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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Late - Friday Smiles

I promise I WAS smiling Yesterday as we have finally come to half term. I didn't get home until almost 10pm though as we had a music evening , which was WONDERFUL. We have such talented pupils.
So it is now Saturday morning and I managed to get a lay in ( Yayyy) .
I do have loads to do and catch up on - New bathroom installed on Monday.  Gp and dentist appointments ( all boring) . Clearing the garden ready for spring ( I don't do winter gardening :) ). And......... the long awaited ATDML retreat next Friday ...Heaven .

Annie answered some questions and suggested that we also do the same . So here you go:

TIME: 9.50 am Saturday morning.
LOCATION:  I'm sat at my PC in my craft/dining room.
FEELING: Relaxed and stress free as I am on the first day of half term. ( It won't last as I am sure the bathroom being out of action for a few days will stress me - we only have one bath room and there are 5 of us!)
LOVING: Some peace and quite.
READING:  Still reading "the husbands secret" which I might actually get time to finish this week without falling asleep after 2 pages :)
DRINKING:  My first cup of coffee ( which has gone cold so i need a top up ) I will open a bottle of wine this evening as I don't cook on a Saturday ( we have Chinese ).
ANTICIPATING:  Definitely ATDML retreat - I need to get my stash sorted and packed.
LISTENING TO: My play list on iTunes ( especially when hubby is watching sport on TV )
WATCHING:  Hemlock Grove/ the walking dead? the black list is back on Friday
PLANNING:  To tidy and clean - ha ha its never ending. Hubby wants to go out on Sunday so looking for somewhere nice to go.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Spring - I know autumn is pretty but there are too many bugs at school and they can't seem to get the heating right - I hate dark days So definitely Spring .
CREATING: A page or two in my art journal - all new to me so enjoying new products and new ways to use old ones. Tags, Christmas cards ( 100's to do) and mini calenders for work mates( the list gets longer each year!)
NEED TO FINISH:  This post and get on with it all ;)
WISHING:  Definitely for warm sunny days and that we all get though the Winter bug free.

If you would like to join in - pop over to Annie's blog for all the details. Have a great week.

Love soojay xx

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quick Catch up

Watching ...

We really like fairytale/horror in our house which is weird as I hate horror films.
Hubs and I are almost at the end of season one - season three is about to start soon, so we need to get a move on.

 We started watching this one ( it makes me jump a bit though) daughter is already finishing season two ( there are at least 10 seasons)

Reading ....

 Half way though this book on my kindle - its funny as a work colleague has just read it too and recommend it to be and i was already reading it.

 This was delivered last week. I LOVE nick Sparks and have read everyone of his books . Can wait to start on this one.

Days out ....

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the Globe theater to see this. It was an evening performance and we left  straight after school at 4pm and got home at 1.30- I was not that well and I am sure I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have such a bad head cold. It was still a lovely experience.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday smiles

Missed the last two Fridays :( 
I have had stuff to smile about - just been so busy! 
Last Friday I went to the Globe theater straight after work to see "measure for measure" , we got back at 2am and by then I was full of cold. Its well on the way out now thank goodness.

Today my baby boy is 22. I love him to bits. He is such a sweetie. This photo was taken earlier in the year, the facial hair has gone now. He asks for very little and when he is not doing voluntary work or winding up his sisters, is a joy to have around.

Have a great Week.
if you would like to join in with the smiles, pop over to Annies Blog for the info.

Love Soojay xx

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Smiles

The Sunflowers :)

Wow all I can say is Thank heavens for Friday!! Its been a loooong week. Daughters support still not sorted and the SW is on holiday now grrr.
 Last weekend I was busy , went out for a meal and then to see "The curious incident of the dog in the night" (very good!). Took daughter to get some new glasses (vision express - not VERY express as they will take three weeks!) .
I plan on doing the minimum this weekend - that means a bit of tidying, cleaning , laundry and lots of crafting!!
Sooooo I was wondering....

Have a great week and if you would like to join in with the smiles.. Pop over to Annie's blog for all the details.

Love Soojay xx

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday smiles

Not the best week really - trying to get back in the swing of things- you know being a house wife, mother, carer and working full time after 6 weeks off. One of my daughters is now without a support worker so can not go to her voluntary work placement - long letter to social worker ...grrr.
Anyway this is a SMILEY post ... IT's FRIDAY !!! one week down :)
Off to see the curious incident of the dog in the night tomorrow. 
I shall open a bottle of wine to have with my chips tonight.

A joke ( another bad one)

A man visited the doctor.
" Doctor, I have terrible flatulence, I have it all the time.
"Please undress so I can examine you, " said the doctor picking up a long pole with a brass hook on the end.
"My goodness doctor what are you going to do with that!" yelled the man.
The doctor smiled and said: I’m just going to open the window up there.
To join in the smiles (not the moany bits) , pop over to Annies blog for the details  

Love Soojay xx

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Happy Birthday

 Darling Cavell.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ohh no

Someone seems to have taken over my craft room!!
Megan trying out my gelliarts printing mat. hummmmmm.

Love soojay xx