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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring cleaning

The living room today. Still got to "do" the TV area...leaving that for today. Manage to get most of the room done the boys don't notice when they get back from football.

Wasn't able to go to my usual crop at Wyverstone today , so , I finished off a LO I started last month. There isn't much journalling on it as the photo says it all and always makes me smile.

Got some lovly stash from AMLT's to day and some yummy baby primas from Nets..Thanks Nets xxx

Friday, March 30, 2007


Yayyy!!! two weeks. I do have some work to do and absolutly LOADS of house work ....but i am not gonna think about that now.
Dex and Dan are off to football in the afternoon tomorrow. Nats is out from 10-3 at Sizewell ..some pamper day for people with disabilities. Meg MAY be going to a party but i don't know for sure till tomorrow..even so , it looks like a lovely quiet day....i shouldn't count my chickens LOL.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yayy Caught up again

With Emily's ACT challenges. Here are the last three weeks:
In no particular order: Inspired by, Note to self ( a Sammy Davis Jr Quote) and The first letter of my name.
Right off to have a hot bath and warm up!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers day

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. (((hugs))) to those without mums.

I was lucky enough to have two boxes of chocs! a candle and some fab earings :) Dex has taken Meg and Dan out for the day and it is lovely and quiet here. Nats has gone for a walk with her boyfriend so it is just me.

A couple of ATC's done yesterday. Sorry the second one is scanned on the squif ( is that how you spell it??)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Where did the time go?? Nothing much to show I am afaid, Still doing ACTs on the UKs forum but i always forget to scan before I post! LOL
My Scrapagogo kit arrived this week ( for April) and I am planning to play tomorrow. Dex has offered to take Dan and Meg to the cinema.
Had LOADS of homework for my NVQ to do this week but got up 2 hours before the children this morning so I have almost done now.
Finished my mothers day workshop at the school this week ..the children were really pleased with their results. The art/textiles teacher is VERY interested in all the "stuff" I do. I have got her to make me an ACT this weekend!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This is my Sis Steph with Dan and its her Birthday today :) old are you again Steph ??? ;)
Catching up :) Have a great day

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My Job is safe :)
I know , i haven't blogged about it but we had a big meeting at school before half term to say that the school was in dire straights money wise and staff would have to go. The head came to our dept and told us all that no ones job was safe ( Had a really miserable half term).
Anyway , some of the teaching staff are moving on or retiring and one of us is able to do another job in the school ( so the SEN dept lose hours) but we don't actually lose anyone .
Just as well really as i have just started a social skills group, a craft club and started my NVQ3 course. I took a drop in money to do this job , but it is the most rewarding job i have ever done and love it .
Hope you are still awake LOL .....back to scrapping , i have a couple of cards to make ;)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emily's ACT challenge

LOL I have forgotten what week it is! The Prompt: Who (or what) do you miss?

It would be really easy to do Cav or Mum so i disided to do a What do you miss.

I miss the 70's as it was my teenage years. I really miss all that glitter..i even glittered my hair !! LOL The lip gloss that looked like you had smeared chip fat all over them , but smelt of mint; Aqua mander, Eau Jeune and just musk perfumes; Big wedge platform shoes, held on by tiny plaited straps; Flared trousers and tanktops; cheese cloth; The disco music, David Essex,Leo Sayer, Mud etc; ...the list is endless (not to mention innocence, no worries,no bills, great health)....sigh

Where did the week go to??

Its madness how the time goes!!

I have been having a go at doing inchies ( as i am taking part in a swop) are a few ..sorry about the photo , i MUST get my camera fixed as Nats is no good at close ups. Steph, they are what they say inch square :)

I looked in my planner earlier and realised that i am out till Friday night :( ..Two evenings and one morning doing training ( for school) and the rest of the time at work. I am making the most of today to catch up and also do a bit of scrapping.
Poor Nats is still not able to get her shoe on , and so is still off Collage and not able to go out ....she is really fed up , especially as her foot doesn't hurt so much now , just still swollen and an awful colour.
My darling children have been awful all weekend with Megan taking the Gold for attitude..Grrrrrrrrrr. I don't know if it is High school, Hormones, her Diabetes or just that she is foul but she is really tring all of us at the mo.
Right off to do some work ;)