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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just made Dex VERY happy

LOL not what you are thinking.!!
He has lead a very sheltered life and not been to many concerts and stuff, so i have got him tickets to see The Stranglers ( one of his all time fav groups ) at the UEA in Norwich in a couple of weeks :) ..He is over the moon as he has never seen them live...Nets is gonna go with him ( i am not a stranglers fan )Cool eh?
Just got confirmation that we can have our holiday in Cornwall next August ( see photo below) ..i know its a long way off but it is so popular that we weren't sure we would be able to get it ( though we have stayed there a couple of times before). I am soo excited as we will be there for two weeks and it is so peaceful :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

feeling a bit naughty.... i am typing this at work ( in my lunch hour) , but still on the schools PC...
Had a great time at the weekend at the Scrapping Angels crop. Spent some quality time with my Sis Nets..not done that for ages. So nice to have a conversation without one of our children interupting .
MY Tomtom works really well and took me home an unusual ( but quick) way from Bury..didn't meet many cars. DEx is now worried that i can go where ever i want to now ;)
Ohh BTW i don't have google spell check here so please excuse any mistakes!! LOL
I got to meet Emily and Anna and Ann(i)e :) :) I started all the projects but haven't finished any soon as i do , i will show you . Brill classes.
It was lovely to meet lots of people who i have only seen online before and make new friends too.
Off to Wyverstone this Saturday , so i am being spoiled and make actually finish something!! I have two Ali E challenges to do too.

I pinched this photo from Anna's blog ( sorry Anna!)

Friday, September 22, 2006


Off in the morning to Bury St Eds as i am a Scrapping Angel ! :)
Really looking forward to spending the weekend in a nice hotel, some fab teachers and wonderful friends ( and friends to be :)) Of course i am no where near ready!!
Dex bought me a tom tom so i won't get lost on the way home ;)
Poor , poor Dex. Yesterday he was complaining of a bad back and bought himself some of the horribly smell deep heat spray. He asked me to spray his i did. I gave it a good spray. He said "that's enough" and a couple of mins later, it went bright red and looked like sunburn. So...........................i read the label ( like you do) and it said "spray sparingly" :) He had to lay in a cold bath for 20 ok now ( resorted to paracetamol for the back ache) has a slight phobia of spray cans though...............awful wife that i am, i am abandoning him with our delightful children for the weekend LOL.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Worn out

already this week ..can't believe it is only Monday!! School was busy, i have a few to keep an eye on now and that includes break and lunch times. I know i should just go to the staff room and sit and eat but i do worry about them. I suppose its having difficult children myself ,just hoping someone is watching out for them too.
I get home from work ,do tea (Dex and i take turns) and then sort out the homework/spellings( even though mine leaves a lot to be desired)and reading.( Dex and i do NOT take turns!) Boy there was a lot tonight!! Then it is bath time , supper , story and bed ..opps its 9pm and i am shattered LOL.
I need to scrap for relaxation and there is rubbish on Tv tonight..if i can stay awake..................

Saturday, September 16, 2006

If you get a mo

Go visit Jackie at "Just giving" ---->
Link in my side bar.
She is walking to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Good Luck !!!
Meg has been diabetic since she was five and has lots of problems being stable. We have to test her blood ( at least four times a day ) and then give insulin according to the result. After 6 years most children would be a lot more stable and be able to use a pen.
Meg often asks when she is going to get better :(

Anyone help?

I would love to be able to get rid of that thing in my side bar that says" poker chips"..I have no idea how it got there!!

Ali Edwards No 8

Only got No 9 to do and i have caught up to the lovely Annie ( Used my plain Jane chipboard leaves to draw around and kept it simple. Last years Sponsored walk at the high school..yes i did walk it too! :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

How sweet

is my darling husband? I am off to the scrapping Angels retreat at Bury next Saturday. I have a map but i always like to know exactly which lane to be in before i go anywhere. So he is going to take us for a run out this weekend...I am such a nit!!
I have Ali E's challenge almost done, just need to add a couple of bits and stick stuff down. Sooooooooo tired that i probably won't do it tonight. We had a really bad thunder storm last night and a power cut . The noise and the dark upset the children and i ended up a sandwich in my bed!! it was so hot too.
Will try to get it done and uploaded tomorrow night.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scrapbooking at work..yayyy

How cool is that? Last lesson on a Friday, i am supporting a young lady in textiles she has Downs and cannot access the lesson in the same way as the other students. We are going to be doing a BOM ( book of me , for Steph). We have about six weeks and i shall bring in stamps, punches paint etc, so that we can do something different each week. We will only have an hour though for each page but i think she is really looking forward to it.
Busy day today. Dex wanted us ALL to go shopping ( deep joy) but i managed to persuade him just to go with Meg . Nats is not even up yet and Dan was out all day yesterday ( they now have Ipswich Town season tickets )watching the match and needs routine and order today ( its part of his ASD, he can only cope with so much unpredictable stuff). Going to Hintlesham was out of the question too unfortunately ....even though i haven't been once yet. Ahh well its the scrapping Angels retreat in two weeks time. Really looking forward to that.
Managed to do the Ali Edwards No 7 use 7 pieces of patterned paper on one LO..the 7th has been cut into lace with the craft robo. The subject is once again Rose.
Off to do washing, ironing, supervise homework and get all the school stuff ready for tomorrow.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So Hot!!

I have been so hot all day! Even after a cool bath, i am melting.
First day back at school today. My timetable was clear as mud as usual LOL.. I spent half of one lesson looking for a particular child to support and was sent all over the school before i found him. I spent another period in the wrong lesson ( shame as i love biology!) Can't get over how tall everyone has grown ..or maybe i am just shrinking LOL
Just finished assembling ( after blitzing Dan's room) Dan's new bed. Most definitely thew last one i am buying him!! He broke the last one , in ways you wouldn't believe. I bought him one of those high beds before that about three years ago. Stupidly not thinking how difficult it would be for a shorty like me to change the sheets! Not nice after an accident in the middle of the night and i had wee dripping on my head. Or, that Dan is so tall he couldn't sit up in bed without banging his head......sigh.
Too tired to scrap at the mo but hopeing to do some at the weekend. Dan and Dex now have season tickets for Ipswich every other Sat , i shall have a bit of peace :) :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Baby

Has started high school today!! She is so nervous you can see in the photo smiles this morning. Although she did manage one as the taxi was pulling away. She was picked up at 8am..far to early for a 7 mile trip! apparently , she is the first to be picked up and last to be dropped off and they didn't know she was diabetic. The taxi driver has a diabetic son and is going to ask if she can be picked up later by another taxi. I have given her extra snacks today as i am sure she is going to use up so much energy just worrying.
I am back to work today , but just for a little while this morning for some INSET. Back properly on Wednesday when the school is open.
Dan goes back to school tomorrow.
My infection seems to be cleared up now. My antiboitics finish tomorrow.
A couple of photos from this morning:

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Visit

From Anet and Rose. My children of course were delighted to have such a little bundle of cuteness here for the day. She is so funny ( Rose ..Anet we already know about!) I thought I had finished with the children's Tot TV and websites but no , we have all been dancing to Fifi and the flowertots?!? LOL
It was lovely to be able to spend a few mins chatting about stash and placing a small order together..just imagine how much damage we'd do if we saw each other more often!! Looking forward to Bury in a few weeks time ..we are sharing !
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))) to my sis Steph today.
Couple of photos: I was able to do Rose's first trim and i think i have all my fingers still LOL.
Second pic is after the trim.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ali Edwards Challenge No 6

Finally done. Its been on my table for over a week but i just haven't felt like doing it. Anyway, its nice and simple. A photograph of Mum and dad before they were married. This one is for Mum's birthday ..on 18th Aug, she would have been 70.
Not a good night last night. We couldn't get to sleep. Dex got up at 2,30, Meg came in as usual at 3.30 saying Dan was making noises( he had been shouting in his sleep again)..When i went to check, he was fitting. It only lasted about 2 mins but he was half on the bed , half on the floor ( thankfully we are waiting for a new bed to arrive and he is sleeping on the floor on his mattress anyway) . He woke at 4.30 with a bad headache and then we all slept ...till 7, an early night tonight!
Meg took all her diabetic paraphernalia to her new high school today, which was good as she got to meet the SENCO again and that has calmed her nerves a bit.
I have been ironing and altering school uniform today ( big beamy smile!)