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Monday, May 26, 2008


Not the best bank hol!! Still wet and dull and cold now.

Have uploaded May's DT Lo's for ScrapaGoGo.

Kids are arguing in front of the TV :(

Hope your day is better :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a wash out!

Not a great day for taking hundreds of photos! Round two of "save the day" today. I got up at 9am !! It has been wet, dark and very boring here today. Dan wanted to continue with the garden ..thankgoodness we filled the skip yesterday. Dan was a great help and as fast as i cut, he cleared. No more clematis :( but the roots are strong so i am sure it will grow back. I just have a few bits that i can't reach and Dex can do when he gets back from Wales.

I can FINALLY start with my scrapaGoGo kit tomorrow :)

Off to watch lost now.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosie

Have a great time being THREE!!!xxxxxx

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to..............

US :)

Sorry its an old photo..almost 25 yrs old. Taken in our first year of marriage.

Love him to bits.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where does the time go to???

I can't believe its almost Monday again!!

Dan had a good week in Wales and came back Fri night VERY tired and VERY smelly...thankfully I have washed (boiled) most of his clothes. He has managed to ruin two pairs of trainers and must have spent almost £50 on sweets!!

Went to Megs parents evening on Weds night. We were there for two and a half hours, hanging round to talk to the teachers but, it was worth it. They only had good things to say about her and her art teacher made my year by saying that if she wants, she should be able to do art GCSE. BRILLIANT!!

I spent most of yesterday putting together another unit for my craft/dining room.. I am slowly getting more organised, which means a bit more space. (Pic above)
I have managed to finally finish my "Save the day" pages for April. Still working on the cover but am at least going to be ready for the next round of photos next week :)
I am also eagerly waiting for my June ScrapaGoGo kit and can't wait to play !

Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

But no scrapping :(

Photos of Nats and Jo just before they left for the Glitter Ball. they had a great time. Dex took them , dropped them off and took Meg to the with Dan in Wales , i was alone for a while.......blissful cept Dex phoned FOUR times! Dan phoned telling me that there was an accident on the way to Wales and they were turned back, so didn't get there till midnight. He had got ALL his trousers wet, had he PSP confiscated for fighting, ohh and ruined his school shoes on the beach! JOY........sigh

Yesterday Dex said we should go out as it was too nice to stay in. SO, we started off at the garden center (as i needed some weed killer ) and had lunch there. We then went to Wroxham Barns where the girls played on the mini fun fair and won a few bits of rubbish. We got to Croma at about 4pm and sat on the beach for a while. Meg and Dex went in for a paddle and Meg got soaked (as usual).

On the way home, we stopped in Norwich at the Chinese buffet for tea. The girls loved it. I have to say that we don't very often go out together for a meal but it went really well. They even tried new food....Meg and Nats liked the duck ( until i told them what it was!LOL)

Its yr 10 mock exams this week at school and although it is only Monday , today felt like a couple of days at work!

Friday, May 09, 2008

He's Gone!

Dan Has gone to Wales today ( after his Science SATs) for a week with the school. He had his hair cut on Saturday and has been crazing for me to bleach the top. So here he is in all his glory :)
I am not kidding, he has taken 4....yes FOUR tubs of gel with him!!! Oh and Dex's Linx spray LOL

Its going to be a reasonably quiet week for which i am grateful..although of course i shall miss him. Dex is going to be lost without him.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank hol weekend

A visit from Nets and Rose and then Andrea, Mark and James Saturday :)
Dex finally got hold of a wii fit and I phoned comet and told them what to do with their pre order! He is now addicted to going on it and I have yet to have a go.
Yesterday Dex and Dan went to the last footy match of the season while i re did my craft/ dining room. Although it is alot better and feels like there is more room, i am still not happy with it and have just orderd some more storage.
Today , baking, tidying and laundry. Dan is staying at school tomorrow night and is also off to Wales for a week on Friday :) :)
Year 9 SATS start tomorrow and i am a prompt for one of the pupils i support in two maths! Its really boring as you have to watch the whole time and cannot do anything else.
Theres yr 10 mocks followed by yr 11 GCSE's till almost the end of term now and we have to cover nearly every exam.