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Friday, February 29, 2008

Almost March

Already!! I am not complaining as I love Spring and summer is even better. Its still a bit too cold for me though.

I am off to Wyverstone crop tommorrow and even better, Nets is coming too :) It's been ages since I last went.

Meg has been nagging me to cut her hair for a while now. She hates having it tied up for school and getting the tangles out every morning. So, after almost 20 yrs, i finally splashed out on a NEW pair of hairdressing scissors (don't faint Steph!). You can get proffessional ones online now :)

Anyway, here's the before and after photos. Got to do Nat's sometime over the weekend too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a looooooooong week!

Always is after a holiday. The children always seem noisier and ruder. I have been quite grumpy today at work. Sometimes i am sure my own children ( with all their problems) are better behaved!! Then i come home LOL
We have a meeting with the head and all other non teaching staff about the future of the school tomorrow. After last time, i am not looking forward to it as it will probably effect staffing and our jobs in some way. Keep everything crossed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Dex

Hope its been a lovely day. At least it was peaceful as we were all back at school.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two LO's Today

One for March's ScrapaGoGo DT (so i can't show you) and the one above. I used the background card from the Feb GoGO kit , it had little holes where the scallop edge is but I used the dew drops that Nets gave me. The papers are Daisy D and K and Co. Unfortunately I cut off the red velvet ribbon along the edge with the scanner. Ohhh and i pinched the photo of me from Clare Brown's blog. She took it at ATDML retreat in November and i quite like it.

Back to School tomorrow

And work for me. I don't mind ..apart from the layins to 8.30am LOL. Just got to iron the uniforms. The children are now a bit bored though which means that they are winding each other (and me) up.
I am still on the look out for another course, I am begginging to think that the only way I can boost my wages IS to train as a teacher...that would mean I would be 50 (at least) by the time I had finished. :( I really want to work with the behavioural team in the school.
To start with i am going to take my maths exam ( as I didn't get an o level at school ) Belive it or not , I DID get English even with my dreadful spelling.
BTW this is how I was taught to read and I think, why I am so bad at spelling.
Dan did really well yesterday at the swimming gala, coming in first and second in his races. Dex was really impressed with his swimming. Dan has been told that if he can brush up on his technique ( sorry spell checker is not working on blogger today !) he could make the school team.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Photos

From yesterday. Nets and Rose popped in for a visit :) Rose let me take a few photos.

Today Dex and Dan are off to a swimming gala in Lowestoft. Poor Dex has only had a few hours sleep! Dan in is two events, one in the afternoon and one early evening ( freestyle and backstroke). They won't be back till about 8pm tonight. Dan is really hyped up !!

The girls and I are off to find a prezzie for Dex birthday on Monday :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

:D No scrapping today..been lazy and not done much. Dex bought me a Card with "Soo" on it and a Rose and chocs and best of all John Barrowmans Bio.

I did do some cooking ..made flapjacks but I altered the recipe and although they taste yummy, bannanna,maple syrup and walnut flapjacks fall apart.

Also cooked steak and choc cake for tea.

Half term is going too fast!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick update

Dan has just walked in ...nice and early and its not dark. He didn't do any of the things i asked him not to ....shame i didn't say .."don't go to the shop and buy a big bag of choc eggs"! LOL
We had a chat and he says he understands why i do not want him going out of the town just yet....Love him!!
Now where is Megan???!! LOL

Off Out

Tonight for a nice quiet meal and then shopping. We have a carer coming ay 6pm till 9pm. The children has been fighting most of the day so i will not miss them!!

Dan is becoming a problem, there's not many peoplr for him to hang around with and he is already bored with playing football. He has a friend ( also with learning peoblems) who is 20 and of course is not really responsible. I don't like him being with Dan ( who is 14) but its not so bad if its a group of them playing football. Anyway, this "boy" calls for Dan this afternoon and they want to go swimming 5 miles away. As it was already 2pm, i said no it was too late. then they want to know if they can go to the boy's house to play with the i say no ..THEN they want to go to a snooker club !! I feel awful saying no but it is not local and if there is a problem, it would be difficult for me to get there quickly. Dan has lots of "problems" and i feel safer if he is in Eye ( where we live). I know he just wants to be more independant but i just don't trust this boy. Anyway, he is out ( god knows where ..just hope he is near by and NOT gone off!!) Ohh the joys of teenage boys!

Made some Easter cards today with images from the "hug club" Sorry scans are a bit blurry and bright !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cooking today

First i made some Chibatta rolls for lunch , followed by some plain cupcakes with a little butter icing ( made with natural icing sugar).

Just printing off some photos to scrap later.

All children out and Dex in bed ...nice and quiet here :D :D

Monday, February 11, 2008

And another

LO that is. I had to wait till everyone had gone to bed to finish it though. They are all so demanding!! and noisey...nice and quiet nice :) :)

The Lo is of Meg wearing her new cloths that she got for such a good school report..cost more than i wanted really but she needed some new clothes anyway.


Well half term anyway :)

Kids up late ( lots of fighting though ) and outside to play coz it is a lovely sunny day.

I have done very little, managed a LO of Meg today. New scanning softwear means i have to scan it in 4 times ...might go back to using the old soft wear ! LOL

Going to have to do some cooking tonight so that Dan doesn't eat everything in the house!! He has been out all day but popping back every so often for food...i don't know where he puts it all as he is like a stick insect.

Dex car had to have some work done on it today really is on its last legs!! Mine is not much better.

Off to cook tea then...chicken curry tonight.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beautiful Day

The sun is shining yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
It makes SO much difference.
I can smell Dex cooking a late breakfast/brunch in the kitchen. The children are all busy and its peaceful ...doesn't get any better on a Sunday morning ( yes i know it won't last LOL!)
Gave up on looking for a new scanner and installed the multi function thingy thaty i bought when i got Dan's laptop last year. So i am very posh and have two printers attached to PC now. Have updated my scanning softwear ( to scan 12" x 12") and just need a bit of time to practice.
It is half term here, so i am hoping to do a bit of scrapping especially as i have no homework or lesson plans to do.
We have no plans, just rest this week. Dex was great and took Meg to the diabetic clinic last week so, i don't have loads of hosp appointments that i normally have when there is a break. We have increased her insulin again.
We watched Atonement on DVD last night..WOW what a sad film!
My little Sisters Birthday Today....don't think she reads this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!! anyway :D

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ohh Dear!

I think i have ruined my scanner as it is still scanning with thick stripes down it. I did manage to spill a glass of wine on it yesterday but thought i had cleaned and dried it all off :(

The list of "bits" i want for my PC is getting longer: New moniter ( mine weighs a tonne) , an external hard drive ( for photos, images etc) and now a scanner.

The LO above is of Megan's latest school photo and also has a letter included from school about her great report :) I used some of Kay Miller's school elements from her "school rules" digi kit.

Finished my very last piece of work for my course and got my folders ready to hand in tomorrow. Its finished!! Done.
Hopefully i shall have more scrapping time now :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here's one I made earlier

I have done a couple of LO but they are for Febs ScrapaGoGo DT.
So here is a Lo that i did at the ATDML retreat with one of my Fav scrappers teaching the class...Clare Brown.
I don't know why the photo has scanned with lines down it ..i think it needs a clean!
Loved getting messy with paints for this.
Off to have chineese and watch primeviel.
Will be back later as blogger won't let me upload ATM!! Typical!!