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Friday, August 09, 2013

Battered and Bruised!

No I have not been attacked! 
I have been moving furniture about. Now that Natalie's room is done, I first, cleaned and tidied and remade Dan's bed and room, then, because I had taken a large table out of our room - it threw everything out. So, I changed the room round! Not easy with a very large heavy king sized bed and not a big room. I do have a couple of new bruises ( already had some from doing Natalie's room) and a new scratch or two- Off for a bubble bath...sigh

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, August 08, 2013

All Done (ish)

 I need to get some boxes so I can organize her craft supplies

 I also need to get her new single quilt - this is her old double one ( we have a new duvet cover - its purple!)

  The bed used to belong to her cousin Rosie ( who now has a cabin bed). Its perfect for here.

 The long table was bought for our room to go along the bottom of our king sized bed but it just gets in the way, so is ideal for Natalie . She has her TV , PC and even room at the end to craft. I need to get her a chair as this is an old dinning room chair.

 As you can see, I am also waiting for the curtains to arrive - I will probably have to put up her old ones for tonight.

 I have promised cushions for the bed too ( she wants owl shaped ones!!)

 I could do with a low table or box to put the printer on .

 We had to pop to the local hardware store when i was ready to put the shade up as there was a vital piece missing from the light fittings!

 The photo frames need photos in them too.

I wonder how long it will be tidy for - normally you can't see the floor!!

BTW - The rest of the house looks like a disaster area!

Love Soojay xx


I shall be finishing off in here.
I have to:
put up a curtain pole and curtains
Assemble bed
Assemble bedside table
Move all clothes back into wardobe
Put work table in 
put TV and Pc back 
Sort all craft supplies out.
And move daughter into room :)

Photos later 

Love Soojay xx

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nearly done

 Floor down - just need to trim along edge.

 I was very lucky to get this in the sale as a remnant - So much easier to clean for Natalie and it lightens the room.

 Unlike the wallpaper - As usual I bought far too much ! I only needed a roll and a half but bought three.

Tomorrow I need to put up the curtain pole, the bed and bedside table, desk and put all her clothes etc back into the room. yayyyyyyy 

Love Soojay xx

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Tired but on Track

 This is what eldest daughters room looked like on Sunday when I started to clear it. I decorated it years ago - she is now 28 and was a teen when i first did it. Purple is her fav colour -hense the carpet and walls. The boarder pulled off paint with it when i removed it  :(

Blocked gutters caused this all sorted now though.

 Natalie has learning problems and also dyspraxia- I don't know if this is why she finds it so difficult to tidy up or if she is just lazy! I don't do it very often as i think she OUGHT to have a go. I can tell you quite a bit of this went in the skip!!

 She likes to scrapbook and make things , so I will be trying to organize her space better for her

She is messy with her DST and stickles - so that carpet will go and be replaced with something easier to clean!

 Polyfilled the walls and painted the woodwook on Monday.

 also painted the ceiling- much better!

 Two coats of violet white on three walls  today (Tues)- Needs one more though as I can see bits of that turquoise paint showing through .

Getting there -just having a late lunch and then one more coat of paint on those walls.
I still have one wall to wallpaper and furniture to paint and a curtain pole to put up.
Hopefully tomorrow I can lay the flooring and put the bed together.
Then Thursday start to move things back in :)
Watch this space!

Love Soojay xx

Friday, August 02, 2013

Busy busy busy

For the second time this week, even though we are in the middle of a heat wave( 27 last night at 11pm!) , the heavens opened just as I finished pegging out the second load of washing.
An impressive thunder storm but all over now and back to hot and sunny . At least my washing should get dry.

Am I mad?? very likely!! 
Derek and Dan are off to Wales to visit family again for the week next week - what do I do? Yup decorate- this time its Natalie's room. She has the larger, messier of all the rooms. At the moment , because of overgrown gutters a few months ago, there is a damp patch on the ceiling and the walls are a deep purple. She only has a small window , so it looks dark. I have bought very pale lilac ( as she has asked for purple ) and white woodwork . She has a pale purple carpet but as she loves to scrap and make cards (but is VERY messy) , I have bought vinyl flooring,that way i should be able to get any stray double sided tape off - unlike the carpet!!. We are also changing her double divan - to a single metal frame bed so that she will have a bit more room.
The skip arrives later today and hubby leaves on Sunday - then the work will start- feeling tired thinking about it already!

Spent most of yesterday sorting paperwork out: applying for transport to college for both Dan and Meg in Sept. They have had it but as they are both on a new course this year it stopped - good job i rang to check!!
Also spent HOURS on phone trying to find out about Natalie's benefits. Even after all that I still don't know. I DO know at least that they have all the paperwork!! It makes my blood boil, they only give you a certain amount of time to fill it all in and SAY they will keep you informed but don't- I sent it off months ago! At least i know a little of what I am doing on behalf of Natalie - there are thousands of people out there who have to do this themselves and give up :( .

Right enough moaning for one day :) I made these today..

...Strawberry,Orange and Walnut scones ( this is NOT my photograph  but they look just like this) .
Meg and I watched "The Barefoot Contessa" on food tv the other day and she made these - Yummm

Love Soojay xx