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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well I never...I hadn't realized until Tina congratulated me. I started blogging exactly 5 years ago - it does seem longer though :)
Anyway..while i was looking at Tina's blog, i found this :29 day Giving Challenge I LOVE this and its such a good thing ( and easy ) to do..Well I signed up for it.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday Again!!

This looks GREAT: HERE I have signed up as I want to take better photographs and better still its free!!
Had a lovely visit from Nets and Rosie yesterday . I did take a few photos but most are blurry..its difficult to catch Rosie when she is still Ha Ha .
I do Wish the weekends would slow down a bit. This one has been filled with washing. Our washing machine died last year and a very dear friend gave me her old one to use. It was great but was only a 5kg load and 1000 spin. Our new shiny machine arrived yesterday and (thanks to Dan doing his ANNUAL sort out!!!..........boys) the washing basket is buried under a tonne of socks ( wondered where they had got to!) it is on the fourth load :).
Once again not much scrapping /crafting going on :( ..I do feel more motivated when the sun is shining. I hope to amend this soon. I have lots of ideas but just no "get up and go" to actually do them.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We made this at the pampered Chef party the other night. A caramel sauce with sliced apples, spread some left over Christmas mincemeat and cinnamon over the top and then a short crust pastry lid..cook until brown and then turn over ..We had it cool with Cream :)

Love Soojay xxx

Cooking,catch up and My birthday

Been ( and still am baking today ) Sausage rolls for packing up this week. I used some puff pastry, although I do prefer shortcrust more as its less greasy. We also have a sausage Plait in the oven for tomorrows tea.

Made a big batch of raspberry and white choc muffins, as 12 seems to disappear too fast!

I went to a "pampered Chef" party the other night and picked up some lovely recipes to try at home. I LOVED their products although most were a little out of my price range and i don't have room for storage in my postage stamp sized kitchen. I DID buy a mini muffin tin - will let you know how i get on with it when it arrives.

Last of my first aid refresher course this Wednesday :)

Not had very much time to do any crafting/scrap booking recently. I have made a couple of cards (they will appear on my other blog later today).

Dreaded birthday :) bad enough last year to reach 50 i get to tick the box OVER 50 !! Ohh joy . I was working and it was a very busy day but, my fab little sis came round so that Hubby could take me out to tea :)
He went overboard with gifts:
He actually brought these to work - I was in the middle of an Eco meeting in the home ec room. He managed to find a couple of teachers to pop in as well and they all sang to me (including all the pupils- they took great joy in watching me turn bright red)

I asked for Bruno Mars CD - and he got it - I can highly recommend it :)

He also got me some of the above from Lush along with a coconut hair soap bar ..It smells heavenly ( if y0u like coconut;) )
I also got a tub of the nutty Ben and jerry's ice cream ( i have already eaten some of it )

He ALSO got me this for work :) :) i was definitely spoiled !! As you already know, i spoiled myself a couple of weeks ago with the clothes and boots above.

I had loads of cards and gifts from friends and family too .........maybe its not s bad being so old :)
Off to cook a roast now xxx

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on "stuff"

Watching: new season (finally) of Primeval. Loving it so far. Also : New Grey's ( when I remember) and Silent Witness.

Eating: Ben and Jerry's Fairly Nuts- Discovered this at cinema a few weeks ago and its even better that the praline and cream haagen daz...well as good as :)

Reading: Michael McIntyre - ok readable :)

Listening to : Prince - Thanks Derek a fab Christmas prez, I had forgotten how much i liked to listen to him...Prince that is not Derek!

Going Out: Saw this at the end of the Christmas hols- Can't wait to get it on DVD - Jake is GORG! Film is ok

Doing a first aid refresher course at work - not meant to be as much fun as it was although we were all blinkin freezing as the there was no heating on after hours!!
Starting to panic about Meg leaving school soon . She has no idea what so ever what or where she wants to go next. I will have to get her to look at all the local (local HA!) colleges at the life skills courses.
Right better go do the dishes
Back soon

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Been Shopping

As You can see..It was online shopping and NOT actual shopping in town. Apart from the fact that i never get chance to go into Ipswich or Norwich ..I never find what i want, which was cheap stuff that looks reasonably smart for work. :)From Kays: the top above and two skirts like the one below. Both cheap and comfy :D
These were NOT in the sale but when Derek got back from the shoe repair place, saying that my lovely "Fly" boots were beyond repair, i ordered these from Next , they are only half the price of my others and VERY comfortable. The scarf was just too pretty!

Thats me done shopping for a while now.

Love Soojay xxx

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Look what came today

I needed a much smaller camera to take out with me and I saw this one in Comet for at least £50 more in the sale :D I got it from Amazon for around £110 - it is already back to £140 today.
Need to take some photos now.

Back to work tomorrow.

Love Soojay xx

Monday, January 03, 2011

Busy Busy

So far today i have: printed off this weeks menu and shopping list. Also a list of weekly jobs for my dear children ( i live in hope!)
Assembled one of Derek's Christmas presents - a bird table - it needs weather proofing before i put it outside - probably tomorrow.
Made some more mini calenders ( you need to check out my other blog -paper,ink and glue to see)
Washing, hovering cooking etc ( roast for tea tonight )
Then I cut and colored Meg's hair. This time I used two boxes of dye. Her hair is so thick !! Its handy having an ex hairdresser for a mum sometimes. Result! she didn't cry this time- seems quite happy with it. It IS what she asked for :)

On the phone- as always!! Its either that or MY iPhone or the laptop on Face Book.

Dan is back at college tomorrow- it will so strange for him to go to bed early (before midnight!)
The rest of us are back on Wednesday. Megan's last bit of school ...eeeeekkk! MUST get her organised for college in September !!!
I am looking forward to going back to work. Its hard to believe its been a year - sometimes if seems like so much longer.

I don't do resolutions so you won't see a long list of impossible tasks for me to achieve :D
I WILL try, as always to be more organised, get more done etc etc.
Also, in these uncertain times, try to make myself indispensable at work and attend as many training courses as possible.
I will most certainly try to have more time for me, do more things I like and have FUN ( now if there was just an extra day in the week!!)

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, January 01, 2011