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Saturday, July 25, 2015

They're Back!

 This is the second pile of washing - first already in although its been pouring for about 24 hrs now - May have to shove it in the tumble dryer.

For a whole week , the living room - in fact the whole house has been reasonably tidy - ahh well .
They had a horrendous journey back from Cornwall yesterday - It took them over 12 hrs!! Loads of traffic queues and awful weather.
I will add some of thier photos later in the week.

Love Soojay xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

schools out!

Now on a break from school till September. I am SO tired! Looking forward  to getiing organised, decorated and tidied up. A few days out and lots of relaxation .
Hubby , Dan And Meg have been in Cornwall since Friday last week and they return in a couple of days. From all the photos, it looks like they are having a wonderful time. Nats stayed home with me ( I had to work) and have friend over, so has also enjoyed herself.

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Result

Its Her own photo - Dunno why it has to be half a face but anyway - here she is - STUNNING 

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Part 2

 We seem to be happy with the colour. Need to scrub the stain from hairline though.

 No before shots from dort No1 I cut a good 2" off as it was getting difficult for her to manage.

She sufferer's from Trichotillomania- google it - it's not that uncommon. New parting to hide small bald patch.

 Next we need to tackle the eyebrows

 A little tamer.

 A cool cucumber face mask and Relax almost ready for her holiday .

Just gotta cuts Son's hair but maybe tomorrow .

Love Soojay xx

Hairdressing and Beauty therapy - Part 1

 Most people I know, know that I trained to be a hairdresser in 1976 and a Beauty therapist in 1979. 
I tried to give up in 1982  but was the station barber at RAF Aldergrove until 1985 and since then has always cut and now coloured my families hair.

 When Megan turned 16, she was delighted to find out what my former career was and always puts me to good use!! She has has red hair fort a few years now but thought a change was due and came home with some slightly purply dye .  Unfortunately because she chooses such vibrant colours, they do tend to fade, even with the small fortune we spend on her hair products.

 Roots done  and 25 mins later ..

 All one and we wait ...the bit I hate the most - washing it all off - kills my back in our piddly bathroom.

Not quite Dry - Will photo graph when it is.

Have also shaved hubby's head and cut Dort No1 but she has dissapeard.
still have Son's hair to do ( if he EVER gets Up) . For me now ....a bath !

Love Soojay xx

Garden update

 Just a quickie- things are slowly growing - here is my herb pot next to the back door - I LOVE basil .

 Some of the pots 

 The baby tomatoes that we grw from seed are coming along nicely.

We replaced the ones that Dex killed ( by over feeding) but they will be a bit late now - hopefully the weather will be kind.

 My pretty white hydranger just starting to flower- its a bit twiggy , so I MUST remember to cut it right back this Autumn.

 Some of Dex sunflowers
Some more

 My job next weekend- To remove all this - There is a garage under there AND a door!

Chilli plant - never grown one before - its flowering - we shall see .
That's it for now .
Enjoy a Sunny weekend 

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Meet Lily

 Lily is a tiny owl ( still very young ) . She is as big as she is going to get . Natalie was gifted her adoption on her 30th Birthday by my sister and BIL at the end of April. Natalie was over joyed to finally be going to visit her. Unfortunately when we arrived at  her cage, she was hiding under a large plant. A kind attendant popped her on the perch for us to see her.

 It was a very hot day yesterday , but thankfully there was a lot of shade in there.

After breakfast and a look at all the other birds, we watch a few displays ( photos on hubbies camera) before we went shopping.
If you are in the area, Stonham Barns is a lovely place to visit.

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Miss you dad xx

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Twenty five years ago today, my heart broke.