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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Half Term.

Couldn't have come too soon. Its so nice to relax, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job but am so worn out at the moment , mostly with stuff in my personal life than work. Anyway, I intend to do very little :D I made a couple of very simple cards last night to get me started for the dreaded Christmas.

I promise I DO make an effort but am not a big fan of Christmas anymore. Mum died at Christmas, I remember dad in hospital not knowing who we were on Christmas day.
LOL the fact that my cooker packed up on Christmas day last year just compounds it !

Anyone know where I can get some more of these fab metallic Making Memories Butterflies?
They were part of the Wyverstone kit yesterday that Kirsty taught.

Aren't those alphabet stickers Gorg too?!

Sorry Nets Scrapped more of YOUR photos!
Isn't he adorable? He let me take a photo last night before he And Derek went to a 40Th Birthday party last night. Dan doesn't get much chance to socialise and as he knows all the people Derek works with, i thought it would be nice for him to go along and there were other teenagers going. When he came home, he popped in to see me ( i was in bed by then) to say " I had the time of my life mum" SOB!...... I forget that kids his age are out nearly every weekend ( as i was) and he has so little opportunity :(
Right , as they are all still asleep , I shall make the most of my time alone :) :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fourth Layout

To use this sketch, which i LOVE :)

Here is my effort. I am such a slow scrapper though , not sure I'll get much more done as i still have a Roast to finish cooking and clothes to get ready for school tomorrow. Thanks so much Pencil lines for giving me back my MOJO and keeping me happy this weekend xx

Next One

I used the Layout rather than the sketch to copy completely. Mine however looks nowhere near as good. I DID have fun doing it though as it is not my usual style of scrapping. My husband thinks mine is a mess and i am inclined to agree!

I even used similar photos as the theme fitted Megans Art marathon over the last few weeks.

I do like this bit :D

Thanks for looking .

Pencil lines Challenge Two.

To use this sketch.

I found some GORG prima paper and those large page pebbles fix exactly.

I finished this yesterday but it was far too dark to photograph.
On with my third layout!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Challenge -Shimelle

Over at Pencil lines the first challenge was to find an old Layout and update it. Here is my VERY first layout from over 6 yrs ago. I seem to have only had card and stickers in those days :) Next, i turned it into a sketch ( very rough)

My sketch

The close ups

Updated layout .

Off to look at the next challenge. As i am so slow , i doubt i will get all of them done though.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yessssss its Friday!

My MOJO has been missing for a while now. I have made a few cards but no Layout for at least a month. Hope to get it back this weekend over at Pencil lines Anniversary online crop :)
I tried to save the blinkie thing but it wouldn't work for me so go have a look here

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Megs Art

Here we go ...very busy all this and last weekend. We still have one more page to do before book in handed in on Monday. She found it very daunting at first, a whole blank book to fill in but now is a bit sad that we have almost finished..she even asked me to make sure she got up early today (on a SUNDAY) to get started. She has had lots of fun and learned lots of new ways of using paint, ink etc and finally now understands that art is not just about ability to draw and reproduce what you see.............................Now i need her to do her other homework.
Don't forget that if you want to see a larger collage, to click on the photo :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!

He was 16 yesterday:D. This is an old photo, must TRY to get him to let me take a few, his hair is twice as long now and 10 times wilder!
Sorry i have been missing, a lot going on personally that i don't want to blog about but has left me ..........................not my usual self and has definitely chased my MOJO away. My fab sis Steph sent me FOUR packs of those fab prima flowers,Nets sent me LOADS of gorg prima bling and i ordered the papers and a few of the new stamps Hopefully i will feel like using them soon.
Will be back tomorrow to share some of Megs art work..we spent all last weekend and most of this getting it done. Six pages to go :)