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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane Retreat

 I am not great at remembering to take photos - probably because the time just flies by and I forget.
My room - Fab- I do have to say that it was not as great as last year - the rooms on the third floor are definitely a bit better but, I am not going to complain as the view was lovely and I even had two double beds to choose from.
We left ( Annette , Sarah and I ) on Friday afternoon , traveled for about an hour to arrive at Stoke By Nayland Hotel. We had a lovely relaxing meal in the bar before we checked in and unpacked our "stuff".

 Saturday nights tea. Yummy food , lots of wine and staying up till  late creating :) 
I Love these ladies, I haven't laughed so much since the last time we were together.

 Very posh prawn cocktail, followed by sausage and mash and cheese cake.

 The view from the room- hard to believe its almost November!!

 One of the classes - Jane Hewitts Christmas mini book ( a work of art!) 

AND to top it all...the shop :) :) - heaven.
VERY sad to leave at tea time on Sunday and really upset with the service at home- I had to get my own breakfast and then go to work this morning !!!!

Love Soojay xxx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dan and ADHD

I was talking to someone about ADHD recently and about how Dan is so much Calmer nowadays- even with out any ADHD meds. We stopped them when he was diagnosed with nocturnal Epilepsy. The doc was very keen on him taking medication for that so we slowly stopped the clonodine  ( he didn't take ritalin as he also has Tourettes and Ritalin can sometimes make tics worse) So now he just takes the minimum dose of Tregratol to stop him "fitting" in the night. 
Anyway the tics are quite small at the moment and don't seem to give him too much trouble- they get worse when he is worried or excited about anything. I have spent his whole life keeping everything as clam as possible for him.  We HAVE had tough times- school exclusions, holes punched in doors ( quite a few doors actually). Lots of friendship problems although the little kids stopped taking the mick when he got taller ;)

 I took some photos of him on his 18th Birthday . He hates having his photo taken but think that more of and age thing- I don't know many boys who like to sit to have their photo taken at his age. I took half a dozen but he was getting very bored- I guess the play station ( even now at 18 , he is not allowed to play violent games, just sporty ones) or maybe Facebook ( i am a friend and know his password) 

He had gone before I realized Ha Ha Ha - there are occassional times i forget the ADHD - but he reminds me :) Love him!

Love Soojay xxx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Hair

Not as purple as I had thought it would be but Meg is Very Happy with it .
The light is not so good now and the little madam would not pose but continued to play on the X Box.

It does shine "purple" in certain light. I hope the roots dont grow though too quickly as it is a job I Hate doing!

I am off on a nice long weekend retreat tomorrow. The ATDML retreat at Stoke By Nayland - one of my fav hotels. This will be my fourth time there and fifth time staying - almost a home from home :D
I have 5 classes booked and as I haven't done a scrapbook page for AGES, I am really looking forward to it. I am also really looking forward to having my food cooked for me (Amazing food too) and having a bath without an interruption.
Back to the real world on Monday - half term over.

Love Soojay xxx

Dying Megs Hair

Cyber Purple!!!
she has is Dk Red usually but wanted to be more dramatic. This will work! We needed two boxes as she has SO much hair!. Will be back later with the finished result.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What A FAB week!!

 My Darling Sister, Annette, and I went to the big city on Wednesday afternoon to see Darren Hayes
This is us arriving at Liverpool street station.
 Yes we were very Happy :)

Unfortunately I was too happy to be taking photos!! We did quite a bit of walking about and jumping on and off the tube. We also have a fabulous Japanese Meal ( my first) .

The Show was Brilliant!! Darren was amazing . His new Album is out Tomorrow and mine is pre ordered :)

On Tuesday night ( sorry I am not posting in any order!) I took hubby along to the school music evening - he had never been before. I warned him that he would be "blown away" by the talent and I was right :) Here is a link to just one of the performers Matt Palmer . Just Brilliant! Check it out.

Now on half term holiday for a week - yayyyyy . 
On Friday I am off for a nice long weekend at ATDML Retreat (again with Annette and LOADS of Fab ladies) . I promise to remember to take more photos :)

I have spent the weekend catching up with card making for design teams - no guilt as I have the whole week to clean and tidy and do the boring stuff.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quick Update

 Already on Chapter four of this one - The latest book by Nicholas Sparks. I love all his books but am trying to take my time reading it . I do have another book in the wings ( It will soon be half term) 

This one is the first of three books , so , if I like it, It should keep me going for sometime. Will let you know.

Off To London on Wednesday to see Darren Hayes...I am SO excited ...It's been four or five years since I last saw him live. Going with My Sister Annette...Can't believe its only three days !!!!

Not seen any really good DVD's recently but TV is getting better , especially now Merlin and Waterloo Road are back.

Derek, Dan and Meg are at my sister Steph's today...hopefully giving her a big hug from me. She is doing ok at the moment, the big news is that she has managed to put on half a stone recently.

Back to the laundry then......

Love Soojay xxx

Blog Candy!

Bev Has three lots of FAB candy over on her Site HERE Go Check it out

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy 18th Danny

 Getting this boy to have his photo taken is as rare as hens teeth! And smiling too-Wow!

We have had a quiet day at home, he bought himself a new smart phone with birthday money - I am so glad as it means i can actually contact him now! We bought him a fab Lenovo touch screen PC and while it cost quite a bit, I don't mind. I suppose because I know he won't be taking driving lessons like a lot of boys his age. Quite apart from the ADHD, he also has epilepsy.
Anyway the boy asked for burger and chips for tea- sometimes i do love his simple tastes _ nice and easy :). 
I had better get to it.

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, October 08, 2011


 Did you guess that it was a felted bowl?

 I really enjoyed my very first attempt at any form of felting yesterday in Sudbury. 
Katie Walker has been doing this for sometime and is a wonderful and entertaining teacher. She was VERY patient and generous with me and gave me loads of inspiration.

 Green is my favorite colour, so i chose that as the main with wisps of blue , lime green and white.
I am sure I have not finished yet though as I am itching to embellish with some seed beads and a tiny bit of stitching.

Katie wastes nothing, so i kept the bit i cut out at the top to use later. I want to have a little go at some needle felting and this is ideal to practice on.
I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head now - just wish I had a few more hours in the day!!

I shall pop the photos of "the beginning of the process at Katie's workshop once I have pinched them from the school's network- ohh did I tell you it was a school trip? 

Love Soojay xxx

Can you tell what it is yet???

 My very first attempt at something new - taught by a very talented lady.

I can tell you that the next stage involves a sharp pair of scissors, a bicycle pump and a tumble dryer.

Watch this space ;) 

Love Soojay xxx