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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Birthday Girl

Madam did not want to pose for a photo- shame she has no trouble when its for her friends on Facebook!

We bought her loads of new clothes. She had seven - yes i counted SEVEN new tops!, underwear, a pair of shorts and some PJ's ( those are what she chose to wear). She also recently had her iPhone  upgraded and a pair of converse. And is off to the cinema on Friday, So well done Meg!

The hair needs doing but i hate doing it as its SUCH a mess.
Right even though 17, i still have a cake to decorate!

Love Soojay xxx

Monday, April 02, 2012

A Sunday Evening Walk

 Warning - picture heavy! Derek and I went to see a friend on Sunday evening. We walked though Eye to get there. I decided to take some photos as we do have some lovely buildings that we forget about.
I love the heart on these gates.

You can see one of the three Churches here - this is the main Church next to the primary school.

This is a rubbish photo of Eye castle seen from the Church grounds.
The sun was just in the wrong place.

A side door into the church.

Rear View of the Church.

Eye is surrounded by water- you have to cross water somewhere to get in or out of the town.
This is Abby Bridge.

Our country side is ideal for balloon flights and this time of the year , it is a common site.

Almost there - there were a couple of bottles of wine in that bag - good job we walked !!

Love Soojay xxx