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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ScrapaGoGo's July kit

Didn't get used as much as would have liked. It was GORG so i got it back out yesterday. Just added some fancy pants rub ons and altered thickers ( sorry Steph you haven't a clue what i am on about do you ? LOL)

This is my niece Eva , who is sunning herself in the Dominican Republic at the mo ( lucky girl ) with the rest of the Pizzies :)

Dex and i are off out for a meal and shopping soon ..yayyyyyyyyyyy The company that supplies our carer has be "sacked" so we loose her in Oct , so we are making the most of it :(..Knew it would happen, always does.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early post

I have the whole day in front of me ( well almost..i am aware that it is now just after 10)
Dropped Dex and Dan off at the station about an hour ago and my lazy girls are still asleep in bed. .................sigh.
I really should, tidy . sort , do washing, cook something scrumptious for tea.................BUT this time next week i shall be back at work...I LOVE it but it leaves very little time to do things i want , like blog, serf , scrap and read.
I have read three books this hol :) Two made me cry and the other was Harry Potter. Can't remember the last time i read and i love reading.
Anyway, back to today, i suppose it will be a mixture of pottering about and scrapping.
I have decided to hire a skip at the weekend ..we have SO much clutter ( apart from lots of weeds in the garden!).
Right , I'll go put some washing in the machine.............

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Well Dex is off for another week but he and Dan are off ( by train) to Ipswich Football club tomorrow. So, it SHOULD be quiet here! They are going with a group from Social services. There are about 50 children and carers go. They get to train on the ground and a guided tour. Dan always loves it ( so does Dex ;))

The LO is of my wonderful family : 3 sisters, 4 partners and 7 children :) I love them to bits. The photos were taken at the cemetery so, the missing members: Mum, dad and Cav, weren't far away. Anyway I enjoyed doing this even though it looks a bit "noisey"..looks better IRL.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I scrapped

This afternoon while the boys were at football. I have to say that now they are back, there is NO peace!! TV on PSP on full blast and Dan is also winding Nats up ..ohh joy.
The Lo is of Nets and Ericka.
the "Goth Girl" is from a range of stamps from the stamp attic designed by Jill Penny. I think they are really cool :)

At last!!

Beautiful hot sunshine .Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
Went to wyverstone yesterday and had a really good day, even doing Janice's challenge of using old stash and a sketch.
Today Dan and Dex have gone to watch Ipswich and Meg is out playing..Its heavenly here.I am finally going to listen to Darren new album :)

Friday, August 24, 2007


To everyone who got their exam results this week. Becca took a science GSCE, even though she is only yr 10 and came away with an A AND A*.
This is my Aug LO for ScrapaGoGo, I only managed one as we were dealing with dads funeral etc.
It STARS my Sis Anet.
I have spent the last few very dark, wet days making cards for the coming months birthdays. Tomorrow I am off to Wyverstone to crop :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Becca

If you accidently stray onto my blog ( WHY would a 15 yr old want to??)
Hope you have a great day with your friends.

Friday, August 17, 2007


We said goodbye to dad. He ashes were interned with Mum in Cavell's grave. It was really sad but at least all the children were there and able to say goodbye and take notes and flowers.
I know it might seem bad taste but afterwards, before we all went our separate ways, i took some photos. We are not often all together.
The following are photos of my favourite people in the world. My Family:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

And more

These were taken at Lands End.
I have no idea What meg is doing in the Dr who "shot". They had all been inside at the exhibition.
Love the one of them walking ..I think dex is showing off his Crocs..He seems to love them and wore them all holiday.

A couple more pages from my Hol book. both photos are from Praa Sands beach ...sigh :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Holiday book.

I won't bore you will all of it just the first few pages. The cover is just a piece of Creative imaginations "vibe" p paper that i have gone over almost every dot with stickles glitter glue or glaze gel pens.
I am using a little of this paper on each page.
The book is an 8" x 8" 7 gypsies blank book.

I have been scrapping ..honestly

Mostly for ScrapaGoGo and can't upload them for a little while ;)
But as they say on Blue peter " here's some I made earlier" :)
These were from the July kit

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rosie poopee

Came to visit us today. The "poopee" is her swear word,and she slips it into conversations and rhymes every so often. She KNOWS its naughty because she told me so. Little pickle!! She made us laugh anyway ( so sorry nets if we re enforced bad behaviour)...Its sort of essential in THIS house. A couple of photos from today and my lovely sis Nets :). She is holding the cushion up so you can't see my top secret ScrapaGoGo Lo that i am working on at the mo. ( and the mess in the scrap/dining room)


Monday, August 13, 2007

A few more piccies

First is St Micheals Mount, We didn't go over this time but stayed on the beach.
Then just for Steph, the shell shop in Penzance at night. I can remember going there in the 60's with mum and dad...sigh.
Then Meg on Praa sands beach
And finally the view at sunset from the living room window of the house...miss it already!

A couple of Photos

Hi Honey ...I'm home

Two glorious weeks at Praa Sands. Wonderful to NOT have a list of stuff to do.
We were really lucky with the weather and only had rain on one day. I can not describe the view from the house..breathtaking. I have tried to photograph it, video it . It just doesn't come close. We saw fireworks most nights too :)
it was impossible to watch TV in the evenings, we gave up in the end as the view is just so hypnotic.
We have been twice before and at least four times to Cornwall now. So we just went to some of our favourite places. Trebah gardens,St agnes, Lands end, Perranpoth, Sennen cove, penzance, and Truro. We visited Boscastle and Tintagel on the way home and went to Camelford (the best chip shop on the planet!)for lunch.
I will update later will photos.