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Monday, December 29, 2014

An eventful day

Meg has had a cold and sore throat over the Christmas hol- nothing much to worry about. Just extra blood testing to make sure blood sugar levels don't get too high. Then she started to throw up , not eat or drink and after 24 hours of this and some high blood sugars, I was worried about her have high ketyones so to be safe called the out of hours NHS line. They sent over a paramedic to make sure. The paramedic said he was not too worried but had made an appointment for us to see the out of hours doc at Ipswich hospital. So we made our way there and were told to wait. The place was HEAVING !1 there were at least three doctors working but we still had to wait for two hours to be seen. There were lots of people moaning about the service - I just felt sorry for the staff.
After seeing the doctor- he said there WERE keytones in her urine, we needed to go to the assessment ward in the hospital in case they wanted to run though some fluid to flush her system. We signed in and then waited... They took bloods, Urine and put a line in just in case. A doctor examined her after a couple of hours ( really busy here too). he was concerned that she had a lot of pain in her lower abdomen and wanted her to be seen by a surgeon just in case it was appendicitis. She had an x ray of her chest - I have to say they were very thorough. More waiting.... they took more blood tests and all the other testing. I was worrying the whole time about Dan and Nats being at home alone and my battery was not charged on my phone- i had remembered to bring my external charger but forgot the lead! luckily Meg had her lead so I was able to charge her phone and call Dan every hour to check on them. Still more waiting..... Dex had come straight home from work at about midday to get us to Ipswich, so had not had any sleep. We were moved onto a ward but still hadn't seen a surgeon and had no idea if we had to stay. Meg said she was feeling better and wanted to go home ( the av age of the ladies on the ward was 70). We were all tired and getting hungry now - even Meg.Derek popped out to get us a sandwich and a glucose drink for Meg. The surgeon came and said he was not worried about her , that he did not think she had appendicitis and we could go once the ward doc said we could. We asked a nurse how long this might be and she told us that he was really busy and it would be a few hours. This was at 11pm - but this time I was REALLY worried about Nats anfd Dan, tired and fed up . Meg was complaing about the canunelar in her hand and wanted to go home. So we ended up discharging opurselves at 11.30pm. Meg is fine today- has been sleeping and drinking.

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 Well thats it for another year. I am not the biggest fan of Christmas- I miss my parents, sister and son . Its is also pretty stressful sometimes. I have to say not too many big disasters this year. Nats was ill for a weel before hand and had to miss a few things, Meg is not well full of cold, lost her voice and this morning feels sick ( not great when you are also diabetic!) .
The hoover died yesterday, so we need to shop for a new one ( as well as a fridge- already on the list) .
Other than that not too bad :) 
Poor Dex is back at work today . I have until 6th Off - yayy. I do still have loads of stuff to make. The soaps and bath bombs seemed to have gone downm well - I may make some more :)
My course work all got handed in and accepted on time . Just waiting for final result.
Heres a few pics of our Christmas day 2014....
 LOADS of Gifts!

 A quiet moment on the x box before "they" get up.

 And we are ready, we usually open one prez and then have brekki ( homemade pancakes, bacon and mapel syrup) . Then attack the rest.

 Natalie loves owls and now IS one! 

I was pleased that Meg asked for an x box 360 and not an x box one - she is very happy :)

Happy New Year !!

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Massage bars

 The Massage bars use similar ingredients to the lip balms. They are just slightly harder ( use a little more bees wax) and instead of flavours, you use essential oils.
So far I have made rose and lemon bars ( cakes) - I use the silicone muffin cases and fill the about half full. I shall make more but have run out of some of my ingredients. 
Amazon SHOULD have delivered today - so much for garenteed one day delivery!
Looks like it will be Monday now.

I STILL havent had a go at making bathbombs - I do have everything ready to make them - except time!
Another 1500 word essay to do this weekend . I have almost finished my course now, just a few weeks to go . I am pleased to say that I am on track.
Now have to go be a taxi driver..

Love Soojay xxx