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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ha Ha Not a much better week!

Not to start with anyway. Our Wedding Anniversary on Monday (29 yrs) Too broke to do much and a big argument about money.
Tuesday dear hubby "lost" my debit card after I gave it to him to get me some money - thinks he left it in the bank not sure. So I cancelled it and ordered a new one - have to transfer funds my our account into daughter so i could get cash to pay for his car repairs. This week nearly £1,000 on both our cars and MOT :(
The tax rebate we had been waiting for for almost a year finally arrived but has been eaten up already so I still have to wait for new dish washer . I AM ordering it on Thursday though :)
New Card arrived in record time 2 days wow impressed.
Fell over at work on Weds- stupidly tripped UP some steps , thankfully no one saw - yes i did fill in an accident form. My boss also had an accident carrying a box upstairs on Weds . We both has a visit from the health and safety officer ha ha!We are both fine and bruises healing nicely.
Went to another funeral on Friday. A man who used to work with my dad . I became best friends with his daughter in the 70's. We went on holiday together and I was always at their house.Later he recruited Derek into the fire service and was in charge for a while.  VERY sad he had recently been battling with cancer.
We finally got the rest of our furniture at work (flat pack) but the caretakers were no where to be seen, so we put it altogether ourselves. Looks good too!
 The week got better after that ( well The weekend did) We finally went out locally to celebrate on Saturday with some friends- Derek got a bit too tipsy but thankfully we only had to walk home. After a little shopping today he has gone for a lay down.
Looking forward to next week (I WILL get my new dishwasher on Friday ...yayyy) and it will be half term the week after.

Back soon.
One of our year 11's

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not A Wonderful Week!

I am quite pleased it is over! its been busy busy busy at work although I do seem to have managed to keep up. We are still waiting for noticeboards and bits of furniture to arrive and the poor electrician turned up yesterday to put extra sockets and pc access point in but was not allowed to drill as there was a drama exam next door. He is coming back next week so cross your fingers.
A friend I had as a teen lost her dad last weekend - I practically lived at hers when I was growing up and went on holiday with the family. Her dad was responsible for getting Derek to join the fire service when we first moved back here. I haven't seen him for a while but am so sad he has died.
Money has been tight this week too - if feels like ages since I went out at the weekend - so I was also feeling sorry for myself. Derek's car needed loads spent on it for its MOT and there are the usual bills to pay.
He did finally hear that he will soon get a tax rebate (we have been waiting since before Christmas!) So it looks like I will soon be able to get my dishwasher so I can save a bit of time ( not to mention my hands!!)
 Missed Steph so much this week too, really wanted a chat with her.
 Found out that Derek is deficient in Vitamin strange , although he has worked nights since I have known him so it sort of makes sense. Anyway he has an intensive course of vitamin D tabs to take and a check up in a month.
 Meg has an appointment soon to get braces- that should be fun. The diabetic clinic are really pleased with her blood sugars at the moment.
Right better go and cook tea and sort a bit more laundry out .
Here's to Sunshine next week :) :)

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bye Bye year 11's

 Friday was their last day before study/exams so they came in in fancy dress :)
There were some great costumes - lots of boys came dressed as girls .

 There was the usual shirt signing and lots of hugs too.
I have to say that they were really well behaved.
We allowed them to throw water bombs outside in the sunshine at each other .
Unfortunately as i was taking photos( standing right in the middle of them) i got one in the face LOL.
my own fault and I soon dried out.

The culprit with myself and my Boss.

I wish them all the very best!!

Love Soojay xxx

Monday, May 07, 2012

De Cluttering

 Ohh My Goodness the shame!! I did know where everything was though ;) ..I needed a much less cluttered work space so it had to go - 90% of the stuff on there too.

 I desperately need some new "sitting" on furniture - this chair was dads but as soon as i can afford it, i am afraid its going. I need to do some major shredding too!! 

This is a bit better - i still have the books but you just cant see them now :) 
The old ikea shelves are in the utility room for laundry.

New improved working space with much less clutter :) 
Can you SEE all those pretty lights on the router working :) :) 

Unfortunately I have a way to go where my craft desk is concerned..onwards!!

Love Soojay xx

Friday, May 04, 2012

Ohh My Goodness

A WHOLE month with no internet!! Its been VERY frustrating especially with three blogs to run . I had no idea how much time i spent here! I AM going to try to spend less time but at the moment i am just catching up with stuff.
In The last month , so much has happened:
My Darling Sister Steph came home to her final resting place on 21st April . I know she wanted it to be a happy day and we did try. She is now with mum ,dad and Cavell. I love that photo of her ;)
 One of our ex pupils died in a car accident a couple of weeks ago , just after his 18th Birthday, he was one of my favorites - i had hoped not to attend another funeral so soon :(
 At work, our office is being refurbished and its looking good although it stressful as it is being done while we are working in it - nothing arrives when it is supposed to. Its a sad time of year as we will soon be saying goodbye to the yr 11's. They are busy sorting out their prom and more important "after party"!
 Derek and Dan have been away twice. Once to wales, to visit family and also last weekend to the army, navy rugby match at Twickenham.
Right I have "stuff" to do..i won't leave it so long next time :)

Love Soojay xx