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Monday, September 28, 2009

Megan's Homework

Now she is in yr 10, Meg has chosen her options for the next two years at school. Many of you already know that all my children have many disabilities/disorders/syndromes- whatever you want to call them. They do all have learning problems as well, but i have to say that in the spring i was really pleased when Meg chose art as one of her options and when her art teacher told me that she would be putting her in for GCSE Art, I almost cried on the spot! This will be the first proper GCSE that any of my children will be taking.
Her homework for this term has been to fill up her art sketch book with : drawings, painting,real things, fantasy,collafe,experiments,pic of things she likes,examples of artist work she likes, unusual papers, fabrics, wool etc..............................Are you excited too? She has made a start but wasnt excited enough about it. So i opened up my craft cupboard, got out the glimmer mist, stickles, embossing powders and die cutting machine...we have a great weekend planned :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Third Post Today !

And a couple more cards. The butterfly one is similar to one I made once before but I LOVE that punch so will not apologise. I punched some paper i decorated with glimmer mists last weekend.
Am aching now as earlier today I went flying ( tripped over) while trying to do too much too fast and landed hard on my knees. Thankfully they are very well padded so nothing broken.

Saturday's Card

This is the last one for the Caardvarks challenge. It has been fun and I have a few more cards _ some have already been used though. I need to make more so will look out for more challenges and inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, go check out Lou's new blog , she makes amazing cards !
The boys have gone to football today ..its a special match commemorating Sir Bobby Robson. I am spending the day catching up with housework and chilling. Already had a visit from Nets and Rosie which was lovely. Meg is still full of cold and reasonably quiet at the mo. The kettle is callling .......

Sunday's Caardvark Card

I missed this one on Sunday ( i found the challenge on Monday) So am catching up today before I do the finally one today. Loved thios sketch and will definately use it again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Caarvark Card

Simple Card tonight no stamping at all, just cut and stick :)
I HAVE been able to have a little play with my new vintage findings slice card that arrived yesterday. I pre ordered it in the summer and forgot it was due , so a nice surprise.
A busy week at work and today was no different except I spent more of it trying out my new post doing paperwork and answering the phone. Didn't even stop for lunch or a break! But it was enjoyable.
ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!! Have fun

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Card

Most definitely the quickest so far..only started half an hour ago!
Very busy day and then had to pop out to help Natalie find an outfit for a fancy dress party tomorrow night. She chose Maid Marion in the end as that was the most comfortable. You see the most unlikely people in fancy dress shops LOL I heard a "Hello Miss Jones" from an ex pupil I think he was getting a pirate outfit. :D
Right a hot drink and then bed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesdays Card

A Bit later tonight ( Sorry Nets!) as i didnt sit down till quite late . Anyway It started off nice and simple but as usuall I kept adding! Again rubbish light and you cant really see the FAB sprakly paper I made at the weekend with glimmer mists and a Tim Holtz mask.
Off to bed in a min as i am Shattered ( for a change).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday's Card

For the Caardvarks challenge. Again rubbish light for photo :(
I DO miss the lighter nights! and its getting cold in the mornings too, much harder to get up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Caarvarks Card

Not Happy with it and its a rubbish photo as its so dark now, but its done :) Need to catch up and do yesterdays as i only read about it today Nets is playing along.
Challenge is here( if like me you didn't know about it )

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am In LOVE

With ALL things Prima

These Camelot Roses are my Favs at the moment and i WILL have them! But if you have read my posts from the last few weeks, you'll know that i am broke for a little while.

So i have made my own version...Not a scratch on the prima ones i know but fun to make :)

I have posted the instructions on how to make them in the previous post. My first attempt at online instructions, so please be gentle with me. I am sure that they could be made loads better too.

Making the flowers

The tools: I used my slice with the Noteworthy card and a multi flower punch but you could use a variety of flower punches.

If you use the same tools as me, these are the shapes and sizes.

I cut down into the flower petals on the first two pieces to make the next step easier.

I curled each petal over a crochet hook ( a pencil or small paintbrush would also work)

I used an embossing tool to shape each part into my hand ( again a blunt pencil would work)
All the parts were inked around the edge and glued together with a wet glue.
The finished flower.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Cards

Been playing with paint sprays/misters The midnight blue is cosmic shimmer and the gold is Krylon gold webbing spray..great fun but messy.
Why do weekends go so fast?!! Nearly time for me to think about cooking tea already :(

Ditto last week!

Still getting the hang of new timetable at work ( which seems to change daily as there's just not enough of us to go round!) More expense this week - My car MOT @£200 + ( sort of what i expected ).
Been offered a counselling day course in London - great- but it coincided with ATDML retreat and makes life complicated ( for a change!)..I am sure it will all work out.
I AM spending some of today making cards and possibly a layout and will upload results tomorrow. I DO have to come away from the PC though!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A heavy week

In every sense! Financially - Our fridge died and we had to buy a new one and couldn't afford one as nice :( . Holiday cottage in Cornwall in Aug nx yr want a £700 deposit in two weeks - not gonna happen! I also have my MOT for the car nx Friday..sigh. Emotionally - Cav would have been 22 this week. Physically - back to work and manic, worn out LOL

The above Lo's and cards are for ATDML's September Gallery. I was so pleased to be a guest for this month.
So pleased that it is the weekend! Have a great one :D