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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week End Catch up

Finally got to watch fight Club. Wasn't interested when it first came out as I thought it would just be violent ..and it is ..but ..a really good film and I dont mind watching Brad Pitt :D.

This is the weather this weekend! Most of the washing has had to be tumble dried :(.
I went out with some friends to watch performances by the Dove players and friends..very nice.
As usual the weekend has whizzed by too fast... I did manage to take part in some of the ATDML cyber crop challenges ( you need to read my other blog for that info).
Derek enjoyed his father's day :)

See you later!
Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick update

I have been listening to UB40..I do love them ..Not so much now Ali has left though.

I have been crying to Waterloo road this week ..really sad..I won't spoil it in case you are going to watch later.

Also cried to Glee this week. I LOVE Sue but instead of making me laugh as she usually does..she made me cry!

Just started reading this book..literally last night ..on about page 5 so its too early to comment.

Just finished reading this on my iPhone. Its one of three so I will download the others as i quite liked it. I wish i had a kindle though as the iPhone is a little small.

Took Meg for her interview at college this week ..went well and she is going for the day in a couple of weeks to see a bit more and spend the day with the class. Got to sort out her transport now.

Cooking sausage, mash and sweet red onion for tea tonight but still need to do the weekly menu.

Have been making cards most of the day today ( see other blog)..Am now on two card DT's :D ..good excuse to buy more stash ;)..Good job Derek doesn't read this!

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Red Again

She has been nagging me to do the roots. "And make it redder please this time!" The only place to do this was outside as the dye is drippy . It looked like Sweeny Todd had been in the garden by the time we finished. Thankfully it all washed away without too much bleach on the patio.

She was happy with the result ( thankfully) ..Not too keen to sit and be photographed as she was getting ready to go to Norwich with her mates.

My fingernails are only slightly red today (yes I did wear gloves).

Love Soojay xxx

Thursday, June 02, 2011

And Tonight We have Baked Spuds

With Prawns, salad and garlic bread. No salad or prawns for Dan though- he has tuna (no mayo) .
No dessert tonight, they can grab a yoghurt if they are still hungry after that !

How is it possible to be so tired when I have done so little!? I have not touched the ironing and have loads to do but just can't be bothered.

Dan stayed with a mate last night , so it was lovely and quiet here for most of the day - when he got home , he made up for it by winding up his sisters big time....sigh

Most medical appointments have been sorted , just got to arrange a new epileptic appoint for Dan and Nats as, although I made the appointment, they didn't and when we turned up, they didn't have one for us...Wouldn't have minded so much if they had said sorry!

Meg finally has an interview at college next week :) Unfortunately we are now without a Prom venue as the place they were holding it has closed down and the kids have lost over £800..The prom committee are looking else where and there are a few weeks to go , so cross your fingers.

Love Soojay xxx

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tonight's tea

uploaded the wrong way! ohh well desert is always better . Thanks to Paula for the fab strawberry recipe - everyone loved it and you can get it HERE.

The Lemon Chicken was found here ..I wont use dark soya sauce next time though. I like my sauce to look more lemony.

Love Soojay xxx

Half term

How is it possible to be so tired when I am on holiday!? This week is whizzing by and I still have so much to do. Of course I have spent far too much time on here!
I have still got ironing to do ( pffft!) and LOADS of paper work. Done most of the doc/med appointments :) Managed to make q few cards :D And order too many stamps!
Ohh and the dish washer has died ( not done too badly as I bought it 6 years ago from a fiend for £50). I do need to get another as the dishes are never ending when there are 5 adults in the house.
Right better get to those forms

Love Soojay xxx