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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another one Bites The Dust!

The week end that is...they just fly by! I stayed at little sis's house last night for a girls night in with cocktails. Rosie stayed too and we spent some time together this morning while the rest of the house slept. She was trying to climb up the wall for this photo and the grin is because she was almost as tall as me.

Last night, Nets and Andrea preparing ( read tasting ) the food.

They finally got up this morning. Andrea and her oldest Becca.

Some of Megan's art work from half term. She wouldn't use a photo of herself ( my idea) for the centre and chose Rosie instead.

One of my pages from the 52 in 12 challenge ...I think this is No. 5. I still have three more to do to catch up.
I managed to bake this weekend.. left over pineapple , made coconut and pineapple muffins and an offer on in Tesco, meant i could also do the white choc and raspberry ones too...not enough left to photograph. I WILL photograph Dan with no hair but he keeps disappearing when i remember and the last time i tried, he just kept pulling faces! BOYS!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Layouts and a Box

I went cropping yesterday and finally managed to do a couple of layouts. This one was finished a home last night though and is of Dan's 16th Birthday in October.

The next is of Rosie and i cannot take credit for the photo. It was taken during a photo shoot by Suzanne Fossy.

I also finished this box on Friday. I used a slightly lighter card stock..NOT a good idea with a wet glue! Even weighed down while drying, it is slightly warped. So I either need to use DST or a heavier card. I used the fab stamps from Lavinia Stamps.
I also used the ones from EJ.Craft Designs for the butterflies. There is still chance to win the stamps in the blog candy on Elaines blog until the 26th of this month. There is also a great tutorial on how to make the boxes and butterflies.
Well, Half term is almost over, I can't believe how quickly it has gone :( . At least the weather should be better next school hol! I have been like a hermit :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Had all that hair shaved off last night!!! He has been growing it for about two years now and its all gone! Will photograph over the weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Card

A More recent photo -taken last night.

His Birthday card.

A Birthday book i made to replace my tiny one. Made using a chipboard book that was part of my secret Santa prezz.

I also got to use the FABBY 7 Gypsies month stamps that I saw on ATDML site but was sold out by the time i made my mind up that i couldn't live without them. I stamp each stamp on the top of the page and then used a different colour embossing powder on each one.

Ha! that'll teach me to get excited about them being away for most of the day..poor Derek felt ill after eating spicy food last night and pasta in pizza hut today with lots of tomato sauce, he really ought not to with his IBS. Anyway they came home early.
He is now feeling better so I am about to do a party buffet for tea.

Happy Birthday Derek

This an old Layout ...can't remember the challege cept it was called "Scrap your Man" and that tickled me coz i do sometimes think about scrapping him ;)

Although he doesn't read this> I am VERY grateful to him today as he is at this moment driving Megan to the diabetic Clinic in Ipswich for her check up. She is one of the hardest people iIknow to get up in the morning and it has been a real battle this morning. I am so relieved they have gone ! LOL .Having three children with lots of mental health/medical problems means that there are LOADS of appointments to attend as well as all the usual ( we all wear specs too). When I worked in the evenings as a school caretaker (about 6 yrs ago), I used to do all the appointments but thankfully now we share a few of them. Anyway Megan is much more likely to get a treat from Derek than from me. I think she wants to see "Valentines day" at the cinema afterwards and I know they will go for a meal first ...Poor Derek! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Couple of Colourful cards

Years ago I bought one of those scrapbook kits in a box with thousands of bits from QVC. I put the little squares of paper away as i didn't know what to do with them. I found them while having a tidy yesterday and thought I would use them on a card or two. I still have a few hundred left so may well be putting them on the odd layout as well.

The flower is from some daisy d punch outs..again bought years ago.

Middle of the flower was a bargain from Jackie's shop in her closing down sale.

I have made more than this but with family Birthdays coming up , can't show them yet :)
I am enjoying half term so far, just pottering about. Kids are getting up reasonably late so that's nice ;). I think we have a visit tomorrow from Nets and Rosie, MIGHT bake some muffins :).
Looking forward to Thursday when Derek is taking Megan to diabetic clinic and then to cinema...loooovely peaceful day :) :)
Right I can smell bacon cooking to go in some ciabatta for my lunch :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catching up during half term

My No 4 Layout about music from Karens 52 in 12 challenge. I LOVE Darren Hayes ( as most People already know..sorry) These "Affirmation" Lyrics are definitely some of my fav. I really have too many songs that I love and often use lyrics in Layouts.

My little sis bought me an iTunes voucher for my recent 50th birthday , so i thought it would be great to add it to the layout.

The card I made for Valentines for Derek.

Little sis had a Birthday this week ..this is the card I made for her. I haven't even seen her to give it to her yet!! :(

Yessssssss! its half term! I can't believe that I have been at my new post at work for 6 weeks!! I have learned SO much including how to use and make my own spreadsheets :) :) We were Ofseded last week and the school got outstanding which is great. I was very lucky in that I didn't have to see anyone. ( last time ,even though i am not a teacher , my social skills lesson was observed ).
I shall be having a lazy week as I am getting over a head cold slowly.
Natalie has gone away with "Girls group" to Butlins for a long weekend and is due back sometime tomorrow. Its always a little more peaceful when there is one less about, less of them to fight!
I am going to catch up with my 52 in 12 layouts and need to do the three family themed ones this week. I have no doubt that I will get it done, as I have little else planned.
Derek is off for two days and is taking Megan for her diabetic clinic appointment ( thank you!) and I think they are off to the cinema afterwards. He did say the Dan could go too but would actually need to get up BEFORE it is doubtful. He also needs to sort out his car and I have to phone my insurance company to find out WHEN i am getting a new boot door -as i STILL have a big dent in it!!!!
I woke to chocs and a card from Derek and we had a lovely quite breakfast of bacon, pancakes and egg ( i managed to do his in the shape of a heart...would have photographed it but he ate it too quickly.
Watched "The Ugly Truth " last night ..i saw it with little sis in the Summer and thought it was brill then. Watch it if you can.
Right better catch up then..i also have a few more Birthday cards to make ( and a cake it is Derek's next week too!)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nearly forgot

Been making cards this weekend. Derek's nephews wife recently had twins, one of lucky is that! Wasn't sure how i was going to make the card till i remembered one of the first stamps i bought years ago , and had the idea for doing them in different colours.

A couple of Birthday cards, Made this one when Annette was over yesterday.

New Marther Stewart Punch..not really shown at its best here. Need to photograph in daylight!

One of the last calenders i made this year. Most of my friends at work have them now. Am going to start making them for next year now.

Debs Lovely Coconut , cherry squares. We will have these for desert tonight. I have a beef stew on the go , just need to pop some dumplings in.
I was a bit messy with the chocolate!
STILL need to do some lo's but time is running out.
Busy, scary week at work next week!!!
Till next time.