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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Strange Times

I thought I would pop back here - I know its been a while and no one will read this, but hey.
We are a week into self isolation - that means no one has been further than the back garden except me and couple of times. I went to pick up medication from the local chemist ( no insulin yet though ) and to collect a food parcel about a mile away. 
Dex has a poor immune system due to the injections he has to take and Meg has type 1 diabetes. Dan and Natalie ( as well as Meg) have learning difficulties , so while they are healthy, it makes them vulnerable.
I printed out a timetable for each of my children on Sunday , with activities scheduled daily  for them, They are doing one or two things but I am not pressing them - life is too short for battles.
We have done crafts and cooking and I am planning on sewing some seeds later next week. Dan cut the grass for me yesterday.