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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

College Transport Photos

 You are not supposed to smile Dan.. just a normal straight face please.

 Nope that's not it - definately no laughing.

 There's no blinkin hope!!

Ahh - perfect :) 
Now gotta catch your sister :/

Love Soojay xxx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Height of Summer

 I am far too short! But ......I am taller than my sisters (just!) 
I am about 5 foot -maybe - I think i am shrinking. 
The pic above is of me , a year 11 pupil ( of normal height) and my boss.

This is a photo of me , my beautiful niece, her mum , my sister is only 4 foot 10! She is wearing impossible heels but is still taller than me. My hubby is standing next to her- he is very useful in Tesco :0 I even loan him out ( to other little old ladies) to reach stuff on the top shelf.
I will try to get a photo of myself;f with Dan (our son) and hubby - that ought to prove comical.
Even though I am very short, i refuse to be intimidated by taller people - they DO try at school, but they don't get very far ;) I usually tell them that i am twice as tall as they are in my mind :)

This post was inspired by reading some of my friends posts  who are taking part in the height of Summer Challenge HERE

Till next time .

Love soojay xxx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Reaction

Please excuse his chest! It is really hot and he never wears much except shorts most of the time - His ASD makes wearing clothes uncomfortable as well.
He is over the moon with the room and keeps coming up to me to hug me and say "thanks". I know he will keep it tidy (OCD ;)) And he even has the windows open at the moment.
He has not put any poster up yet and says he will leave it for now.
I need to do another room now :(
Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, August 11, 2012


 I have even updated stuff on his PC. He needs a new chair but funds have dried up for the mo.
Hopefully he will like it, its lighter and has a tiny bit more space ( it is a VERY small room)

The windows have been open all week ( he never opens the windows or curtains !!) 

I would love to chuck this in the skip! I would like to get some cube storage with pull out boxes for this t shirts and shorts etc. Dan never throws anything away as part of his OCD he loves to collect stuff - i am in trouble for chucking away a few soft toy dogs that were under his bed but i have been really good and kept most things and even tidied them up a bit - i am sure he will get things the way he wants when he gets home late tomorrow.

The girls - waiting for our Chinese to be delivered. 

I need to do the bathroom and kitchen now!!

Love Soojay xxx

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Boys Room

 This photo was taken six years ago - That awful wallpaper is wood chip and was on the wall when we moved in ,in 1998!!!The skirting boards , door frame and radiator were painted purple and there were fire engines on the wall too. Poor boy- well over due a "do over"!

 Its a small room about 31/2 x 2 1/4 meters but it took me two full days to get that awful paper off.I was worried about what would be underneath. I found a couple of holes and a patchwork of different colours- could have been worse.

 I wallpapered just one wall ( the paper is from Next) and the rest of the walls I pained a soft Grey . With white radiator etc- already looks bigger, lighter and a lot cleaner.

 I LOVE the tab top curtains ( also from Next) 

Just stopped to have lunch and then will be laying the carpet and sorting furniture out- I have a desk , shelves and bedside table to assemble as well as lots of "sorting" or disposing of  as much as I can get away with. I am already in trouble for removing the window stickers. They are home on Sunday so I am well on track :)

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, August 04, 2012


How quickly the time is going!! Already had nearly two weeks holiday :( I have been very lazy just pottering about recharging my batteries.I have read three books and am now half way though the fourth. caught up with the laundry (twice) ...They will keep wearing the bloody Clothes!
Tomorrow will be six months without Steph - I miss her SO much.
Chris (her ex boss) will be cycling 60 miles around the coast tomorrow to raise money for Macmillan Cancer in Steph's memory. Last year her had her cheering him on, I am guessing it will be harder this year. He like Meg, is type 1 diabetic so it is no mean feat. He has raised £3330 so far. How amazing is that! LINK
I shall be busy tomorrow as I have promised Dan that I would completely re do his room - I have exactly one week to do it in while he is away. I am crossing my fingers that there's nothing too awful underneath the woodchip paper already on the wall. It will be fun getting that off!!

Love Soojay xxx