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Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to school

I can't believe how tired I am!! It was so dull and dark and cold when i came home :(
I am definitely a Summer person.
Had a great day out at Wyverstone on Saturday, though i didn't do much scrapping ( surprise) just finishing off an 8x8 baby book for my niece, have only got a couple more pages to do and i can send it off.
Its Dad's Birthday tomorrow ...poor thing stuck in hospital :(. Can't go up as the children are desperate to celebrate Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not much scrapping :(

I have done a LO but it is for my UKs team scraplift challenge and i can't show you till they are all done.
Have a splitting headache that just won't go today. Probably due to Dan having to stay up late and get up early for his sleep deprived EEG this morning. I thought i was really clever as i managed to get it on the same day as Megs Diabetic appointment. Dex came straight from work to help in case the appointments overlapped ( they did ) I also popped in to see dad, who is looking and sounding a lot better . He knew what was going on and he made sense. Still hoping to be home soon though.
Went to pizza hut on the way home and saw Lorraine and family . Meg knocked over a very large salt pot after lunch and then started to cry , so went ...sorry didn't get to say Bye Lorraine.
Looking forward to a lay in tomorrow, Wyverstone on Sat and then getting ready for school on Sun.
Right off to watch Greys in a min . OOOOOOOOOO that reminds me , found some great paper at Ness's shop last week with quotes all over it and in one corner it says " pick me, choose me, Love me " by Meredith Grey really need to watch to get it LOL

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ali Edwards No 13

Am amazed that I got this done today with the amount of interruptions!! Dan has been as high as a kite ( dunno if it had anything to do with his fit). Anyway his OCD has also been rife and he has tidied EVERYwhere bless him!!
The challenge was to use 8 bits of pattered paper as a boarder, so i used the paper that came free with The Scrapbook mag.

Twas a busy weekend

We went to visit dad at Ipswich hospital. Well Nats and I did , Dex took Meg and Dan to Subway for lunch as we thought that all of us would be a bit too much for him.
He was up and sitting in his wheelchair and although a bit frail, didn't look too bad. Unfortunately ( probably due to painkillers, anti inflammatories and antibiotics ) He hadn't a clue about where he was or what he was doing . He kept talking about all sorts of weird stuff, including seeing things that weren't there :(
He was like this after his second op in Jan but we thought that it was due to the amount of morphine he was on and how little he was eating. The staff nurse had only met him that day , so i explained that this wasn't dad and normally he was extremely "with it". They did some tests to find out if he has an infection but i have not heard yet.
Saturday we went to Hoverton , to the scrapbook fair :) Was a lovely day . We saw lorraine and Kirsty ( I picked up my lovely DT kit for Scrapagogo for Nov kit ), Saw Ness and Mel. Nats and I did Lorraines class , we were joined by Meg, Dan and Dex..sorry ladies LOL ( dan and Dex just watched and tormented us!)
Nets came and the children were delighted when Raymond arrived with Rosie..big family outing for us then LOL.
Looking forward to Wyverstone next week but that will be my last crop this gets too busy.
Poor Dan woke up at 8 ish this morning sobbing ( he is 13 and doesn't cry much) he also had a bad headache which meant he probably had another fit last night :(
We have an appointment at Ipswich Hosp on Thursday morn ( 8.30!!! know that means we have to be up at about 6!) for another EEG, Meg has an appointment at the diabetic clinic at is only across the car park so i am hoping we can do them both ..probably fit in a visit to dad too!
I do intend to spend as much time as possible scrapping over the holiday ( fingers crossed)
We have a lady coming to see us tomorrow about respite ( which means that Dex and I can go shopping together without the children each week), just hope they they are able to look after Meg with her diabetes too..shouldn't be too much of a problem as she wouldn't need an injection. It's just that nothing is EVER straight forward with us LOL!
Just had a phone call to say that Dan's glasses have been fixed ( he only had them 2 months!) and mine need to go in, i paid to have them react to light but they don't!! So I am off to Diss when Dex gets home.
Have a great day anyone reading this ..if you have got this far LOL LOL

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where You Want To Be

LOVE this and have often wondered who the song was about! So sad.

Scrapagogo's October Kit LO

Love these papers and stamps

Friday, October 20, 2006


On holiday for a week! LOL Hopefully a week of lay ins.
Going to visit dad tomorrow and Hoverton on Sunday ( scrapbook fair )..pray for lots of sunshine so Dex can take children for a walk and big mac while i shop/scrap :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just a quickie

Before i watch Extras and then Greys :)
This was started at the scrapping Angels Crop a few weeks ago..finally got round to finishing it, though i have just noticed as i have scanned it, i have bent both flowers!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


really tired..thank goodness it's half term next week and my darlings don't wake up too early. The children at school are getting "high" and their behaviour is a little wearing.We have pink day on Friday ( raising money for breast cancer), i have to find something pink to wear!! Megs school is also doing this and she wants me to dye her hair...not sure.
Tried to talk to dad this evening as he has had his op now. Wasn't able to as he won't pay for the phone next to his bed and the nurse says theres no other phone :(. I made her write down a message from us all to him.
Have been VERY bad today and ordered these stamps from papermaze..I was moaning at how much Dex spent the other day too!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

And NO 12

Of Ali Edwards challenges: to use woven paper as a background for journaling etc. Sorry for the overload of sloppyness. LOVE Elton John's "The One" First two verses printed out. All chatterbox paper and embossing with red/gold powder.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ali Edwards NO 11

Done. Sorry scanner has scanned this a bit on the squiffy and completely cut of the lace along the bottom. You get the idea though..The "O" in over on the transparency , is the bridge between the different pattered papers.
Was really looking forward to going to Hoverton this Sunday and had planned the whole day..even our brekki..except it's NOT this Sunday ,its next!! Its thrown me a bit now LOL
Poor dad has been put on hold for his op as there are no beds!! He has to phone in the morning. He is having all sorts of weird pains in his "leg" tonight..If you are reading this dad (((hugs))) Hope it is over with soon!! Speak to you tomorrow.
Looking forward to half term ( and some lay ins) though it is not for another week yet. We have finally been doing the "school safe" to deal with difficult and dangerous behaviours..certainly opened my eyes!
Nets and Rose coming to see us tomorrow ..must remember to take photos!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not sure about this

but i am going to show you anyway. Was looking on Ali Edwards blog the other day. She had a challenge to do a month in family life.This is my version.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I am Cheating

By combining this weeks speshal Dare ( to use a song title or Lyrics ) and Ali Edwards No 10 ( to print onto patterned paper).
This is Elton John's ( and MY )Daniel.
When ever i heard the words to this song, it always reminded me of Cavell ( our first son , who died in 1990). When we were ready to have another child, i wanted to name a son after Cav but without it being obvious. Daniel fits the bill perfectly...So, Dan is named after his older brother Cavell :)
This LO also is to celebrate my darling son turning into a teenager today.

Happy Birthday

to Daniel , who is 13 today :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

This weekend

I made myself a list of all the scrap booking related things I want to do..ohh I had no illusions that i would do them all..but to finish one would have been good.
Had intended to laze about yesterday and maybe not even get dressed LOL. Forgot that Meg was being picked up ( along with another friend) to go out for the day. Nets, Raymond Rose and Charlie came round for a little while too...Good job I dressed!!
Today we had to shop food!! And get Dan his Birthday Present ( he is 13 tomorrow). He wanted a phone ( of course) , now we have FIVE to charge up and keep in credit ( not that I ever remember to charge , or use mine!)
As you can imagine ( if you know my darlings) they were all quite
Bumped ( literally) into Lorraine and children in Tesco's ..Hi Lorraine :)..She was having almost as much fun as i was LOL..Hope Harry got his treat.
As to my list:
1) To do the two cards for this months ACT swap ( I should do a batch ..never do , get everything possible out and make just two!)
2) To do the next Ali Edwards challenge ( i am up to NO 10 )
3) To make Dan a birthday card ( have to do this tonight!!)
4) To make a cover for a babybook i made MONTHS ago to give to a friend before her child reaches 1!!
5) To do this weeks Speshal dare ..have actually started, but don't hold your breath.
6) To make a card and baby book for Donna ,Dex's niece

I am sure there is other stuff too.
First i have homework ( still) to do with Meg and get them in bed in time for Jane Ayer (sp?) ..still awake???

Friday, October 06, 2006

Speshal Dare 22

Only half an hour late! LOL...not bad for me then!
So glad it is the weekend ..don't like this time of the year when we know that summer is most definitely over. I could quite easily hibernate.
Busy at school ( attachment theory...not impressed :(), Governor meeting at Dans school hour meeting tow and a half hours travelling to get there!
Poor dad has been back to hosp as his knee is still not healed and the docs have advised him to have it removed. I am sure he is devastated. They think the bone is infected . He has suffered so much , this will be his fourth amputation on his legs.
Not a great day at school as it was non uniform day..always makes the children "high" especially on a Friday too. The afternoon lessons were almost a waste of time.
So...hopefully a nice quiet weekend??

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ali Edwards challenge NO 9

Finally .............

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Scrapagogo DT Lo's

A couple of Lo's from past kits both were of the wedding we went to last year. It was at Babington House ..a really gorgeous place. We stayed two nights and had the time of our lives. Jamie Cullum was also at the wedding and in the room down the hall from us :)
The first is of Dex (right) and his two older brothers.
Second is his brother , SIL and niece ..who gave birth to a baby girl yesterday..Congratulations Donna!

A couple

of Lo's i finished off from last weeks crop at the scrapping angels retreat.
Had a great day yesterday at Wyverstone, managed to do the ready steady crap challenge. Those days go too fast but at least i am always inspired when i get back. Some VERY talented scrappers. Ness brought her shop and i think i bought everyone of the new Kelly Panacci papers ...yum. I MUST use them!!
Been a horrible rainy day here and i have been doing boring things like the washing and Megs homework.
Hope everyone had a great weekend ..its over far too quickly.