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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick update

Sorry no photos..forgot to take some Christmas morning!!! I have some of more decs that i made and Meg building half a snowman- she got fed up half way though LOL
Nothing much going on here except loads of chilling and getting up late. The children were all very happy with their presents and i have hardly seen them. Derek and I tried to cut down on our spending but still bought each other the same Ipod docking station/radio. LOL
Derek is back at work and I still have no car but hope to sort it out next week :D:D
Will be turning the dinning room back into my scrapping room over the weekend and am going to to Dolly's Project this year as it is a big year for me.
Will update when I have some photos ..Until then HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

This is my IACW Star..I am afraid that i just couldn't get the back to go as well as the front , but you cant see it anyway. I may have another go next year but with out the thick card.

My Christmas banner. I still have another to do :)

I quite like it with the lights behind.
I have spent most of the day sorting and tidying Natalie's room. It was like a black hole. She really isn't able to keep it clean and tidy by herself and i haven't been in for ages! I took three bags of clothes and rubbish out. I also sorted out her PC so that she is now online ( hopefully will not want to use MY PC anymore!)
Rubbish on TV to night , i might watch "The Wedding Singer " though :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

House bound

In the snow! As you know , my poor car is waiting till i can afford to sort it out (after Christmas), so , with all this snow, i haven't been out of the house since Friday. The thought of two weeks stuck in with MY family is already driving me slightly crazy! I am hoping for a little thaw so i can at least go for a walk ( preferably on my own ;))
Derek is off work now for a week. We have some food shopping to do on Wednesday at Asda ( hope its not too busy!)
Been making some Christmas banners to day, will photograph tomorrow.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back Tracking

Our Christmas Meal last Thursday. Just a few of the WONDERFUL women who work in the SEN department at school. ( there are 16 of us - 15 now i have left )I will miss them dearly next term when I am at the other end of the school but will continue to gate crash any parties!
I was presented with a very large beautiful Orchid from Lou ( who started the same day as me) and a beautiful silver necklace and a scrapbook album to fill. I also got a fab secret Santa gift ( We had to open them on the night) - a set of 6 women's fiction books - one called "How to kill your husband and other household tips" LOL , I shall read that first ;)


Actually , it started a little sooner than expected yesterday. I went into school as we were still open but the children were sent back home as quite a few teachers couldn't get in. So i missed my last day as a teaching assistant LOL. When I go back in January, I shall be part of the behavioural support/pastoral care team.
Got up late today..its still thick snow outside and very cold. Watched ( and cried to) Jack Frost.
I made some mince pies and sausage rolls. Need to cook some more tomorrow, Choc log and sweetie gifts.
All my boxes have homes now. I will make some more in the new year. I haven't done a layout for over a month now and am getting twitchy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Labour of Love

First, I have only just finished this so sorry about the quality of photos ....its DARK here!
I have copied the whole thing from Elaine . I didn't have a leaf punch so drew and cut out my leaves. I made the tropical leaf stamp in the same way she did. I still love hers much more than mine but it was fun to do. My box is also a different size. I have made it for my secret Santa at work for a lady from Australia..hope she likes it.

Elaine sells the ladybugs and the butterfly stamp at her shop. The flowers were made using my slice and a punch.

I intend to make some more but probably not till after Christmas now ( as they take a bit of time and i make such a mess!!)
Last week at work before Christmas and also my last week as a teaching assistant. From Jan I start my new role in the school as part of the pastoral care team. I shall miss being in the classrooms but will get chance to spend more time with the pupils.
Till next time.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More from last weekend

A fairy box! Meg has already earmarked this one!

The stamps (incl. the fairy ones are from Lavinia stamps )
And one from a stamping up set.

I am half way though another for a friend and made a small order from HERE
so i could make some of the other boxes as Elaine and her Mum Janet also have a shop
and design their own fab stamps.
In other news..WE HAVE A CAR!! Yes Derek's is back ( cost us a fortune !!) It is still a bit damp and we have had problems with the alarm going off, just hope that the more he drives it, to dryer it will be. It doesn't help that it is so cold. Can't afford to get mine looked at till after Christmas now, but at least Derek can get to work and a hosp. appointment on Monday.
Not put our tree up yet ..possibly tomorrow..maybe ..LOL

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Finally something to look at !

I have Had this Lady's Blog saved in my favorites for ages now and last night i though i would actually make one of her MAGIC boxes. While it isn't a patch on hers, i am quite happy with how it turned out. Go look though her blog , you will be amazed! I found a tutorial on there too to make the box.

I am half way though my second one and Meg wants me to make some for her friends for Christmas presents.

These are a few Christmas cards i have made over the last few days/weeks.
All quite simple and using up scraps

Painting spare chipboard letters and then using crackle paint over the top.

Using the slice machine.

Scraps of Christmas paper.

snowflake stamp to make a tree.

I DO love this making memories sparkly paper.
Things aren't much better here as BOTH our cars are still in the garage. We are supposed to go Christmas shopping ( if we have any cash left!) on Tuesday, so, cross your fingers that we have a car to use or we will be staying home.
Right back to crafting with the odd it of tidying thrown in so i don't feel too guilty :)