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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worn Out!

I had a lovely day at Wyverstone crop yesterday, although i mostly talked and did very little scrapping. I have a book ready to pop some photos in next week for a friend and i made a fab little 3D cupcake with a Paper pizzaz stencil that i borrowed. I accidentally ordered my own stencil today ooops!
VERY stressful day today as we ALL went to look at a new car for me. The car is just what i want but the children played up big time. We popped into the Range on the way home but they weren't any better behaved :( In fact Nats called us to the customer service counter when she had been to the loo as she couldn't be bothered to look for us!! Ahhhhh.
We have to go back and pick the car up next weekend ( as i didn't have that amount in cash on me)
One more week till end of term...I just wish i didn't have so many appointments in the holiday!!
Am half way though a Lo , will try to photograph it during the week and upload.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nearly forgot

To show you my flowers. Not a great photo though ..i didn't get chance to arrange them till after tea and the light had gone. They are all white pink and purple and smell lovely. I also got 2 CD's a love songs one from Nats with a teddy bear ( that Meg ran off with!) and this Ronan keeting one from Dex.

Happy Mothers Day !

Just One Layout Today..And NOT from a sketch! LOL Using some of my very fav Products, Prima paintable paper, flowers and gems. I also got out my box of paints and finishes and ,after painting the frame, highlighting with stickles and pearls, glazed it with a tea glaze :) Also got to use my new lace punch ,great fun.
The pic is of Me, Mum and Dad about 1961-62 at Gt Yarmouth. Don't I look sulky!
I am not a big fan of Mothers Day since mum died and today has not been great. At least the sun has been shining and I was able to scrap this afternoon.
"Lost "is back tonight, so I shall open a bottle of wine and get the kids to bed early ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

MoJo Holder Sketch

For this week. My St Pats Layout. Sorry the light is naff now.
Natalie was born in N Ireland when we were living at RAF Aldergrove.
We used to go shopping in Antrim and my heart goes out to the families who have recently been bereaved.

Last weeks Sketches Challenge

I am getting behind. This was Monday sketch . I still have two from MoJo Holder to have a go at but i only get time at the weekend and have been interrupted hundreds of times so far!!
At least the sun is shining :)
Might be back later never know!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A quick layout

This is done using the pencil lines sketch this week. I am half way though another and will hopefully upload tomorrow.
Its been a hard week ( what week isn't LOL) Dan was in big trouble at school and is excluded for two days. We have another long chat but i am concerned that it might have something to do with the fact that we are slowly withdrawing one of his meds. The consultant did say that he might have more problems with temper but it needs to be over a period of time before we can be sure. That means he may well get into more trouble :( The good thing is that so far although his tics increased slightly, they seem OK now. The consultant has another type of medication ready if Dan needs it but as he has had to increase the meds for the night time epilepsy, I am not happy about starting more unless it is really necessary and of course we have to consider what Dan wants.
Work has also been hard this week, must be because there is so much going on at school. Some of the pupils seem off the wall too!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Last post this weekend

This weeks "sketches" Monday LO challenge. Used 12" x 12" as i don't do that many 12" x 6" Layouts.

I am SO missing those curls LOL!!

Pencil lines sketch

By the skin of my teeth this week :) I saved some of his curls when they were cut off last week.

Maya Road

I bought a couple of Gorgeous Maya Road chipboard books from Mel and Jill at ATDML last week. This one is for my MIL who was 90 last week ( I am late sending it i know!) I have kept it quite plain as her eyes are not so good and its the photos she will be most pleased with bless her.

I painted each page with White Acrylic paint and then applied another colour using either a brush or baby wipe,used rubber stamps and a little of BG porcelain trim to finish.We have written a message each on the back of the photo pages. I quite like it :). I have just noticed that a gem has fallen off the front cover , so will sort that out....wheres my diamond glaze??
Will hopefully be back will more to show you later.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

Darling Steph xxxx

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wish I had more time to scrap

During the week! Ahh well it will soon be the weekend :)
Steph ( not MY Steph) has some great blog candy to give away.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Cut

I am missing the curls already :(

:( Bye Bye Curls

As I type this, Dan is having a no 2 on his hair. I know i am not the only one to be sorry to see them go . He wanted another Mo but i said not this time as it looks a bit daft when i grows out with all those curls. Will photograph the "New Look"when he gets back ( yes i pinched a couple before he went).

Sketches LO

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunshine Yayyyyyyyyyy!!

Doesn't everything seem better when the sun is shining? I have really missed it .

Can't upload my LO from the Sketches challenge blog tonight as it was already getting too dark when i got home. Above are a couple of close ups (with artificial light). Will try to remember to photograph before school in the morning.

Tomorrow is Dan's annual review at school. He is year 10 now so we will be talking about work placements ( i hope!). He social worker will be there and i need a long chat with her as she is trying to sign him off...not happening if I can help it!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy St Davids Day!

The Sketch

Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday. There was a little sunshine for 10 Min's this morning but it is cloudy again now. I can't wait for the sun ...sigh.

I followed the link on Jakey's blog to Mojoholder and found the sketch above. I used MM papers and kept the LO monochrome to compliment the sepia of the photo. I haven't done many Layouts of my sister Steph ( mainly because we don't see her that often...hint ;)) I Love this natural photo of her.
I would love to spend all day scrapping but have to keep stopping to do stuff. Only 5 weeks til Easter :)