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Friday, October 31, 2008

I thought that I had been lazy today

I feel like I have been lazy..But, I was up by 8am ( i AM on hol!!) bathed etc and had a meeting with Nats Mencap worker by 10. Finished a couple of cards ( peeks above), Did some washing. Took my car to the garage ..the central locking is playing up and the alarm keeps going off. Then did a bit of shopping and took some flowers up to the cemetery..Dads birthday today.

Popped to see Rebecca ( my niece ). Then made witches fingers ( little sausages wrapped in puff pastry) and some yummy cheese and garlic cookies ( recipe here ) and muffins with spider webs on them. So maybe NOT as lazy as i first thought!

Am now waiting for Dan to come home..I HATE him being out in the dark. He has gone trick/treating with some friends..I don't approve and have given very strict instructions..Just hope he gets too cold and comes home soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Look!!

Dex just ordered me one AND a Noteworthy card :) :) ... Early Christmas prezzie.

Its going TOO quick!!

Half term that is and while I could gladly strangle the children at times....I am enjoying the lay ins and being able to scrap and do things at a slower pace......sigh.

We have a police woman popping round later as our house has been "egged " a couple of times this week. Also lots of knocking on the windows and running :( That's what comes of having no front garden. When we moved here 10 years ago, it was one of the things i hated about the house..It has its good points, as its a newer house its very warm ( when we have the heating on) and its not on a council estate ( even though it is a council house).

Anyway....we have a very good idea who is being a pest, so hopefully the police will have a word and frighten him off. He has to walk past our house to go home and as he is 22yrs old , is more likely to be banging on the window at 10.30pm than younger kids.

I have still be creating with the Nov ScrapaGoGo kit and here's some peeks above of the LO I finished this morning :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Cold!

Thankfully no snow yet though. I would love to hibernate and sleep all winter. I am not a big fan of winter and wouldn't even mind missing Christmas ( shock!)
Half term is going too fast! It has its good points like, sleeping in till 8 or 8.30 am and the children Sleeping in till after 10 :). As long as we dont go out as a group, they are ok (ish) during the day but in the evening...Dan's OCD with the football scores is annoying ( he has to keep checking, online or on the TV), Meg is not quiet and has a screachy voice and fights with Dan, Nats , who ever she can. I have a bad headache ATM :(
Everyone is grumpy and I am just waiting for them all to go to bed so i can relax...sigh.
I have a fab weekend away to look forward too next month . The ATDML retreat near Colcherster. I like this bit it gets closer..the looking forward to it :)

A couple more peeks

At the Nov kit :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Am Loving the Nov kit....

from ScrapaGoGo!! <------Click the link for an image of the kit.
It arrived on Friday and I did a LO yesterday ( peeks above) Not been able to do much today as we went out. Ohh joy! The children ( almost adults now) were awful the whole time and were bickering the whole time..I think 10 five year old's would have been easier!! We only popped to the range , they all had a list of stuff they wanted from Nats scrapbook supplies, to Megs art supplies and Dans stuff for his room. Of course there was nothing there on my list and i just made an order to paper mill LOL. We popped to see Nets but they were out, so we went to get something quick and easy for tea from Asda. I feel like we have been out for three weeks! I am planning a very quiet half term week with lots of scrapping :)
My colds not shifted yet and , not surprising, had an ear ache earlier!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A bit of a boring Saturday

I was supposed to go to Wyverstone Crop today but still feel quite rough from this stupid cold, so didn't go. I DID remember it was 25th and have been taking ( boring) photos :) Doing the washing and cooking etc.I had to quickly get the LO for September done.
I have opened my November kit from ScrapaGoGo and done a LO today. I need to get a couple more done in the next few days but thst should be easy enough as there is so much lovely stash in it.
We are off to the Range in Norwich tomorrow. Nats wants some stash and Meg needs art supplies and i am sure i can find something ;)
I think i shall have an early(ish) night ..doing boring stuff is so wearing !!LOL

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October GoGo LO's

Here are my ScrapaGoGo LO's for October. Lots of Lovely October afternoon papers :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a Drip I am!!

I left out an "A" in my LO!! It has been added now but is still missing on my photo.
Set the children to work this morning. They were so awful last night that they have to do ALL the hoovering ,upstairs and down before they are allowed out. I am not that mad to keep them in all day , I want some peace.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yayyy I scrapped!

But not before I had to blow dry madams hair...which is what my LO is about . I have just noticed that the date on it is wrong..How did it get to be 18th already! Will have to change that!
Used lots of New Bazzill stuf..The tiny cute pompoms, the dotted card and the butterfly edge.

Saturday again

Already!! I have hardly touched my scrap supplies this week :( Will try to do something today as the boys are off to watch Ipswich and Swansea play, Meaning it should be peaceful here :)
I am still full of cold..its been at least three weeks now and I now have a bit of an ear ache too :(
I took yesterday off work to try and shake it off but i don't feel any better.
Have done loads of shopping for stash ..must have filled my basket four or five times yesterday but had to click off the site LOL . Can't justify spending that much. I dont know about you , but , unless its a big purchase that i have saved especially for, my limit is usually around the £20 mark..If it comes to more than that, i don't order LOL and with the cost of living ATM the orders are few and far between. I am loving the look of some of the new MM stash on Artbase and Ness at Papermaze now has all the bazzill dotty card. I would love those Tim Holtz fragment charms over at the Craft Emporium. And lots of places now have the new sickles in ...sigh

LOL Dont feel sorry for me though as i am off to ATDML retreat next month and i shall be surrounded by most of that gorg stash..saving now! ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A card

From my new "whiff of Joy" stamps :)

Forgive me

I am not that great at taking photos and my camera is no where near as good as i'd like...but....I am really pleased with this pic taken Fri morning before school. Our small back garden really needs cutting ( probably the last time for a while) and was covered in the "dandilion clocks", I had to kneel in the wet grass to get this but i am quite proud of it :) Only touching up was tweaking the consrast a tiny weany bit.

Friday, October 10, 2008

REALLY Cute Blog Candy

Right here You have till Monday to leave a comment.
This has GOT to be the most beautiful christmas card I have seen ..what do you think?
I am still fighting off a chesty cold but feeling better wspecially as it is the WEEKEND!!
Nets, Raymond and Rosie are all coming to see us tomorrow..its beeen AGES :)
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Dan!

Not easy to get a photo of a 15 yr old at 7am!..Not one that I could share anyway LOL. He was a bit dissapointed that he wasn't allowed Beer for breakfast??!!? But was very happy with a new phone :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Hi, Still full of cold but getting better slowly :) Really Looking forward to seeing Nets at the weekend..Its Been ages!
Some great Blog candy here go look
I had four Whiff of Joy stamps arrive today ..I am very happy. Two are Christmas ones so i can start to make the dreaded Christmas cards soon LOL
Will be back tomorrow xx

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dull Sunday

Wet and cold and rainy . We all have coughs and sore throats in various stages..thankfully not too bad. :) Had to put the heating on for the first time yesterday , we are VERY lucky to have a reasonably warm house. I think it is the only joy of renting from the council. We have Double glazing , good insulation and Gas heating.

Am having a boring weekend watching TV and doing laundry. Ohh and a tiny bit of crafting :) The card above is for the sketch on the Sarah Kay Challenge blog for this week. I only have three SK stamps...I think i need a few more...maybe a couple of Christmas ones...when they arrive in the UK.
The stamp above is my fav as it reminds me of Holly Hobby (ie?) Who was one of my little sisters favourites in the 70's. I wish they made Holly Hobby stamps.....Do they ???

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I Lied!!

We weren't able to keep the same phone no. Let me know if you need our new one and i'll email it ......sorry

Friday, October 03, 2008

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Friday!

SO pleased ..I really need a lay in .

Good news , we now have a working phone line and its the same number :)

I am going to spend a little time playing with these stamps that Dex bought me from a US site over the weekend.

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