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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quick Update

 Watched this last week- we bought it mostly because Meg wanted to see it so desperately. It was ok  but I wouldn't have gone to the cinema to see it. Not THAT impressed.

Still need to get to cinema to see this :) I don't want to go with the crowds but Meg wants to go this weekend- she has not read the book so is slightly more desperate to see it :)

Off shopping at some point this weekend to spend some of those Tesco vouchers- was unbelievably stupid and accidentally changed them into IN STORE vouchers to print off and spend in store and NOT online...not on purpose...i normally spend them online GRRRRRRR.
All is ok till you get to the £100 of FURNITURE vouchers ...Where the heck can you spend those instore!! ??
Any idea? Neither have Tesco! I spent two hours on the phone to various help centers and stores trying to find a store within 100 miles of me - so far no help. Tesco can do nothing about my stupid mistake. One guy had a great idea..go into a store and order from Tesco Direct and pay with the vouchers in the store - nope can't do that . Anyone know of a Tesco that sells furniture ( i wanted two bedside tables and an office Chair originally) in East Anglia??
Right i have been up a while and my fabulously lazy teens are still in bed - time to enjoy a little peace!

Love Soojay xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where's the Pause Button??

Life is moving to fast!! Work is manic, my boss/partner was ill for a few days so I was alone. I have just caught up (almost) with last week and have this weeks work to do tomorrow ha ha - Not going to happen!
I seem to have hundreds of bills coming though the door, car tax and this week two lots of travel for next term - for Dan and Meg @ £150 each, I was hoping to get through AFTER Christmas! On a positive note and also probably because we were too busy to do anything about it, we have managed to amass £210 worth of Tesco vouchers which I have doubled up on line so at least the bills are cancelled out ( If you understand my logic!)
My darling Sister Steph is not doing so well - She has throat cancer.
I am hoping to be able to go see her soon after she has a op on Monday to help her breathing.
I can't put into words how I am feeling at the moment - jeez life is unfair - she deserves so much better!

Love Soojay xx

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Madness

Some days you just need a laugh. This arrived to day and was waiting for me when I got home from a mad day at work. So far it has done the job. I won't say too much, although if you follow "her" on twitter, you may have read a bit of it already. My fav bit so far: Monday 10th January, We told Stephen junior that he's adopted this evening. He isn't, but there was nothing on TV.

I get my daft sense of humor from my dad and spending my days with teens.

Love Soojay xxx