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Monday, February 26, 2007

back again

Two recent LO ..My scrapagogo DT LO for February. The girls are all now at high school and growing up far too quickly!

A LO done for Nets And Raymond. I stole this photo from a forum so i have to give it back. The journalling circle has been left blank for them to fill in.

I am halfway though another , started at Wyverstone on idea when i will get chance to finish it this week.

Catching up

With Emily Falconbridge's challenges

last weeks prompt : Shoes............

Ok they are Boots but i LOVE Them!!LOL

When people meet me , they see a short , round , be speckled old ( ish) ,girly, woman.......Inside, i am tall, skinny with looong legs ,wearing tight and bright leggings, probably with dreadlocks and i wear these boots !!!!!! :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


On Nats Foot.....sorry if you have just eaten. I am amazed at how well she is. Nats has a VERY low pain threashold, but it able to walk on it and even bear her weight. The Doc pushed and pulled and prodded her foot and ankle and she said it was sore but that was all. She has passed out when having an injection.

Had a lovely day at Wyverstone yesterday and managed to do some scrapping..will up load when i have shown Nets first.

Now need to catch up on washing etc :(

Friday, February 23, 2007

This Week

I am So tired!
I started a craft club at school this lunchtime. We are making concertina books/cards for mothers day. It went quite well but could have done with a few more. They were all very excited and keen ,so i expect there will be more next week. The sampl;e i made for them is above.

Poor Nats fell badly on Weds and has hurt her foot. The Doc says he has't seen a bruise like hers for a long time :(..It actually looks worse than this. This was taken yesterday and it has spread since then. She seems to be in little pain and can hobble about quite well. The doc said it would possibly take months to heal though.

Am off to Wyverstone to crop tomorrow, haven't been since OCTOBER!! I hope i can remember what to do ..ohh yes shop!! LOL!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New year!!

Nearly forgot .......新年好

Happy Birthday Dex!!

He DOES like the card i made for him ...really "snigger" It is a scraplift from Suzy B on UKscrappers ( hers is Gorg!!)

He has been playing with his present ....a game for his PSP !!! Yes he IS 48!

Back to work tomorrow but i am starting my NVQ3 course in the morning first. In the process of checking the childrens stuff ...ready for the morning. I prefer to be at work but the organising is such a pain and i cannot trust the children to sort them selves out. Ahh well i am sure i am not alone.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back again !!

Meg has been making a bracelet with me and we finished it off this morning. sorry if the photo is a little blurry.
This is going to cost me isn't it!! She has already "helped " me order more beads so she can do one for a friend LOL

Happy Valentines!

Here is my effort for Dex..He hasn't seen it yet coz stupidly i thought it was Valentines tomorrow and was going to do his card today..As it , i have only just finished..just a re do of my ATC really. Dex is off on his way to Norwich with Dan , as Dan it desperate for new clothes..sports clothes are the only ones that fit at the mo as he is getting so tall but staying quite skinny ( exactly like Dex used to be...mum always used to tell me to take him home and feed him!!...ohh if she could see him now! LOL)

We are about to do his Birthday card next ( his Birthday on Sunday )

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Week 6

Of Emily's challenge. Prompt: Love ..a bit OTT :)

Look what the postie brought

Sorry it is a little over exposed but if i try to darken it at skin looks dreadful !!LOL

Meg has taken a liking to this and we looked a Jaq's website " a string of beads" ..sorry i am useless at links! I told her that maybe she could have one for her birthday in April.

Anyway this is The Valentine Dollybead and i love it...i have a habit of playing with my jewelry and it is just right for this LOL

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Week Five..ALREADY?!!

Isn't she beautiful.!!Happy Birthday Darling little sis! Hope you have a wonderful day . Remember you are ALOT younger than me.

Lol doesn't time fly! My ACT for Emily's challenge. Prompt: use some ephemera from your week.

I bought a filing cabinet as i am sick of piles and plies of notes and paperwork everywhere. When you have children with educational statements, regular hospital appiontments and social workers, the paperwork just mounts up LOL ..They each have a drawer and DEX and i have one to hide our bills in LOL!...Guess what i shall be doing over half term!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week Four

The prompt is : a symbol you love...mine is a white rose...I read somewhere that it symbolises pure, spiritual love. I take one every time i visit Cav and Mums grave.

Dad is now home. He came home on Thursday and i have been round a few times to check on him , do his washing ( the carers don't do that!) etc. I found him cooking yesterday!! He is not supposed to !!! I am really fed up with the hospital and social sevices ..i don't think the care package is enough. I still have a list of stuff that i need to sort out.
Dan, Meg and myself have all had head colds..i am feeling better but went to bed at 8pm on Fri night ..unheard of LOL.
Nets and Rose came round to see us yesterday. Rose can now say "SoooOOO!" Lol sounds so cute.

Been Tagged ..twice

So here you go 6 weird things about me ( or not so weird if you know me!!)

1. I didn't swear until i got married ( not a joke!) I was VERY prim and easily offend, also very shy. What can i say..i have turned in to a fish wife!! ( sorry any fish wives reading this ) . I also have two children with Tourettes who does have a swearing tic , although not so bad now .

2. I LOVE books and hate to give them away ( even though i will only ever read them once) , I even love the smell of new books. This is something i can remember from childhood. Addicted to stationary shops ( even before scrap booking ).

3. I sometimes forget how old i am and am surprised when i look in the mirror! ( I have a sneaky suspicion that i am not the only one who does this!)

4. My fingers are double jointed.

5. I NEED to spend sometime completely alone each day..even if it means that i have to stay up late when everyone else has gone to bed.

6. I am a VERY big Darren Hayes Fan ( Hah! bet you didn't know that!!) I LOVE his Lyrics..often feel he has written whats in side me ..yup that's weird!!

I am sure my sisters will know LOADS more, but that's all you are getting for now !

Now who to most have probably been tagged...will get back to you.