited!! Just ordered this baby. I love my printer but its getting a bit temperamental in its old age. It does still work but doesn't like card anymore.
Made this last night with nesties, a Tim Holtz die ( swirl) and a "stamping up" bird die( thanks Nets xx)
Aren't they Gorg!!! They arrived at work for me on Thurs lunchtime :) They are from My boss Deb and they smell heavenly.

A sneaky peek at a challenge I took part in over at Mel and Jill's..Theres still time if you want to enter and with a prize of £25 to spend in their shop ..who wouldn't?!

What miserable weather so far for half term! It WAS a little sunnier today but is raining again now. I managed to get some of the mountain of washing done but i think it will take most of the week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Even at 16 1/2 he isn't still very often! I wanted to use the photos to show his ADHD as it is so much part of Dan. He IS so much calmer now but still chatters non stop and finds it difficult to be still. I would worry if he was.
He is such a contradiction too..yesterday came home from school with a trophy and voucher for being the most helpful pupil and today is in trouble and losing his break tomorrow!
I always used to think he was like a spaniel puppy when he was little as he was so keen to play, help get things done and also tiring to be around.

I do love him to bits and although he gets frustrated with me when he can't get his own way, I always get a kiss when he goes to school every morning.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three posts in one day!

Took a few photos around the garden. This is the garage. I had to crop it a bit because the washing line and old coal bunker don't do the photo any favors.

Can't remember what these are called at the mo.."ladies Bonnets" but I DID know the correct name when I planted them :D
The lawn needs cutting and is covered in dandilions!
The card I made for Derek for our Anniversary.

Am loving the nestibility dies.
Going to watch Casualty and if I can stay up, Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr :D

More Muffins!

These tripple choc Muffins were for the yr 11's on Thursday .
The card is for one of the boys that brought me a gift ..I was very close to tears!

Done all the housework I am going to do today , so I shall make a few more cards or do a layout or two.
Ooo It was my 27th Wedding anniversary yesterday So, Happy Anniversary to us! :D


They are pussycats really !

Some of my babies left school yesterday :D They started yr 7 when I first became a TA and I have supported them in class and later getting them into college etc. They will be back for exams and I have been invited to the prom but I am sad.
All week they have been popping into the Office ( sometimes not by choice! LOL).
I have loads of photos and don't usually put any up but just this once thought i'd share...i really thought they were making rude signs behind my back (or above my head) and was quite suprised with the result.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is It Only Tuesday???

It feels like it should be later in the week! Made this card last night and photographed it this morning before work.

I DO love this little bear :D
Nothing exciting to report...a busy day at work, I was on my own for most of the day, but it was okay.
Will be back when i have a few cards or Layouts to share

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mixed Day

Some of the Muffins I made yesterday.
Derek asked for a chocolate cake and this is what i made. There is not much left now even though you only need a small slice.
I took a few photos out side yesterday as it was such a lovely sunny day. My herb pot is coming along nicely and some of that sage was cooked with our roast chicken.
The flowers in the pots are just starting to flower. Mum would love these colours

It was a quiet morning at work and I was able to catch up with paper work and update all the spread sheets. Of course it didn't last and it was a manic afternoon and I even had to shout at a small group of boys. They don't get to hear me shout much, I do try not to but but this group were just so rude.
Unfortunately I have spent most of the evening shouting my children :( I DO wish they would just pretend to like each other occasionally and not always wind each other up. Grrrrrr !! I will be glad when they have all gone to bed tonight!
Had a chat with Megan's school Ed. Psych today today that has also left me feeling a bit down. I had asked for a review because she was last seen in yr 4 at primary school and had been given an IQ of 48 and I was hoping it was wrong. The Ed Psych seems to think that it is probably not but will arrange for me to meet with her and the S.E.N.C.O to talk about Megan's options after she leaves school. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but the thought of having them all at home , not working is a tiny bit depressing to say the least AND there would be no way that I would be able to go out work as I would have to make sure they didn't fight etc etc.
OOhhh Sorry didn't meant to be so bleak!
Here's to a sun shiny day tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quiet Sunday Mornings

Everyone is still asleep and I have been up for a while..its the only time of the week I have to myself now. I love the quiet with no TV or music or arguing :D
I made the above card yesterday. I love Mo's Digital pencil (where the digi stamp is from)
Had to do a few more of those cute bears too .

Today is a baking/cooking day...I noticed Derek bought bacon ( that means he wants bacon and pancakes later) I also have a Roast to cook and of course more Raspberry /white choc Muffins. Meg found her floor in her bedroom yesterday and that means my washing basket is over flowing again!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Not sure about the colours though! Ohhh dear i might need some MORE nesties!

I'm back!

Not that you will have noticed that I have been away ! My PC died and had to have a new heart..Thanks to Raymond who knew straight away what the problem was and managed to fix it in just over 20 mins, we are back! If you ever need your PC sorting and live in Anglia I can highly recommend My BIL at TECNIA who has the patience of a saint.
Any how, I have discovered NESTIBILITIES..I know..they have been around ages and I do have an oval set, but I just never got the hang on them before. The card above is my fist "go" at actually using some.
The stamps were free on a mag and given to me from a friend at work..I think they are so cute!
Other news ..Dan is back from his school trip to Wales ( seems to have brought most of that sand back with him!) The poor washing machine doesn't know whats hit it! These are two of the TEN photos he took..honestly, I told him that the card would hold thousands of images.I suppose he was just too busy having fun. I will just have to wait till the school send their photo CD home.

He is very proud of himself as he climbed to the top of Snowdon ...he has blisters to prove it too.
He is STILL asleep today and its 1.30 pm!

BTW , I managed to get a whole load of jumpers for loaning out at school and have to make more muffins for Monday. Next week is the yr 11's last week in school before exams, they all started high school when I became a TA so I shall miss them all as I have known them since they were yr 7's. Some a lot longer as I used to help at the nursery when Dan was little and he is the same age. Thats scary as it means that Dan only has a little while left too.
Bye for now

Monday, May 10, 2010


Those blueberry Muffins with no about healthy!!

OOOO not sure!! It fell to bits as it was a bit too hot , I'll put one in Meg's lunch box tomorrow when its cold, great for Diabetics he he !!