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Saturday, February 28, 2009


To show you the card I made for Dex 50th. The numbers are made from Grungeboard and were painted with copper metalic crackle paint and then Grunged a bit more with walnut stain ink. Paper is BG (again ;))
Okay, i really am going to stop blogging for today :)


The sketch

I knew i wouldn't be able to blog as much once I was back at school. I can't believe how worn out I am this week. I was supposed to go to a crop today but couldn't face playing "catch up" tomorrow with all the washing etc.
I have managed to do this weeks pencil lines sketch ( while also doing the washing ) and keeping an eye on Dan who is also feeling a bit washed out and has a sore throat.
At least it Chinese night tonight , so no cooking Yayy :)
Have a great weekend!
I must just add that the FAB photo was taken by My Sisters friend Foss Who has a fab web site here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No scrapping

Too tired and the time just flies past at work!
Some Great candy on Marlene's blog!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Rare event

Me and All my sisters together. Steph came up from Croydon for a few days for Dex's birthday . So we all gathered around Andreas house this afternoon. As usual my face was hot and flushed, They are all trying to cover up the red LOL . I look awful on all the others as i am so red and blotchy..the joys of old age!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think he likes the phone!

These photos were taken during our meal last night when we suprised him with a new iPhone. He was very quiet for the rest of the meal! LOL

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 50th

Second post today is to wish my wonderful husband of 26 yrs, Derek (Dex) a very Happy Birthday !! He is a year older than me so, I get to rub it in for 11 months :D.

We are off out for a meal tonight with family and I do have a nice little suprise still to come for him later. He was working last night but got up to a room decorated with balloons and a banner. Nats bought him a great hat to wear . I will see if i can persaude him to wear it out tonight LOL

Penci llines

I finally managed to get enough light to photograph this weeks pencil lines sketch.

Also thanks to Samantha for my blog award :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Check out the best blog candy i have seen in a long while!! and say Hi to Bev :)

February's ScrapaGoGo kit

This was my last kit, working for ScrapaGoGo. I have to say It was one of my Faves. I will probably try to get some more of the Gorg SEI and Basic grey papers. I still have LOADS left and another Lo half done, although both Natalie and Nets have been eyeing up the papers LOL.
Popped into Diss and picked up Nat's new glasses. She is SO much happier now she can see again :).

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's half Term!

The children are so lazy! They slept in till almost lunchtime. I don't mind as it was lovely and quiet here. dex has been on a rest day , so i got him to take loads of rubbish to the tip..we can get out the backdoor now!
My stephanie Meyer Books arrived and i am on page 49 of "The Moon" already. I am trying to pace myself ( i can read more when Dex is back at work too ;))
I have almost finished the pencil lines sketch for this week. Its been AGES since i did one and i really enjoyed it. Here a sneek peek at it so far. The light has gone for today , so will photograph tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dull sunday

Well the sun WAS shining when we got up but its very dull again now :(
last weekend there was a cybercrop over at UKs but as I was away for most of it , I didn't get chance to play.I did start a sipmle LO on the Sunday night and then came down with a bug so have only just had chance to finish it today. The class was AnniB's Black and Blue class. I used Blue and white :)
I intend to do as much scrapping as possible over the half term as it takes me forever to get anything done LOL.
Shimelle's class starts today :) :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


While they watched Rugby ( thank heavens Wales won!) So I took some photos.most cannot be shown as Dan got cross and there's a lot of hand gestures :)
I cooked some small muffins in the cooker today.. There's two left.
Dex is SO patriotic ...He really is Nuts!
At least its over ..gonna watch casualty and diagnose all the patients in a min.

Happy Valentines Day

To you all.
...............But as my Sis Nets said" Who in their right mind would put Wales V England Rugby on at this time!!??
The air will be turning blue and no doubt i shall jump out of my skin a few times during the match.......Sigh.
I am feeling quite a bit better today and had some toast earlier. Have actually used my new cooker to cook tea on and bake some choc chip muffins.
Megan is doing my head in today ..I was never so rude at 13 and would have fainted at the language she seems to use so easily Grr.
Something nice is Shimelle's new class, which starts tomorrow. Its called Here , There and Everywhere. You can sign up for it here. Looking forward to doing something new :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009


From a particular nasty tummy bug. The children had it for 24 hrs, i am on day 3 but feeling slightly better than yesterday. I feel awful for having to take three days off work ( and possibly tomorrow as well) At least it is half term next week.
Good News.............Cooker arrived!!!
Dex has used it and hopefully i will feel well enough soon :)
bad news.....Nats specs broke :( She only has one pair..I have managed to get an appoint for tomorrow but it will take at least a week to make them up.
I have started reading Twilight this afternoon and am half way though the book...can't put it down and it is helping to pass the time :) Its so good that I ordered the whole series with my Amazon Birthday Prez. Thanks Steph and Ericka xxx
Dex is cooking bacon for the kids ATM and the smell is making me heave I am off

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back to Earth with a Bump!

Dex and I stayed at Stoke by Nayland Hotel on Friday night. Just one night away from the children and only an hour down the road. BUT it was WONDERFUL! I have been before with the ATDML retreat so already knew how nice the hotel, food and staff were. We had a lovely meal in the restaurant- of course i forgot to take photos but the ones above are almost the same, just imagine a dusting of snow outside. The children were very well behaved for my sister ( aren't they always LOL). We spent Saturday wandering around an icy cold Ipswich and bought a couple of presents. I bought a scarf as it was so cold. After the few days we had had, it was a very welcome break.

That was the nice bit- in other news- cooker STILL not here ( due to sever weather conditions!!!) Should be here by Tues ( i am not holding my breath, it will have been about 7 weeks ago that i ordered it for next day delivery!!)
Dans social worker came to talk about his transition review in March. Our respite is going to be with drawn from the end of March ( because he is 16 this year and has to use adult services). He doesn't meet the criteria for adult services even with MLD, ADHD( they don't recognise that) or TS, or OCD or epilepsy ( medical services NOT social services).
I sort of knew this was coming but it is SO depressing :( I suspect that it won't be long before i have to give up work too and become a full time carer because if none of them are working, they cannot be left in the house alone! Anyway that's not yet, so i shall not think about it!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A quick blog before school

All our schools are open again today.....Which means back to batteling to get Megan up! Dan has already gone :D
These two cards were made yesterday afternoon and there was no light. I have tried to photograph them this morning but the light is not much better -sorry. Roll on Sunny spring mornings!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Getting into the swing

Made more cards today :D. Not much else to do ! In between providing a catering service for the children that is.
Dex managed to get an appointment for his crumbled tooth today and has a temporary crown. He has two more appointments and another £350 to pay ( ouch!) It does look a lot better. Dentist didn't say why it had suddenly crumbled but i made Dex go get some calcium tabs.
Meg went out in the snow for about an hour. She came back soaking wet, had a bath and put her Pj's back on! ( first pic is of her setting off with two of her friends...the bin men never did turn up