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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Sore Feet!!

 Thursday was year 11 Prom at Whersted Park
It was a lovely evening.

 Please excuse the red face, we danced all night!

 I have very sore feet - even two days later !

Will miss them all


Love soojay xxx

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Painting again

It's that time of year again...where hubby goes to watch a rugby match in Wales ( and visit the family) and I try to get a bit of decorating done.
This time it was our bedroom - just as well he was away ( also took Megs this time) as the bed was out of action - I slept in Megs bed.
Anyway- I had my work cut out - I knew the walls would be awful as i quickly popped some wallpaper over the mess when we first moved in .
 The people who lived here before us had painted ( i use the word loosely!!) a tree and grass and a swing one one wall- It was awful!!

 I am not sure they even used paint as Dan and I were able to scrape quite a bit off and then scrubbed the rest off - leaving just a stain.

 We were both filthy afterwards.

There was even a big hole in the plaster board wall where they had slammed the door open :(
 Looking a little better

This is the "Tree wall" . I also painted the door - I hate dark wood.

I should have bought white curtain poles ( I will get some as i think they will look much better , or maybe silver ones).
Anyway I still have a few things to do ( including getting a carpet , when funds allow) .
Hubby is over the moon ( and so grateful he didnt have to do it ;)).

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taking photos of Meg

 When she was little, she would pose for hours. I could get SO many snaps of her. 
Not so easy anymore :(

 She takes hundreds of herself on her phone to put on facebook. I am not allowed. I just wanted to show her how beautiful she is with a natural face and not that flipping "Duck Face" that they all pull.

 It took me 60 shots to get these- most are her being cross with me .
I had to say the most daft things to get her to smile and laugh.

 The things you do!!
Well i know she doesn't like them - but i think she is truly beautiful.

Good job you can't hear what she was saying to me when she had had enough!!
ahh well.

Love Soojay xx

Friday, April 18, 2014


 An unexpected day off for Derek, So we left the kids in bed ( we did ask if they wanted to come but I can't repeat what they said!) . We wanted to have a walk round - not too far but somewhere we hadn't been to before- So we chose lavenham.
Really Beautiful medieval buildings.

 Pretty windows. It was a lovely quiet day , not too many people about.

 I LOVE this house and the Wisteria growing over it.
 Just Beautiful!

We must have chosen the most expensive place to eat lunch though - not the tea rooms but the Marco Pierre White's Angle Hotel. I have to say , I have NEVER tasted such gorgeous pate before. We will go back another time I think.

Love Soojay xxx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Dex

 Hubby's birthday today. Shame he had to work though.
He asked for a Smash book earlier this year when he saw mine and the girls, to put all his Rugby tickets etc in. So I got him one along with a DVD that he hadn't seen and two Jam speakers for his iPhone.

 As you can see - he was very happy.

This is the cake I made- couldn't resist the pinterest sheep and the instructions were so easy.
I won't leave it so long  next time .

Love soojay xxx

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from the "Jones's"

 Christmas Eve- visits from Annette , Rosie and Raymond.
Sorry spending time catching up so not great photos! Also had a visit from Andrea and Graham  - No photos! fail!!

 Looking forward to morning 

Sending kisses.

 He's been! 

 Poor Dan up in daylight!! Not really with it.

An Owl mug for Nats - who love all things "Owl" ( except the one that often keeps her awake in the tree outside!)

 A Camera For Meg.

 A Rugby shirt for Dex.

 He also asked for a saving pot for a trip later next year.

 Look at the mess!! Meg in her giraffe onesie.

 Dan almost awake now .

 One of my Prezzies 

 From Annette- I have wanted this for sometime - the four of us together forever.

Dex bought my calender for school - the kids will moan :D

 Funny girl.

 An Owl T shirt :)

 Dan wants one now after trying on Megs.

 Who would have thought!

Buffet for tea tonight ( thanks pinterest )
Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas xx

Love Soojay xx

Friday, December 13, 2013

Long Time no see!

 Guess where I went yesterday? I was So lucky to be asked along on the school media Studies trip to Warner Bro Studio...and see the Harry Potter tour.
I really loved it all . Every detail is taken care of.
Here is Harry's room under the stairs.

 The great hall..all decked out for Christmas.

 Snape, Hagrid and Filch.

 Dumbledor's Office.

 I loved all the little details.

 Outside in Privet Drive.

 The Potters house.

 Hundereds and hundreds of props.

 Outside every half hour it snows!!

 Drinking Butter Beer in Diagon Ally.

 A beautiful painting of Dobby - He is there too.

Just a small part of a magnificent Hogwarts model.

There is SO very much more to see and I will definitely go back again if and when I get the chance.

Love Soojay xxx