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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Its pouring!! The children, the ones up anyway ( Nats is STILL asleep!) have already been fighting..TV turned off for the rest of the day.Dan sent upstairs. :(
Meg is down here eating a VERY late breakfast( she has been up ages but takes for ever to sort out her blood testing etc!) ................Its going to be a looong day.
Poor Dex is trying to sleep off nights though this too.
Was going to do the gardening today..the furniture needs painting and the patio is desperate for a clean, but i am not doing it in the rain, so i shall be working on DT stuff.
Did the 10 things Dare yesterday, not sure about it but i did enjoy doing it LOL. Found loads of retro fonts and learned how to type in a circle ( thanks Suzanne and padders :))
My ten things were belifes and i pinched lots of Darren Hayes Lyricks as when i first heard them, felt like they were already mine.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rain stopped

For a little while anyway.Dex has cut the grass ( and dads) and gone off to see X-Men with Dan and Meg..Its SOO peacefull here. Actually they haven't been out for ages, so it was about time. I am pottering about cleaning ...finally cleared my desk and can type this without pushing stuff out of the way!
Had a great time yesterday at the Wyverstone crop. Have to say that my heart goes out to Julie ( curtis's mum on Uk's) who's sister has terminal cancer. We had a chat and it reminded me so much of when we "lost" Cavell. I really feel for her.
As usual i chatted too much ( got told off by Ness for swearing too much!!)..Must Stop that!! And spent too much :


These stamps are FAB!! I also got some Cactus pink paper and fancypants big board chipboard too.

Off to have a go at this weeks effer dare and get my scrapagogo Lo's done :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mixed feelings

About half term. Really looking forward to NOT having to get up (and fight with the children to get them up) early in the mornings. Not sure about having my hol with the children every single time LOL ahh well, just doesn't feel like THAT much of a break!
Daniel played football at Norwich city Football ground yesterday and they gave him a medal for scoring a goal. He is as high as a kite today LOL
Meg took part in the Church service ( for the first time yesterday) i wish i could have gone to support her ( as she was VERY nervouse) but i wasn't given any notice to get time off. I told her to think of me telling her she would be fine ..bless her thats whyat she did,,she said " i could hear you in my head mum".
Better get ready for work!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quick update

No photos and i really should be in bed as i'll never get up in the morn!
Just finished my speed scraplift challenge ..really happy with it. That leaves me free all week to get something done with next months scrapagogo kit..i already have a couple of ideas.
Meg had her last photo at primary school today :( She is growing up too quickly!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Anniversary

Was quiet, mostly catching up on the washing etc. Took some photos and Dex was messing about as usuall so i scrapped one of his daft photos. Hes been going round most of the day saying " if i'd done LIFE, i'd be out by now" EXACTLY !! LOL ( i probably would have had a degree so show for it as well...instead of grey hair and 10 inches on my waist!!)..Wouldn't change him though.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Latest Challenge

A Bit Early

Had a lovely suprise this afternoon. It is not our Anniversary till tomorrow ( but the florist doesn't del on a Sunday). We will have been married for 23 years tomorrow :).
Tried to be a bit "arty" with my photograph LOL

Friday, May 19, 2006


Dunno why but just been for a nap ..must be getting old!
Dex went to get his knee x-rayed today but it will be about 5 days before he gets the results. It is very painful at the mo. I told him that he is too old to be jumping out of his lorry!!! His brother had to have a knee cap replaced a few years ago.
Meg is excited as she has two parts in the school play.She seems to have "come out of herself" a bit more this year at school as she would never have signed up for the before.
Dan brought LOADS of photos home from school today of his trip tp Wales. Some are relly good except they are printed onto ordinary paper and the colour cartridge needs replacing. I will ask for a disc to print some off myself.
Should be another quiet weekend, no big plans. It is our Wedding anniversary on Sunday ( 23 years). We have a few bottles of wine and a new DVD to watch.
Looking forward to getting some scrapping done . Have signed up to a speed scraplift on UKs and looking forward to the new effer dare on the pad.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Up early again . I usually get up at 6.30 ( Dan is picked up at 7.40 and Nats at 8)
It is like trying to push mud up a hill to get Meg up in the mornings though!! She really needs to have a blood test and injection 20 mins BEFORE brekki but, in reality, after a long fight, she usually gets up with about 5 mins to spare. This morn was no exception and She did her injection while I brushed her hair and ate brekki in the car on the way to school! I am such a bad mother....sigh.
Managed to be with the most difficult children today ( they don't faze or intimidate me and occasionally I am actually able to get them to work!!) Came home with a bit of a headache though.
Caught up with all Dan's washing..I think he enjoyed his school trip. LOL as soon as he got home on Friday , it was his dad that he ran too. I was really pleased as I am sure Derek thought he would "need" me.
When Dan came home today he whisperd in my ear that he had given his girlfriend a kiss ( he is growing up too fast!!) I did tell him that he shouldn't really be kissing at school but, he said it was alright "we hid up"!! Dex had a little chat with him.
Tonight was the first time he asked to use the phone( to phone Chelsea up), I had to prise it off Megan first.
Did a couple of LO's this weekend. challenges on UK's board. The first wouldn't scan very well as it is so lumpy..looks much better IRL......i LOVE stamping and the challenge was to use only cardstock no PP

The second was to do some journalling 60 words or more...i chose the place we love the most. A bungalow in Cornwall.

Journalling reads:

We don’t go abroad for our holidays with
the children. They all have learning difficulties
and other problems and are on medication.
It would be too complicated. Over the last few
years, we have fallen in love with a place in
Cornwall. In 2003 we found a wonderful
location right next to Praa sands beach.
It is a large bungalow at the end of a private
drive. It has amazing views of the beach from
the main bedroom, living room and kitchen.
It also has some wonderful gardens. Each time
we stay, it feels a bit more like home.
Our dream would be to win the lottery and
move there permanently.
If the children have been difficult or we
are stressed for any reason, all we have to
do is step outside, look at the view and listen
to the sound of the sea. Watching the sun set
over the sea is beautiful. Even watching a
thunderstorm is awesome.
The saddest thing is that the price has risen
So much recently that we have not been able
to afford to go

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Covered in Ink

From playing :) The latest dare on one of the sites i visit, is to do a LO of something that makes you mad. At first i couldn't think of anything that made me really mad. Yes the children annoy me and i get cross (often) but it doesn't last. Then a freind talked about being bullied at work and it reminded me that i can't stand bullies.
I work in a school, mostly with children of a low ability ( they usually have a very low self esteem too). The one thing that can make their already difficult life unbearable is bullies. My own children are often verbally bullied. Natalie is always taunted when she goes to the shops and because of her poor social skills, is unable to deal with it. I do think she is VERY brave to continue to go even though she knows if a particular group of children ( a lot younger than her) will say cruel things to her.
I distressed, inked, crumpled and embossed the following Lo and dedicate it to my friend and my wonderful children ( at home and at school)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You make me feel so beautiful

Well Darren Hayes does :) I am really pleased as i managed to add him to my blog all by myself. (Scroll down to the bottom Steph) LOL
Had another call from Dan to night ..much happier..i could hear his teacher in the background telling to say what a great day they hah had. He is off to a theme park tommorrow ( last day) ..I am sure they will all be fighting again in no time!
No other news really ..a tring day at school been with all the difficult ones today so am a bit worn out.
Did another slightly mad LO for my BOM ( thats book of me to you steffy ;))

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ohh my poor heart.

Just had a phone call from Daniel..a sad, teary little voice
:( Missing us all. His teacher came on the phone so say that Dan had got himself in a bit of a state ( probably fighting) ..and needed to talk. I had to be really brave and "up" for him.
He hasn't been away from home before and i knew it wouldn't be easy. He has used up all the cameras AND all his money . I did think it was mean that they weren't allowed to take more than £10 BUT I was told they would be given a pound a day. His teacher said he was given as much as he asked for and has bought us presants. He is going to loan him some more ( thank goodness..i would have sent loads more!!)
Dan sounded a bit better when he went but I am crying now..just want him home for a cuddle!!HOW the hell can parents sent their children away to school? Thank goodness Dex had already gone to bed as we would have both been crying!! He comes home on Friday. Even Meg , his worst ememy is missing him.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Just a quickie

Was looking at Keisha Campbell's Blog yesterday you have to check it out not sure how else to do the linky thing LOL
Was inspired to do the above LO this evening. I had some card from Janice last week that is pale green with sparkly bits in ( used above) and was able to use up some scraps and Doodle bug paper and rubons. I am happy with the result anyway.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Lazy weekend

Well after last weekend intentions of going out. The weather has been awful, so apart from the usuall boring housework, not done much :)
Have done a couple of LO's . One from my NYOBC kit ( too lumpy to scan ) and a dare....might up load it later.Need to do some ATC's for this months trade.
Meg has been scrapping on and off this afternoon ( as we didn't go out) ..almost finished but she has to stop to watch "the magic roundabout" LOL Bless her. I think she is missing Dan a bit, she is just fighting more with Nats though.
We had a phone call from Dan last night..he sounded a bit subdued (sp??) I just wanted to give him a big cuddle. It is his very first time away. It sounded like he had been very busy, he has already been to a castle, the beach and some slate mines. He has used up two of the three cameras already !!! Typicall
Dex and I spend Friday evening gardening..a bit surreal. I was working evenings last year and was always cross that I couldn't potter in the garen in the evenings. Dex hates gardening but seemed to enjoy himself...isn't it nice to be able to do things together? Meg was stuck infront of the TV at the time and Nats was up in her room so we were able to get on ............lovely :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Dan is off to Wales tomorrow with his school. It is his very first hol away from us! He is really looking forward to it bless him. I had to send in his case all packed and his medication today. I was running about last night trying to find enough pants and socks............ Yes they were all still on his bedroom floor where he had dropped them!!. So I had to wash them and stay up till they were tumble dried!! I really should know better by now shouldn't i??
He had the choice of two types of action packed one or an Educational one. Being hyperactive i was suprised that he chose the educational option. So , he will be visiting Castles etc. I have packed three disposable cameras. He has been quite good at taking photos so we will see. He does have a digital but I daren't send it incase he loses it.
Was a lovely sunny day today :) Heavenly

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A slightly better day

After last night when i found that Megan had got white paint everywhere in her bedroom. All over the carpet ( was scrubbing it though my tears at 10.30 last night), the walls even her clothes. Thankfully after a hot wash and my scrubbing there is very little left to see. I have "grounded" her for the week but I have to say she doesn't seem that bothered!!!
The start of exams at school today. After years of having to put the desks out every night after the sports hall shut at 10pm , I am now sitting behind one as a reader. It wasn't so bad, managed to pronounce of the chemisrty words but it was cold. Tomorrow i am wearing a jumper!! LOL you can tell its Summer term at school as its warmer outside than in. Have been asked to do a talk on enviromental/recycling/energy issues in the school tomorrow!! I will be waffling a bit but the title of my blog isn't for nothing.
Need a little photo of Darren just to brighten up this post ;) Eva , my niece came up to me at school today and said that she is already looking forward to the next concert.She was wearing a VERY smart pair of new shoes form my fav shop ( schuh) , i think i need to go shopping ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Clothes

Had the day from Hell yesterday. We had to go shopping , mainly for Daniel as he has grown out of everything! He is off on his very first school trip on Friday and needed to be kitted out. Megan has also had a growth spurt. As usuall we planned the trip with millitary organisation, as the children just can not cope with change/going out/buying stuff/etc etc. Anyway after a few false starts we eventually got to Norwich , Dex dropped Nats and i off at the new Chaperfield Mall ( my first visit!!) and went off with the other two. Now if you need "casual clothes" and lots of them, i can highly recommend "Sports World" ..I got Dan four pairs of bottoms, three t-shirts and a fleece for £52 !! I have to say that i was very sad to have to buy small mens instead of a childrens size..he is only 12 and already wearing MENS sizes!! :( Anyway managed to get the children sorted and even bought Dex some stuff. Stopped at hotel Chocolate on the way out :) small box consumed in the bath later certainly helped to sooth my frazzled nerves.
The photos are taken while trying on the new clothes..Meg will pose for hours ..i even tried one of Kirsty's angled shots LOL.

Have been "tagged" by Karen:

Five things in your fridge?

Megs insulin
Low fat yougurts..dex is trying to lose weight
wine :)
Veg that really ought to be thown out ...who am i kidding ( kids won't eat them!)

Five things in your car?

2006 road map
Natalies blue badge
Megan's raincoat
change for parking
a spare jumper ??...........boreing stuff

Five things in your bag?

O de lancome perfume
Mine AND Nats mobiles ( both need recharging!!)
A Savage garen CD 9 incase Dex would let us listen to it yesterday in the car,,,he didn't)
Some shortbread fingers ( incase i got hungrey at the crop on Sat)
A flower i cut out of chatterbox paper and lost ( too late now LOL)

Five things in your Wardrobe?

A black and white retro dress ( size 14 LOL) from the 80's
Dex matching black and white waistcoat!!
Loads of sparkly stuff that i won't ever wear again!
A handbag that i made and embellished with sequins and loads of embroidery
In the top bit ..loads of board games.

Five things you would watch on sky plus

any murder mystery
Crossing over ( love John Edwards)
MTV all the channels
the movie channel ( sorry not sure if these are the right kind of answers)

This is my version of Karen ( scrapdolly's CC class last weekend)