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Friday, August 25, 2017

Ohh dear

Sorry the blog has been a bit neglected- not sure that anyone reads any more though.
Work took up most of last year and the start of this year. I was on my own while my boss was battling with cancer - difficult times. I am SO happy to say that she came back to work after Easter and is continuing to go from strength to strength. I am relaxing a bit more too.
We ( my family and I ) took a two week holiday - the first proper holiday - with out visiting other family, for about 10 years.
We spent a week in Gorgeous Cornwall and a week in Devon.
There were (of course) a few problems - mostly around Megs diabetes. No matter how much you plan ( and I could be in the military with my planning!!) things still go wrong. All were resolved.
Anyway here's a few photos:

 This is the cottage we stayed in the first week - Westaway at Praa sands in Cornwall.
Its a 4 bedroom Dormer Bungalow with a view of the sea from all rooms except the kitchen.

 Praa Sands.

 Dex and I got up at 6.30 and went for a walk on the beach every day that it didn't rain - We missed two or three days.


 We couldn't resist another visit to Trebah Gardens - I know there are loads of other gardens to visit in Cornwall but we just love this place!

 Poor Nats- I made her walk miles!

 Dan ran everywhere ( of course!) He got lost at one point  ekkk!

 My fav flowers.

 A whole valley of them.

 With a beach at the bottom.
 Meg resting - it was a very hot day.

 Meg and I at the house in Devon - Appleacre. A four bedroom house on a Farm , in the middle of no where. Gorgeous house but very limited wifi.

 You COULD get a patchy wifi from the patio.

 Loads of single track road in Devon - scary!

 We had to go to Dartmoor while in Devon - SO beautiful. The ponies came over to greet us and we got to stroke them.

Natalie insisted on it.

 Dan and Nats at Prince town Devon

 Megan's choice was a visit to Exmoore Zoo 

 I managed to capture a photo of a strange new species!

 We also went to Ilfracombe and paddled in the sea.

We have been back for almost two weeks now - have to say I would happily live at Praa Sands.....sigh.

Love soojay xx

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy New Year !!

Sorry, long time no post! 2016 was quite a difficult year, with little time for myself unfortunately. I do intend to TRY to get more "me" time this year. Two of my dear friends went through chemo for breast cancer and are both, thankfully, recovering. I have been working on my own since March. I didn't realise it , but it has taken its toll, I am recovering from shingles that appeared almost as soon as I finished work at Christmas.

I am going to try to post monthly here ( I have two blogs, with this one being more personal, and the other more creative).
I will also try to post weekly at least, on my other blog.
My personal goals for the year are:
to try to have more "me" time, not just so I get the chance to create and read but also as my job is consuming and often stressful, to keep me healthy.
I intend to drink less coffee. I stopped drinking coffee after 4pm last year , I want to cut down to 3-4 cups per day and drink more water instead.
My menu planning went a bit to pot by the end of last year- I intend to get back on it as it creates less waste.
I want to look into better ways to sell my jewellery - not sure about the Etsy shop as I sold more on Facebook this year. I would love to make enough to help pay for a second week in Cornwall in the Summer.
I don't do diets but need to eat more healthily - more fruit and veg- less pastry and sweet stuff.
Being more organised is a constant and on going especially with my lot as they don't organise them selves. IO will continue to write everything on a weekly planner so I know, where they need to be and how they are getting there and also how much they need each day.

Do more of the same I expect.
watch this space !

Soojay xxx

Thursday, July 28, 2016

First week of holiday in

So Happy to be on Holiday now - I was getting a bit tired- don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and wouldn't change it but it has been hard being mostly on my own since Easter. There are normally two of us and we get on like a house on fire and often run things past each other or just have a laugh. With that and the demands of family life never dimming, I was just ready for the break.
So the first week off -I have done very little to show you- I HAVE seen the bottom of the laundry basket for the first time in months! Opened and am stocking up an Etsy shop selling homemade jewelry - mostly Boho bracelets.
I am reading -strike that , being read ( its an audio book)and trying not to fall asleep.

 And when that is finished, I have this in hardback waiting .

A couple of weeks ago hubby took me to see

which we really enjoyed.
We are watching :
Just coming to the end of season 1 and looking to see where we can watch season 2.
Thats all for now 

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nearly there

 I am SO ready for the end of term - just 4 days to go!
Theses truly beautiful flowers and a box of chocs were given to me a few weeks ago by one of the pupils. They smelt like heaven too.

 What fab pupils I work with.

 Just some of the pupils who have just left and came to see me most days.

 I went to a special needs music festival and the girls from the Debenham girls group took part singing along.
 Natalie loves to sing.

 Not shy at all!

 Year 13 prom a couple of weeks ago .

 I spend a day in the Food Tech room along with a few pupils and three other members of staff. We were preparing for a celebration for our head of music who is retiring this year. ( I am sure she is younger than me!!)

Do you like the hedgehog? 

While at the celebration, I found out that I quite like this ( and bought a bottle the next day ).

 Year 11 Prom - The funny thing is that after knowing this young lady for 5 years, I found out after I posted this on FB that we are almost related. Ha Ha 

Scrub up well don't they ? ( So proud! ) 

Hopefully back soon 

Soojay xx

Friday, June 03, 2016

Half Term

 This week was half term and it is almost over . I have not done much really as the weather has not been good. I HAD intended to garden and catch up with the laundry but bad weather and feeling a little under the weather myself put paid to that .

These BEAUTIFUL flowers were given to me last week from a pupil who's dad died. He had been ill for a very long time and I tried to make life in school a bit bearable for both of his children. They are both really lovely people and I KNOW he would be so proud of them.

We both love quotes and this will hang in my room at work .

Love Soojay xxx

Friday, April 01, 2016

Yayyy Its April

 I have LOADS to smile about this week. First up I am on Easter break from school - half way though which means I still have another week off ..yayyyyyy. With the clocks going back last weekend, the sun has shone in my bedroom almost every morning - SO much nicer getting up in daylight.
I have more time to cook and bake when I am not at work and I found another use for a stencil that I was given a few years ago and had not opened.

 My baby girl is 21 on Monday - we are off to see a show and shop tomorrow.

Always last to the party, I started watching yes STARTED, Game of Thrones this week- I need to catch up before the new series starts later this month am on season one atm ha ha .

So - lots of smiles - no jokes needed this week.

To join in with this weeks smiles , Pop over to Annies Blog for all the details

Love Soojay xx

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

 Long time no post!
  Our Children are all grown up now so we don't do that much at Easter - except rest. They are not too old for eggs so we all have one each - but just the one as we could all do with a little healthier eating.

 I cut the banner on the scan n cut - it took longer to thread up than to make! Don't look too close as I am sure there are cobwebs up there. Spring cleaning is on my list this Holiday.

and speaking of healthier eating ...........not!! 
I found this recipe on Pinterest. It uses hot cross buns and chocolate - yumm - there is none left today .

Its been windy and raining all night here in the UK - Poor hubby has been out working in it all night.
Hope you had warm sunshine where ever you are.

Soojay xx