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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week three of Emily's Challenge

Prompt is "I am"..
Not a great scan i am afraid .
I am very lucky not to have been fined for forgetting my tax and am now completely legal........sigh.
Dad came home for a visit yesterday , with an entourage of OT's and social workers. The hosp are desperate for his bed and he is to be sent home soon. At least they now agree that he should not be cooking at all, not even making a cup of tea!! I have to pop round on Sunday and rearrange his kitchen so he can't reach anything dangerous. They are recommending a carer three times a day and meals on wheels. I also have a little list of things to do.
Dex is off out to a Christmas meal !!?? tonight AND staying over, so i should get some time to scrap..yayyyyyyyy!!
Got the "Just like snowflakes" Yummy kit today and want to play with that. Also got the Basic Grey Magnetic cutting mat from Ness at Papermaze..Thanks :) very quick delivery!! ( thought you were at CHA?)
Made a lovely new friend ( Mellie) today from one of the scrapping boards...we have SO much in common.
I am aware that i am now twittering so will stop LOL...back soon

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sorry need a little moan

Please don't send hugs, i just need to type it out and move on LOL. Nothing dreadful just life. I help with the special needs homework club on a Tuesday ( for the children who can not do it at home or cannot organise them selves to do it)For an hour after school. I was only saying this evening that i ought to get Megs taxi driver to drop her on the way home as she certainly fits in with this group. So after homework club and then tea, I start again with Meg, she is not capeable of working on her own at all and needs lots of help. Also lots of nagging to actually sit down to do it. It is now just gone 9pm and i have now finished...sigh
Also while de icing my windscreen this morn, I noticed that my tax was over due!!!! I felt like a criminal!! Dex paid it as soon as he got home on line but i still have to wait for the disc to arrive. I have no idea when it came or where the reminder is !! But have had to do so much paper work recently. Megs Disability living allowence was due for renewal over Christmas and with dad in hosp, i have had my mind on other things. Still might get a fine in the post :(
These are by no means big things and i am already feeling much better...just a bit too worn out to do anything for me (again!!LOL)
Will have a go at Emily's new promp tomorrow ( hopefully)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Finished my DT LO for Scapagogo...feels good. I really LOVE these kits...i don't always read the previews so that i get a suprise each time the kit arrives...I am always amazed at the FAB stash that arrives...far too much for me to use on even a couple of LO's. Lorraine is off to CHA next week and i KNOW we are in for a treat with future kits :)
Do you know i am gonna go do some more now :)
Keep your fingers crossed that my children carry on being quite so i can get on. They have been sorting out thier rooms ( i didn't even tell them too!) , but i daren't go look to see what they have done. LOL

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My profile

Had to update as i am not 46 anymore!! Where DOES the time go to ??? AND why don't i feel "grown up" yet LOL
Had a lovely day doing nothing . A visit from Nets ( with yummy cakes) and even BETTER STASH LOL. Chineese tonight and birthday cake ( the children expect it ;))

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Week two

Prompt : Something powerful to you.

I make no apologies for using a heart again as anyone who knows me will know i am one of the soppiest people around. Doesn't have to be romantic love either..i really like that scene in "Love actually" where people are meeting at the airport terminal. Most definitely my driving force :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Emily's Challenge

For last week was to do an ACT of something that makes you proud. Mine is my marriage. Dex and I have been married for 24 years this year. We have had four children, we lost Cav 16 years ago and the others have all sorts of problems, we have had no money at times and for 10 years hardly saw each other as we worked in shifts. I have spent years ( probably ) worrying about him , first in the Falklands ( when he was in the RAF) and later at "shouts" as a retained fireman. We have most definitely had our fair share of rows and it has been hard ( I am sure there are still times to come). In 2000, we decided to renew our wedding vowes. The pic on my ACT is us cutting the cake.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

So much stash so little time.!!!

And no i doubt i will stop supplying my habit, even though i am stock pileing ( sp??) at the mo.

I have just got my Feb scrapagogo kit ...gorg!!

Just read Anna's blog where there is a link to Emily Falconbridge's new challenge, to creat an ACT each week . She supplies the promt, this weeks is "something you are proud of" I already have my playing cards and a tin decorated with a past scrapagogo kit. Going to give this one a go :)

Off out tonight to a Christmas meal ( we couldn't fit it in before Christmas LOL) with the playscheme commitee.

Going to visit dad in Hosp tomorrow ( dex was given a load of free"burger king" vouchers , so guess where we will be eating?) Need to pop to the range but have forgotten why ;)

Isn't it lovely to be able to finish work in the evenings and it is NOT pitch black :) ...sorry to all of you who work late.

Going to start my ACT right now xx

Sunday, January 07, 2007

And another pic

Of Rosie in Nats Christmas hat LOL ..bless

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Popped in for a visit today . What a sweetie...she always go straight to my computor, i have to find the kneebouncers site for her to play on. She made it VERY clear that the "orange" was hers alone! LOL and had a go at peeling it herself ( did a great job) The children adore her coming and fight over who is going to look after her ( meg usually wins! ) as you can see above.........i haven't worked out how to move the photos around in this new version of blogger yet!
Nets brought me some stash that we had ordered from the US , some yummy Sassafrass lass lace stamps and some Daisy D modern romance journalling die cuts ......I LOVE this range :)
Got Dex to watch Brokeback mountain with me tonight..he didn't want to but he really enjoyed it ( though he won't admit it to anyone else ;) LOL) ..It is a really beautiful film ..i LOVE the scenery too.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Only about six weeks late!!

The International Speshal Dare. Dreams......
This is Meg asleep in MY bed. I asked her what she was dreaming of later and she said "being a Mermaid princess , eating chololate cake". LOL I went a bit overboard with the glitter glue...just " discovered stickles. Mermaid was stamped and painted with H2O's.

Happy New Year

To you all...not i am not at all tipsy ;)