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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time to catch up

 On Thursday it was our wedding anniversary - 32 years!!
We went back to where we had our reception meal. It has changed hands many times since then . It was nice to see some of my ex pupils working there and nice to catch up with them.

 It was a lovely meal and we were given a romantic booth and an Anniversary card from the pub.

 The outside hasn't changed at all. Still really pretty.

I am on the last haft term of the year this week and have been catching up with tidying - not easy when there are 5 messy adults in the house and you work full time.
 I have also been doing some long overdue tidying of the garden. Some of my furniture is just crumbling now, so new furniture arriving later in the week.

 Dex and I have found this sweet programme and are half way though season 2 on Amazon Prime

Megan Is making me watch this with her on Netfilx - even though it is meant for teens - I am on season 5 now!! opps!

One of my work colleagues recommended this book  "The Yellow World: Trust Your Dreams and They'll Come True" by Albert Espinosa. 
Brief Description 
Albert Espinosa never wanted to write a book about surviving cancer, so he didn't. He wrote a book instead about the Yellow World. What is the yellow world? The yellow world is a world that's within every one's reach, a world the colour of the sun. It is the name of a way of living, of seeing life, of nourishing yourself with the lessons that you learn from good moments as well as bad ones. It is the world that makes you happy, the world you like living in. The yellow world has no rules; it is made of discoveries.
It was nice to read .
I am about to purchase this new album by Will Young - will let you know what i think .

Soojay xx

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Natalies 30 th

Natalie was 30 this week and asked for a party . We hired a local village hall, invited friends and family, threw in a Karaoke and lots of food . 
She had a great time ..there will be more photos later - unfortunately i was too busy but we had a lovely professional photographer with us.

Love Soojay xx

Friday, April 03, 2015

Hair Dying

 I promised that I would dye madams hair over the holiday and as it is her Birthday tomorrow- I thought i had better get it done.

 Not my favourite job as its so messy and I have learned that I need to protect everything! We used two boxes of dye as she has so much hair.

I also have to clean the bathroom as it looks like someone was murdered in there!
Madam did not want her photo taken - sulky horror!

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Almost 20

Next week is Megan's 20th Birthday.
I am so proud of  her , she is such a lovely young woman.
She has had to go though quite a bit in her life already : at five years we found out that she was type one diabetic and that made her different from all her friends. She has speech problems and learning difficulties although she hides it very well. She measure herself up against others and " in her eyes " always falls short.

 Yesterday her BF told her he couldnt handle her insecurity and ended thier relationship.
We have talked and she is now okay with this and know that there will be someone out there who will love her for who she is and help BUILD her self esteem and not destroy it.

 She is stornger, sweeter , kinder, braver and wiser than she she thinks and needs to focus on what is important- the kind of woman she is becoming and not what she looks like.

Most of all she needs FUN and that is what is planned for the rest of the Easter hols.

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sorry - MIA again

Its just So busy at the moment . at least Spring is almost here and the days are getting longer ( hopefully warmer and sunnier too).
I have a couple of birthdays in the horizon to sort out . Meg is 20 soon and Nats 30...Wow how did that happen!?

Yesterday I spent the day at Diss high school helping the girls from the "Girls Group" that Nats attends get ready for a panto they had a couple of numbers in . There were two performances and both were fab.


 sorry photos not brilliant - I didn't want to put them off with a flash.

 They had two numbers ( in case you hadn't guessed, it Willy Wonka ! ).
They were the chickens who laid golden eggs.

 A pose before the second performance . They are all such lovely girls we had such a laugh.

 Take a bow ( note those feet!)

 Finished ...until next year.

Just some of my mothers day gifts- yes I am sharing those chocs ( that's why they bought them! ;) )

I will try not to be so long next time.

Soojay xx

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Half Term !!

 Thank heavens!! It has been a long time coming. I don't intend on doing much just relaxing and pottering about.
Hubby left these for me this morning - he was working last night but is on a break for two days now. 
We took youngest dort to BF's house and dropped her off this afternoon. It will be very quiet without her for a day or so.

 In other news- I finally got my NVQ 4 certificate though and will hopefully be off to London to graduate in the Summer .

BTW I made this for hubby and bought him some sweeties in a heart shaped tin- I love Valentines- Any excuse to spread a little love - A much better holiday to celebrate than a lot of the others in my opinion :)
Its Hubby's birthday n a couple of days so I had better get back to the craft table!

Love Soojay xxx

Monday, January 05, 2015

Trying to be more organised

 I do have a mobile phone and iPad with all sorts of things to help me be more organiseed but sometimes you just need to write it down- I remember things easier if I write them. Whenever I go shopping , I write a list and that is all I need to do - I don't even need to take the list with me.
So santa bought me a new filofax this Christmas - I will let you know if I am any better organised with it- It isnt so big that I cant take it to work with me like my last one.

 I used to print a weekly list outr for us all to fill in but this was so cheap in The works , so no more printing :)

I have put a weekly menu up on the fridge for the past few years- it really does help with reducing the amount of waste as you only buyt what you need (mostly ;)) I found this on amazon for £4 -so I don't need to print a menu out now - there are 52 sheets and a shopping list too . I can see mr buying less ink for my printer at least.

BTW - Meg is so much better - just a head cold now ( like half of England!)

Love Soojay xx