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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another month just whizzed by!

 This time of the year is SO busy. I have managed to get on a year 8 school trip to Pleasure-wood Hills. its YEARS since i have been- the rides are much scarier- Not that I tend to go on them. This one "Wipeout" was very popular with some of our younger staff and of course the children. We do take our yr 9's to Alton Towers as a treat for good behaviour  but its usually busy and there are queues for the rides. There were no queues here!

 The weather wasn't great BUT it did not rain at all and it wasn't too cold so I can't complain. I did go on the ghost train ( not too scarey - especially after the week in Inclusion that I had had!!) 

 We watched the sea lion show - so Cute.

 Last week was our year 11 prom - I was a bit late arriving to take the photos I usually do of them arriving.

 Some of our fav girls :) Most are staying on to go to 6th form.

I am off to see Robbie on Tuesday night ( I know a SCHOOL night!!) . A friend at work had a spare ticket so why not :)
We still have year 13 prom and a few staff's leavers "dos" to attend too.
In other news : Derek is finally able to go back to work , although his route changes daily .
Dan has finished college for the Summer ( alright for some) He seems to have become nocturnal agiain!
Derek and Dan are preparing for a trip Wales in August and I have another (bigger) bedroom to decorate- glutton for punishment!

Love Soojay xx