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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Darren Hayes

I Love this one!

Love soojay xxx

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This picture of Meg was taken on the last day of school. Took a little while to get her to smile. To say that she found school difficult at times is an understatement. At five years old we found out that she was diabetic .We already knew that she had speech problems and learning difficulties. She was seen by the school Ed Psych. who said that she has an IQ of 48. She spent primary school in the area support class with a great TA. High school was also differentiated for her. She had a statement of educational needs, a school care plan and 20 hours of support (shared though) a week in a small class.
Today we went to get her results. She sat exams but only one was GCSE - Art . She was disappointed that she got an F, she thought it meant fail. Not only is it NOT a fail, it is not the lowest grade. She has done it all by herself, she didn't get any support at all in her Art class. She had a sweet art teacher but she found it hard to understand all of what was expected of her. I don't think she realizes how proud I am of her .
She already has a place at College - doing a life skills course. The tutors there taught her sister Natalie a few years ago. I know that she is scared but I have no doubt that she will love it .
Anyway just wanted to share

Love Soojay xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy Day

Yesterday was dark and wet - not a nice day at all - I am one of those people that NEED sunlight to be energized to do "stuff" and there was none. So, as I was on holiday and have been reasonably busy most of the time, I took the day off from the world and read Afterwards. I LOVED it and highly recommend it. You do need a day to yourself as it's un put downable!
Rosamund Lupton has only written two book so far and this is her second - I HAVE to read the first one now- appropriately called "sister" - Lets hope I can get it and read it before I go back to school.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Stuff

 Yesterday Nets and Rosie popped in. Not seen them for a few weeks.
Rosie brought her Hamma Beads to play with but I think nets enjoyed them more!

 Dan stayed at his friends for the night and the rest of us stayed up and watched the Inbetweeners season 3 on DVD. 

Today  Derek made bacon, egg and pancakes for breakfast ...yummmm.
I read a book - started Friday night and finished it this morning - Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. I have ordered the sequel from Amazon .

love Soojay xxx

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aldeburgh Festival

 Warning - picture heavy!
I went to watch Natalie take part in the Festival on Monday.
She had been away at Sizewell for the weekend at a place called Wardens , which is a trust for disabled people. Nats  goes most years. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny warm day.
The beach although stony at Aldeburgh , looked quite nice.

 There was a competition for the best dressed house - I liked this one.

 The start of the parade. There were THOUSANDS of people lining the streets and loads of floats, dressed cars and people taking part. The theme was "films". I saw a few hundred Dorothy's and Alice's.

 I did like the Avetar girls.

 Natalie decorated her t shirt and the people at Wardens all made hats and banners.

 Loved the car. Check out the kids sitting on top of the bus shelter :)

 Very sensibly carrying a bottle of water with her as it got very hot.

 There were dancers too.

She had a lovely day. We didn't stay until the very end but there was a bar b q and fireworks on the beach later. Two fun fairs and stalls all along the beach.

Love Soojay xxx

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tonight's Dessert

 We had cottage pie for tea - nice but not worthy of a photograph.
I made a plain old ordinary swiss roll for desert. Just flour,eggs and sugar- nothing fancy-whip up a little cream and add some juicy strawberries and this is what you get.

Gone in 10 mins!!

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhh Teenagers!!

Mine have been well and truly lectured, not sure HOW much good it has done though. They had got into a very bad habit of staying up really late (mostly watching rubbish films on late night TV and facebook, they don't go out after 10pm and there is no where for them to go anyway). This led to them sleeping till very VERY late the next day. In one way, this is quite nice because its quiet here.....BUT Meg is diabetic and Dan on meds for nocturnal epilepsy and getting up at 4pm is not good ! Its messing up Meg's injections and I am worried that Dan might start "fitting" again.
So, last night they were only allowed to watch TV downstairs with us and EVERYthing had to be switched off when I went to bed at 11.30. They still slept in till lunch (they are teens after all!) And it meant we had a few hours peace in the morning - Derek and I  went to a nearby garden centre for breakfast and to buy a cane to support Derek's Sunflower( I have no idea where it came from) .
 Well this afternoon I have ranted most of the afternoon about them bickering- I WAS going to get them helping me in the garden but its been raining.
They are, at this moment, laying about in the living room watching Harry Potter AND WWE at the same time- I can hear them negotiating when to turn over. Horrible!! Anyway, after warning them the TV's, Laptops and any trips out will be taken away, they seem to have settled a bit.
Its almost tea time but , for once, I am not cooking , Derek is :D ...I am off to meet a friend for tea and a chat .

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The boys are back

 And peace is shattered! 
I have been baking (to try and fill them up) 
The FABULOUS Debbie made these cupcakes for us at Debden a few weeks ago

 My Frosting tastes ok but it no where as pretty as hers.

Inside is a surprise Oreo.
They went down very well - I had to hide a few away for tomorrow!

Love Soojay xx

Thursday, August 04, 2011


 Megs Room- This is the smallest room in the house. We have tried all sorts of ways to furnish it. We bought her a high bed with a desk underneath it- It was a bit too high for me to change (being so short) but, worse than that, it wasn't easy to check on her in the night in case of hypo's - she has diabetes.
We bought a pretty metal framed bed- she jumped on it and bent the struts. Anyway over the years it has been dark pink and lemon yellow. It was well overdue to be decorated but she still wanted pink. There was photos of the "before" but she deleted them from my camera ( probably too ashamed of the writing on the wall and the torn paper). the radiator and skirting boards used to be purple - so needed a couple of coats.

 There is very little furniture in the room (to try and de clutter it) I also need to hang the photo frame and noticeboard. Curtains and bedding and storage boxes from next. Wallpaper, from B and Q.
Carpet from a lovely cheap online store that delivered the next day free of postage :)

Hopefully she will keep it tidy --------I doubt it though!

Love Soojay xxx