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Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ordinary Day

That's so funny as I doubt that many of my days are ordinary. That's okay though, I don't mind. Our house is manic at the best of times even though my children are hardly "children" any more. Meg, the baby, is 16 in 10 days ahhhhh !
They all have learning difficulties and OCD. Two have tourettes, one "tic" disorder, one has ADHD, one is diabetic, two have had seizures,two have ASD, one has dyspraxia. I THINK that's it, I can't always remember. They ARE all Happy, Loved, loveable, noisy, "normal crazy" Teenagers ( Nat is 26 but might as well be a teen ;))
So like most siblings they dislike each other most of the time, unless I am cross with them all and then they all gang up on me.
So a normal day...well, I certainly need to be up early. Derek works nights so is only home on a Sunday morning. ( at least that's one less fighting for the bath room!) The morning has been planned down to the last detail. They get up at different times so that they all get my attention, time to use the bathroom, and get meds and dressed. One leaves at 7.15, then another at 8.10 , that leaves me 10 mins to get me sorted and get to work ( thankfully a minute away in the car). Nat's taxi arrives later for her placement.
I usually get to work ( not really sure what my job title is ..behavioural assistant? Pastoral care ? pupil support??) Anyway , I get there early ,i need a good car parking space so I can get out quickly (if I am needed or for when I go pick up Nat).
Parents always call before I get to log on to my PC :) Pupils pop in to ask questions, borrow uniform and remove make-up and hand in phones or iPads...iPADS!!! I know!!
Then the day begins at work..most of the things I do are confidential , my boss is one of the child protection officers. I LOVE my job. It is so busy though that I am lucky if I get chance to go to the loo before I go home. At least the day goes quickly.
When Nat and I get home , the others are waiting to tell me news, give me letters. I DO print out a weekly menu so that everyone knows what we are having for tea (very important when you have OCD) , It also means that I don't need to think about it and we buy just what we need.
The best bit of the day is when they have all gone to bed and I have another 20 mins to myself .
Just an ordinary Day

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Things

Prompt three was a list of fav things. I have done that recently - Still loving Ben and Jerry's fairly nuts ice cream. Listening to Bruno Mars. So I thought I would talk about of some of my fav things from today.
Above is Derek on his new toy :) The poor old x-box is getting dusty. At least he has realised that there's so much more you can do than just play games on it ;). The table trolley, I assembled yesterday and told him that he could also use it as a zimmer frame ;)

Aren't these flowers beautiful? They arrived at work for me today from a parent.
We went to look around a special school that one of my children attended with the possibility of a shared placement for her child. Its SUCH a very difficult thing to do , try to deicide where your child with extra needs should be educated, especially when there are no local special schools. Only someone who has been in that situation can understand. I was very touched to receive these.

They definitely brightened my day.

4pcs Teal Bouquet Flower 24mm
4pcs Roses - White -20mm

These pretties arrived from HERE today, along with some others ;) I Love Jeans shop , If you want any, you have to be quick as they are selling so fast. I noticed that there are less on there today and I only ordered a day or so ago.

Other Lovely things from today include:
Hot coffee - brought to me by my boss after lunch ..sigh
Nat hoovering today - without being told.
Dan coming straight to me when he got in from college for a big bear hug :)
Meg actually doing art coursework (without me having to pay her - ok I lied about that one!)
A New book to read- given to me at work (so I didn't even buy it!)
Derek going shopping and remembering everything, he tried to buy me my fav ice cream but couldn't so got the next best thing -Hag an daz praline and cream...yummm.

Love soojay xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

catch up.

I WAS going to post yesterday but was halfway though a long post and gave up as I was interrupted too many times!
I was trying to explain what makes me happy and why. Going into all the details of how past life experiences have changed me almost beyond recognition. As I work in a high school, I am often reminded of how I used to be. Its hard not to laugh sometimes ( don't worry I wouldn't) when they tell me of the things that bother them. They used to bother me too - you know, how I look, who likes me,. what possessions I have.
At my youngest daughters age (almost 16), I too wanted it all. I was shy, uptight, good ,bossy, naive, materialistic and thought I knew it all. I wanted a handsome rich husband, big house and two children. I was going to be a beauty therapist ( I was for a while). My family would all sit around the dining table a chat politely over meal. No one shouted and certainly no one swore! Ha Ha.
Now my idea of heaven is a warm sunny day, a few moments of peace and quiet and if the children were to be nice to each other ( no ...that's asking too much!) If I go a day without swearing would be a minor miracle too ;)
The Blogging for scrap bookers prompt asked us to think about an event or special day to talk about. I suppose the event that sticks out for me was a few years ago when Derek and I went to a family wedding in Somerset. Derek's niece married the manager of a famous singer songwriter so it was a big affair and something I won't ever experience again. WE stayed here (which was fabulous) for two days and nights. We had the whole place to ourselves ( the wedding party that is) The food was to die for . The wedding perfect and even the singer attended and performed.
It was a lovely escape but the planning took quite some time as all three of the children had to be farmed out or go to respite care. I do remember how beautiful it all was and our suit was amazing..there was enough room for ten people in the shower ( no we didn't try it!!) and there was a tv in the bathroom on the wall.

Back later with prompt three

Love Soojay xxx

Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Class

To tell you the truth , i forgot that i had signed up to this. It was a little while ago before my other PC broke. It was a nice surprise to get Shimelle's email today :)
Anyway i have had a very quick read and taken a photo of my work space ( well one of them). I have a very messy desk behind me where i have left everything out from the weekend..if you pop over to my other blog, you will see that all i actually did was a card..but i played with new stamping ideas, inks and die cuts.
I am still in love with my PC . As you can see above, in honour of Spring ( here at last!!), i have adorable bunnies as my wallpaper for now. I am sure i will get bored soon but it will take a few weeks.
I spend far too long sitting here, blogging yes but mostly reading forums, social net work sites, hopping all over the internet not to mention shopping!
I do intend over the next few weeks to cut down on this a baking has taken a back seat , so i ought to do a little more of that. and a bit more scrapping instead of just thinking about it.
Ohh and a lot less shopping..i can't really afford it and ought to be saving up.
I need to get back to scrapping at least weekly , i can't remember that last time i did a layout!
Hopefully back tomorrow.

Love soojay xx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sooooooooo Tired

Its been very busy at work and I have managed to catch a head cold. Most of the coughing and sneezing has stopped and I am just left with a pounding headache now.
On a better note...the sun is shining :) (at long last) hard to believe that it won't be long till we are out in the garden and wearing less layers.
Derek's laptop arrived last week and he loves it (probably more than his x-box!) I spent the evening the other night , downloading, installing, deleting all the software that he would need. I only need to network my printer and all is done.
Meg has decided that instead of a party , she now also wants a new laptop for her birthday!! ( only about 3 weeks away!) and she has started to save up for sims 3 ( the game that wouldn't work on her old one as the graphics card was not up to it).
Nat has asked for new luggage (she is going away to Butlins later) and a digital camera...i'd better get saving!!!
Have a great weekend.

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Shoes Arrived!

Yayy..They are lovely, very comfortable and make me an inch taller LOL! Very fast delivery too. I can highly recommend this store tREDs . The shoes I ordered were £80 in most stores but here were £30, there's savings on most brands so go look. Thanks to the lovely Tracie for the heads up on this .
Glad its the weekend as I was starting to wilt at work. After managing to not catch anything all winter ( and you have to remember that all the sick pupils have to come see me first before they go to med room - its amazing how many get sick just before a language or maths lesson! ;) ). I thought i was doing really well. I just have a sore throat and sniffles but I am also shattered. I intend to do very little this weekend except potter. Unfortunately there's loads of things I could have done including attending an all day crop with some of my fav people . Instead I'll keep my bugs to myself and hopefully be raring to go on Monday morning ( well up and dressed and facing the right direction anyway :) )
If anyone watched Ideal world this morning, they were selling my PC (below) - it sold out. I bought mine from Amazon UK for the same price ( just not with the four easy payment options but it did have free delivery ) I have to say I love it.
Right enough waffle from me -off to stuff as much washing as I can into the washing machine ( no not really its new and I am frightened of breaking it!) But with 5 of us , I shall spend quite a bit of the day filling it up!

Love Soojay xx

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Those Shoes were out of stock :(

..............but These are coming :)


Love Soojay xx

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

In Love

With these :) I like that I could be taller and still wear flats :)

Will let you know if i give in and order them.

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hi I Am Back

With this little beauty!! cept it has a wireless mouse and keyboard and is also a touch screen ...i am in love! :)
Its amazing how much time is spent using the PC, how much I depend on it. Three Email accounts ( four now!) Music, games, just typing stuff up and that's not even including shopping or scrapping :)
Derek has been hovering over this and wanting to use it, so we have given in and ordered him a laptop of his very own - so much more grown up than the x- box!!
Right, i shall turn off Bruno Mars ( my new Fav CD) and go cook tea.

Love Soojay xx