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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is it Sunday??

I forget what day it is when its holidays!! Dex is working as well and he doesn't normally work Sundays..its a bit surreal! My darling Children are all still zonked as the horrors won't go to bed at a decent time. Dan is now frightened of going to sleep in case he has another fit, so is trying to stay awake!
Well we survived Christmas :) We even went to Nets on Boxing day which was great and out shopping the next day ( what ever day that was!!), That was not so great! Bought Meg a new desk for her bedroom . She is very happy at the mo as she had a laptop for Christmas . Steph, myself and the cust services eventually set up a home network so that Meg and Dan can now use the Internet. Dan hasn't really bothered so far but Meg has an email addy AND of course spent most of yesterday sending me messages from her bedroom. Poor love has learning problems and i am now begging to think she might be dyslexic..very difficult to read some of her messages and even though she has all the right letters , they are muddled up :(
No plans today except dealing with a mountain of washing and maybe/HOPEFULLY scrapping :)
Spending new years Eve with little sis Andrea and family, playing games and drinking..don't even have to drive home asits walking distance yayyy.
If i am not back before....Have a wonderful NEW YEAR and i hope it brings you peace and joy :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas
Hope you all have a wonderful day !
We got off to a shaky start ..last night Dan had a fit and Meg had a hypo..i put it down to was about 2.30am before we eventually settled down.
Everyone is now playing with presents or watching TV a nice quiet time. We are having a cooked tea and salad for lunch so i have plenty of time to cook. xxx

Friday, December 21, 2007

3 more days

of madness and then we can relax ( lol).
Went back to work on Weds, shouldn't have but didn't want to miss out on anything. I love the women i work with, they were SO nice !!
I had been thinking of dad quite a bit recently , we always saw him at Christmas and last year spent the day in hospital with him. We saw an advert for Ferreo rocher and Dex laughed at how dad always bought me some every Christmas. Anyway, going to bed the other night i took the house phone up with me for Dex to phone me in the morn. I looked at the screen and it read"dad" ..i must have pressed the fast dial button .........then at school on weds while clearing out my locker ( i am a hoarder!!) , i found in a plastic bag, a box of ferrero rocher, no card or anything and no one would own up ( i hadn't told anyone about dads pressie either) ...COOL :)
Mum died 9 years ago this week too but its nice knowing they are still around :)
Have done most of my present and food shopping online this year. Just need to pop out for veg on Sunday.
I am still feeling under the weather and am now coughing, especially at night, so its just as well i don't need to go out and spread my germs.
Really pleased as i managed to do a LO for Jans ScrapaGoGo kit to day ..the papers are lush and i have even bought more for when i have used this lot up LOL

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally got caught

by the bugs going around and am off work for the second day. I HATE being off, i feel so guilty! I am missing our Christmas meal tonight too. Ahh well at least i should be OK again by Christmas.
Dan has his Christmas disco at school tonight so is staying for tea, Dex is picking him up at 9pm so they won't be back till at least 10.30. I had a phone call from his school this morning saying that he can stay over on a Tuesday night from Jan. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy ! He does D of E on a Tuesday so that will be great and means i won't have to drive for 2 1/2 hrs straight after work to pick him up.
No scrapping but i got my order from from Ellison yesterday and am really , really pleased with the sizzix dies i got ...would normally cost over £100 instead of £30!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Spent most of the day cooking. Made sausage rolls for Dans school party tomorrow and some for us. Made mince pies and Chocolate meringue pie for tea. As well as reorganising the living room so I could fit the tree in and the usual washing etc. Now worn out. Had a sore throat all day too :(..........Just in time for Christmas!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

HA! See i was RIGHT (as always ;))

CONGRATULATIONS again Steph ......for WINNING woman of the year at one account!!!
ner ner ner ner ner

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Proud of you Steph!!

One of my Fab sisters, Steph has just been announced as the One account's "Woman of the Year" ...Will always be to me :) :) You certainly desreve it as you put in 110% whatever you do !! Pic is of Steph cuddling our BIL Mark.
Okay, Okay edited to say NOMINATED as "Woman of the year" ..cept as far as i am concerned you have already won !! ( nicely saved :) :) )

Saturday, December 08, 2007

For Jan

Karen has already said all in my heart i couldn't have said it better. Rest in peace sweetheart and my love and thoughts to Beth and Dom.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And breath........................

I feel like i have been running all day ( i was for some of it! LOL) Spent half the day running round for pupils. The other half in a meeting about our disability equality plans.
I do two days "on call" at school , which means I carry a mobile phone around with me and am called at anytime i am needed when a child we support in a wheelchair, needs the loo. There has to be two of us in there to help ..i won't go into details ! Anyway it is usually at the most inconvenient time. I went to year 9 RE this morn , only to find teacher out and no cover. So I have to take the class, its bigger than ones i have taken before and they are mostly difficult pupils LOL .... yes I had to run out, get the teacher next door to watch while I answered the call. The pupils thought it was highly amusing ( as they have no idea what i do ). Anyway the day has been like that most of the time. Ending with doing CPR my first aid training this evening LOL.
I am hoping for a quieter day tomorrow.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Just aren't long enough!!! I belive i said the same last weekend LOL

Got all my stuff done ..just!

Had a visit from Nets and Rose

Did some card making with Dan, well he did the making bit. He is doing Duke of Ed award at school and this term they are making christmas cards. He was supposed to stay behind after school on Tuesdays but i would have to drive for 2 1/2 hrs ( there and back) to pick him up straight after work. So we are allowed to do them at home. I am sending in photographic evidence LOL. He is quite good :)

Next term he is doing safety in the home ..another we can do at home.