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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from the "Jones's"

 Christmas Eve- visits from Annette , Rosie and Raymond.
Sorry spending time catching up so not great photos! Also had a visit from Andrea and Graham  - No photos! fail!!

 Looking forward to morning 

Sending kisses.

 He's been! 

 Poor Dan up in daylight!! Not really with it.

An Owl mug for Nats - who love all things "Owl" ( except the one that often keeps her awake in the tree outside!)

 A Camera For Meg.

 A Rugby shirt for Dex.

 He also asked for a saving pot for a trip later next year.

 Look at the mess!! Meg in her giraffe onesie.

 Dan almost awake now .

 One of my Prezzies 

 From Annette- I have wanted this for sometime - the four of us together forever.

Dex bought my calender for school - the kids will moan :D

 Funny girl.

 An Owl T shirt :)

 Dan wants one now after trying on Megs.

 Who would have thought!

Buffet for tea tonight ( thanks pinterest )
Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas xx

Love Soojay xx

Friday, December 13, 2013

Long Time no see!

 Guess where I went yesterday? I was So lucky to be asked along on the school media Studies trip to Warner Bro Studio...and see the Harry Potter tour.
I really loved it all . Every detail is taken care of.
Here is Harry's room under the stairs.

 The great hall..all decked out for Christmas.

 Snape, Hagrid and Filch.

 Dumbledor's Office.

 I loved all the little details.

 Outside in Privet Drive.

 The Potters house.

 Hundereds and hundreds of props.

 Outside every half hour it snows!!

 Drinking Butter Beer in Diagon Ally.

 A beautiful painting of Dobby - He is there too.

Just a small part of a magnificent Hogwarts model.

There is SO very much more to see and I will definitely go back again if and when I get the chance.

Love Soojay xxx