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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Hols

Start here :) and boy am I ready for them I am a little excited as my office is being completely redecorated and refurbished over the break. We spent yesterday moving desks, chairs and filing cabinets out and I doubt very much that the new furniture will be installed ready for first day back and might have to go in a day or two early to do that....Watch this space.
Today I have eased myself into the holiday by a little tidying ( and i mean a little!) and making cards ( over on other blog).
Tomorrow off to Norwich to the Range as i can't go to Ally Pally now to the stamp/scrapbook show, to get supplies. Also have a whole load of Birthdays to buy for. Off to see a friend afterwards, so looking forward to tomorrow.
I will update more over the hol.

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Miss You Mum 

Love soojay xx

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grunpy grumpy grumpy!

That's how I feel this week. I seem to always be playing catch up with paying bills, filling in forms etc- When did everything get SO complicated?!
Meg is being such a pain at the mo - well her gadgets are anyway. She broke her mobile phone ( Derek's old iphone and still on contract with O2) . I rang to see how much it would cost  £75-140 ...i DON'T think so , its not worth £70! So i order a repair kit from Amazon for £6 :) - I repair the glass - it all works but the screen is almost white so i order a new LDC AND upgrade her phone with O2 - she is happy and I should have a spare hand set ( if i get round to fixing it) for Natalie.
 O2 have charged me £35 for her calls from Tuesday!!! They have now put it on unlimited texts but I will still get the bill for £35 + the monthly charge of £21 at the end of the month- not Happy!!
I have also just had her laptop repaired ( still in warranty - just). Every time I look at her she wants something at the mo - I just want to hide!!
 I am So tired- I called social services a few weeks for a carers assessment as we haven't had any support for years now and could do with a little- they said yes they would get someone to come round but i have not heard anything , so i guess i have to call again.
I have decided that i am doing nothing much today - work has also been full on this week - so I am going to make some cards and relax....................................Famous last words!!

Love Soojay xxx

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


 School trip to the Eco Centre at Swaffham to day.

 Thats a loooong way up!

 Over 300 steps and the only wind turbine in the world open to the public, with steps

 I knew it was high,i knew about the steps and the fabby view- a bit on the misty side to day though.
I didn't know that it would sway so much up there- i felt really sea sick!! I had to sit down .

Didn't take half as long to get down but my poor knees where a bit wobbly 

I am not sure i can climb upstairs to bed tonight , i may have to sleep downstairs!! ;)

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sisters,Alcohol and Good food

We needed to spend some time together , the last time we all saw each other was at Steph's funeral.
Wednesday will have been her 50th birthday - we needed to mark it somehow.
We have been so busy ...but that's good ....we don't want time to think.

Love Soojay xxx