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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Days Left!!

Not including today that is. Back to school for all of us on Weds. Dex is in Norwich at this moment getting "stuff" for Dan as of course he has grown again! Even his waist this year LOL
I had a great day yesterday at Thornham . My sis Anet, arranged for us to meet up with some friends for a day of scrapping. Little sis even joined us with her girls. We also had a visit from Dex, as it was only 4 miles down the road from us, and Nats ( who stayed to scrap too) Raymond and Rose popped in for a while too. I love the photo of Rose ( who only answers to ROSIE now) on the really difficult to take a photo of swinging with a pretty basic digi camera LOL
We had another call from pipex yesterday ( even though i have now paid every penny i owe them ,,after they said i could pay the remaining amount on 18th Sept!!) I wasn't there but Dex really gave them an ear full and told them i had been hospitalized due to the stress they had caused me!! Isn't it funny how they promised him all sorts of stuff they told ME they couldn't do. Hard luck, i am changing ASAP.

Friday, August 29, 2008

yayyyyy Its Friday!

And tomorrow I am spending the day cropping with Friends AND its only 4 miles away :)
I am SO looking forward to this.
I still have lots of problems with my phone line but things are looking very slightly brighter at the mo.
Getting ready for school on Weds. We all go back on Weds. It will be lovely and quiet here for Dex sleeping off nights :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hate HATE Phones

But I won't bore you with all the problems we are having...big can of worms..BT and pipex/Tiscali being the worms!!
Thought I'd have a face lift...more Autumnal tones..It certainly feels like Autumn!!
I have been scrapping, but its stuff for ScrapaGoGo so can't show you just yet. Will do something later today.
Dan had a great day out at Ipswich yesterday and Nats is at the Circus today..Then we are getting last few bit of uniform ready for school next week.
Looking forward to spending a day scrapping with my sis Anet and some great friends on Saturday... ALL Day :) :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Bank Holiday

Hummmm..I am not a big fan of bank holidays. Always used to be when family gathered and we don't do that anymore :( People are busy.
We scraped enough dosh together to have a Mc donalds (yuk!) the kids liked it anyway. Then we had a quick look around the Range...lots of Christmas stuff!
I did eventually remember to take lots of photos today..not very exciting though.
The children have been arguing all day to day and i am sick of it ..I will be glad when they are back at school!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A wet Sunday and blog Candy

What a suprise!! A wet bank hol weekend!! LOL

The image above is the blog candy that Dawn is giving away. Go check it out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am tired now.

Been cleaning know the bits that no one else does, under the sofa and the skirting boards..tidying shelves etc. I had a moment of panic when i started to hoover Nat's bedroom...Its like tiring to hoover the garden!! The hoover blocked and cutout..thought I had broke it..........thank goodness once it has cooled down. it was OK! I am refusing to try to hoover it again until she has picked some of the stuff off the floor..She likes to scrap but is the messiest I know!

While the boys were at football, i also finished off a few cards. I used Heidi Grace papers and stamps.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I LOVE you Steph!!

My wonderful Sister had just sorted out my horrible problem with pipex and saved me LOADS!
Pipex have been phoning me twice a day to let me know that i am in arrears and please can i pay my bill. Even though i had their blessing to pay in two instalments they were telling me that my phone would be cut off.
I was worried about my broadband service if they cut the phone, so phoned Steph to ask. She told me to phone Virgin ( who are my ISP ) to see what they could offer :)
I did, I spoke to a man i could understand !! Yayy! For the same price that i already pay them, i can also have free weekend and evening UK calls AND my broadband has been upgraded. How cool is that!!
So next time Pipex call, and they will, I can ask them to send me a closing statement..because they are no longer my phone service providers!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............And i can pay them next month :)

Happy Birthday Becca!!

Have a wonderful 16th Birthday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How many posts in one day!!

I need to get out more LOL!!
Some cards made yesterday and today.

ScrapaGoGo's August LO's

Lots of lovely Heide Grace stuff in this kit. Gorg colours too :) The LO below is a redo of one of the first ones i did for ScrapaGoGo , three years ago..These two are just about to start year 10!

And some Brill news

My clever beautiful niece Just got her GCSE results SIX A's and two A*'s ..I am really really pleased for her. She is at 6th form nx year.

Okay..I'll get the moan over with first..

Sorry to moan YET again!!
I keep getting phone calls from our provider..PIPEX Grrrrrrrrrr I HATE them and will be changing very soon. As i said a few posts ago, Meg ran up the phone bill, they were going to take £137 out of our account last week..So I phoned, explained that Meg had Learning probs, didn't understand about the cost etc. Please could I pay half this month and half next. ( perfectly reasonable I thought ). The woman said yes, she'd cancel my DD and i should pay by card and then set up DD again afterwards when I had paid the second part of the bill.
I have had three calls so far telling me I am in arrears and that unless I pay the full amount by Aug 25th , our service will be suspended!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it, I explained that I have three children with LD and medical health problems and that no way should they cut our service. Had a looooooooooooooog conversation with a woman last night but I still don't know if they will cut the service. I had asked that we have a code put on the phone so that you can make free calls or emergency but have to dial a code before the main no. I think that is the only way to stop Meg phoning her friends at peak times or their mobiles. They said that they don't offer this service..I have asked three different operators...considering how big the company is, I find it hard to understand. They will put a ban on calling mobiles..useless to me as I need to be able to contact Derek..especially if i have a problem with the children. Ohh and when i originally signed up with U SWITCH, who were taken over by pipex, I had a ban on all premium no's...when i got my bill , Meg had also been phoning BB an 090 no!! SO pipex had changed our service and I was unaware.
Sorry but it really makes me mad and I already have another service provider lined up for when I have paid the stupid bill..a small company that will give me fre evening and weekend calls, an automatic ban on 090 No's AND will put a code on the phone and a discount for phoning mobiles!!
rant over ( for now ;))

Will be back later with cards and LO's :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Car cost £381 !!!!!!!!!!!! .........................sob!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A couple of cards

I have actually done bits of a few more. Spent the morning painting loads of Magnolia images that were part of a swap AGES ago.

Sorry i seem to be lopsided today..will redo them later. Got to cook tea and then meeting some friends from work..We go back in two weeks! EeeeeeK!

Feeling a bit miserable this morn :(

I know it will pass , probably before lunch..takes up too much energy to feel like this and I am lazy!
I had a phone call about my car :( It failed its MOT on Friday ..needed new headlights as the glass in mine is too yellow ??! They had to be ordered and also the hand break ..Its gonna cost over £300 ...My specs were £300 and Meg ran our phone bill up by phoning her friend on a mobile , an extra £130 ..Its been a really expensive Summer :( Ohh and the tax credit people over paid us ( my fault..i forgot to tell them when Dan dropped to medium rate care..not that there is anywhere on the form to do that) Anyway they are taking it out of our allowance.. I know its only money ...Not the end of the world and there are lots of people much worse off ( sorry for wining if you are one of them) Its just when it all happens over a space of a week, its a bit depressing..but hey I won £25 LOL Okay enough now! If you are still with me WELL DONE!
The great thing about being creative, is that its VERY therapeutic and i intend to be creative to day. Will be back to show you later .
Found this on Jakey's blog:

The Recipe For Soojay

3 parts Instinct

2 parts Ingenuity

1 part Cleverness

Splash of Delight

Sip slowly on the beach

Monday, August 18, 2008


Just trying to add a sig

A couple more cards

Made using Magnolia Stamps. The second just uses stamps and a little glitter.


Well it is nice and quiet here ATM. They are out playing..Meg on her bike and Dan ( who has only just got up) at the green playing football.

It would have been my mums Birthday Today , I can't imagine what she would have been like at 72! Its been 10 years since we celebrated her birthday..................sigh

Meg asked me to make a card for one of her friends. Its the one above.

I have been doing stuff for ScrapaGoGo's Sept Kit ..the image is on the blog now (along with the classes for the Anniversary) :) Lovely stash.

And i have entered a comp...Not done that before!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

And its back!!!

The rain that is..lovely wet miserable day here! Poor Meg persuaded Dex to get her a secondhand bike yesterday ( as she has out grown hers and we can't afford a new one) She spent most of yesterday biking around with her friends but they won't be out today!
Nats has gone off for a day at the forest ..hope there is shelter or no rain there!
Where HAS the summer gone!! I only have 16 more days before i go back to work..I have done nothing!!!! ..Well that has been nice and i have scrapped and blogged ! LOL BUT..I was going to decorate the house ..nearly every room needs doing and the garden is only half done.
Maybe I'll do a bit next week LOL...or not...I like being lazy :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Been Playing

A little more of August's kit :)

No Matter what

...they say..Boyzone was great!! :) They sang all my faves and did a Micheal Jackson Medley too. Dex was surprised that he enjoyed them too. It was VERY crowded and being SO short , I had to stand well back to see above all the tall peoples heads.

Ohh and we won £25 on a race..I only let him bet on one race :) It was nice to see how the other half lives and funny too..too much make up ..skirts ( belts) too short and weird hats!

I was also surprised to see so many people i knew! Bumped into two ex boyfriends..Well one didn't recognise me as its been 30 yrs and i am still not quite sure if it was him. Anyway we had a wonderful time.

After all the fuss about getting that blasted camera yesterday..the photos were crap! I didn't take many ..i forgot ..too busy looking about ..ahh well. crappy photo above!

Back to scrapping

Still lots going on over at the GoGo House with spot prizes too.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Apart from my MOT.........Nats woke me up at 6.45 saying that she thought someone knocked on the door...they didn't ..She still asleep in bed ..i have been up ever since!

Started to watch "The Gilmore Girls"........Dex and Dan ( Dan went to work with him last night) phone me a few times, Meg gets up. needs blood test ,injection and breakfast. I take my car down to local mechanic. Start watch E +1 coz i missed the scond half of the progamm...Dan and Dex come home, Meg comes in. They all want my attention. So i miss "The Gilmore Girls again".

Dex popped into Asda on his break this morning pick up a camera on special that can fit in my bag for tonight....We are going to see Boyzone tonight. When we unpacked it, everything is there EXCEPT the camera!!!! He has just had to go all the way back to Ipswich to get it ( 20 miles) ..I can't coz i have no car...he ought to be sleeping off nights.

Dan was going with him but Dex asked him to close the car window( so he could put the air con on) but Dan lost it and came in swearing and in a filthy mood ( probably tired ) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And we haven't got half Way though the day yet!!!!

Pic is of the camera that we shall eventually take with us..they ought to throw in a spare memory card too!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Almost £300 for new specs. I need vari focals (SP?)which are so expensive. My frames were half price and i went for the cheapest option. Meg got TWO new pairs for £25 ( special back to school offer) ...I did say that i had to go back as well in Sept but she just gave me a stern stare LOL
Dex and i went for our meal ..yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ( i only just got back from opticians in time!) and we went to see if Aldi's was open but it was shut..still managed to save £60 on the food bill at Asda though i forgot to buy coffee..durr

We have Sunshine!

Woke up to lovely sunshine this morning :) Not sure how long it will last . Doesn't it make SO much difference...I don't mind whether it is hot or cold as long as there is lots of sunlight!Natalie Is off to start voluntary work at a local Oxfam today. Her Mencap worker is supporting her for a couple of weeks and then hopefully , she will be on her own. They tried a few months ago at the local British heart foundation and she was doing really well but the manager wouldn't let her stay without support :( ..They weren't even paying her!! And they gave her jobs to do that frightened her steam cleaning the clothes ( she has dyspraxia as one of her diagnosis's ..clumsy) but she was trying hard and even learned to get on the and off the bus, sort the money out and get there on time by herself...Hope it goes better with Oxfam.
Meg and I have eye tests this afternoon..I hope it doesn't cost too much as we both need new specs..Meg has been asking about contacts, can diabetics wear contacts?? I will ask today.
This is the sketch LO from yesterdays ScrapaGoGo's challenge And a peek at Augusts create kit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ha! That'll teach me...

...I jinxed it! The carer just phoned to cancell tonight :( ..Hopefully she will be able to come tomorrow night.

First challenge

Is up at the club house today. Its a sketch challenge, done by Karen, I also had a go and did an example too..sneaky peek above. That's the thing with sketches..even using the same papers, you can still get a completely different LO.

I got up nice and early today as i knew the children would lay in till gone 10. It was sweet while it lasted ....sigh. It has stopped raining ( again) so Dan is off out to play football and Meg is playing Mario Kart (AGAIN!) ..but just this second got chucked off for screaming ...grrrrrr! I really don't know HOW Dex manages to sleep off nights during all this!
We are off out for a our Wed night meal and Tesco's tonight ..ALONE yayyy boy do i need that this week. LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soaking Wet Tuesday

I was woken to the sound of the postman knocking on the door ( poor man was dripping wet too!). He had an Artbase parcel not for me but for Natalie!! She asked me to order some stash for her..she is not content with just Nets and my cast offs and wanted a box with HER name on it! Well at least she will be busy today.. I sorted out some photos for her AND some of my stash.

Today ScrapGoGo start the celebrations for our third anniversary . The time table of events is
HERE on the blog. Looks like some really great prizes including a ticket to the GoGo Retreat!!!! How cool..wish I could enter!! Anyway if you are taking part ..Have fun :)

Whho Hoooo While i have been typing , its stopped raining! I might be back later.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday ...rubbish title i know!

Not sure if i like this one..I think its a bit too "noisy" might have another go at this challenge later.

Dan went to work with Dex last night. It was SO quiet till they got home.then its like some sort of earthquake. Dan and Meg just cannot get along ATM..They start off ok and always ends in shouting,screaming and foul language. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Nats is at Thornham Forge workshops today.

It looks like it is going to be another dull day, i haven't seem much sun yet.

Nothing exciting to tell you to blog hop.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Miserable Sunday

The children are playing up and Dex has been in a funny mood all day :(
I have been working on my September LO's for ScrapaGoGo and there's a new challenge at the Sarah Kay web site.
Two of my sisters are on their way back from Liverpool , they went to my cousin's wedding. I couldn't go but really wish I had been able to.
Ahh well lets hope its a lovely sunny day tomorrow.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dull, rainy Saturday

Meg seems to be obsessed with Mario Kart on the Wii ATM. She is desperate to beat her cousin , who has had the game for a few months now...we got ours just over a week ago! She doesn't normally show much interest in gaming so this is quite a surprise for me. Hopefully the batteries will need charging soon and we can have a rest, because its NOT keeping her quiet! No, she shouts at the characters on the screen!.............sigh.
Now its raining today and Dex and Dan have gone to football, so Meg has been playing for sometime now. I am sure the batteries will need to be recharged soon.
The photos are taken over a couple of days..Those are her PJ's ..which she insists on wearing while playing and i have to seal to wash on the rare occassion that she goes out!