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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Keep Calm and Carry on

 I have lost count of the weeks in lock down - think this is week 7 but might be 8.
This week people were encourage to go back to work if they cannot work from home unless they are shielding. The weather has got warmer over the last couple of days , so i have resumed my walks with Dex. Green is my fav colour.

 We usually walk along Brome avenue and go around the fields using the footpath.

 Two of the four "whirly gigs " in Eye.

 We rarely see anyone else.

 My hair has got long and straggly and the pink is almost gone.

 Phill , dads support worker , brought him some plants to re pot. He left them on the door step.

 A rare pic of Dan in daylight - just to prove he is in fact NOT a vampire!!

I made him re pot them himself and tidy up afterwards. To be fair , he then hoovered Dex's car and washed it .

In other news, Poor Meg has had problems with her tooth, she has a wisdom tooth that is growing the wrong way , pressing on a nerve and has been infected twice.  She was due to have it removed under a general anesthetic at hospital but that got put on hold for now. Being type one diabetic - hospital is nit the best place for her right now. We had to call 111 two weeks ago as she was in pain and refusing to eat, eventually we were able to give her some cocodamol and ibuprofen, this helped. Of course it was the weekend! We called her dentist on the Monday , he said if it was still bad on Weds, to call back and he was prescribe antibiotic. In the mean time she broke up with her 3 month internet BF and was inconsolable. We got the antibiotic and started them last weds. 
Yesterday she said she felt really dizzy and ill and her blood sugars were high - she tested high for key tones so i called the diabetic clinic.   The nurse said to test for key tones and blood every too hours though the night time too. We discussed insulin injections and when to increase. We did that - She was not happy about it and I had to be firm - have you tried to get someone up for a urine test at 3 am ??! Today we are still testing but blood sugars and Key tones are much better , also the BF is back on the scene , so she is much happier - we will see when it gets to 3 or 4 am!! 
thats enough for now - back soon - maybe
Soojay xx 

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